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Do you have a reason to smile today?

Asked by Shield_of_Achilles (1906points) January 22nd, 2010
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I don’t. So I’m wondering what yours is.

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Sure. I got some good news (best news that I’ve heard in awhile), yesterday and I’m starting to feel better.

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Yup. This is the first day of my three-day weekend.

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I am having a pretty shitty day. I got hit by a car earlier, then wrecked my bike AGAIN like two hours later. Now my wheel is wobbly. I’m making an apple pie and if it turns out I will be really happy and smiley. If it doesn’t, which I’m very nervous about, I will frown and be angry.

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My dog curled up next to me on the couch and put his head on the large pillow that was between us. With his ears all spread out on the pillow, ho looked so adorable.

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I studied really hard for an important exam and got 72.5% :-)

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As long as my love and children are okay, I have a reason to smile every day.

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@Marina Aww how cute!

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@deni WHAT. I love you. :(

Right now, I don’t really have a reason to smile.

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Yes! My professional/academic version of asking the football player to the prom was answered with a yes. :)

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i take back my previous answer, @rangerr is myyy reason for smiling, sniffle :’]

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Yes, I do, despite the fact that today hasn’t been very great. I began getting a cold last night, today I woke up with really bad muscle aches, a sore throat, and just a general weak feeling and I ended up skipping my first three classes. But I went to my last class even though I have to walk in the freezing cold across campus because my bike seat was stolen because my last class is about languages of the world and I love it. And today, even though my professor doesn’t know my name or anything, he referred to me as the “Latin expert” of the class and later referred to it as “my language”. That made me smile extensively and seriously made me consider the possibility of getting a job teaching Latin at a high school or college.

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I had no school today and I’m happy because other people are happy. It’s such a wonderful day. (:

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@DominicX your bike seat was stolen? bitches!!!! :(

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Someone thinks I’m worth the talk at 3AM.
That makes me smile.

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@liliesndaisies OH OH OH. I agree.

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yapp. theirs no reason that you won’t smile this day.
it’s another day. enjoy every second of it.

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@utan You have another reason to smile: You just joined Fluther and that was your first answer :-)

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sure. I am alive and healthy :)

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I was standing alone and horribly confused at the train station when a nice old man asked me if I needed help. I told him I couldn’t find my car. He helped me locate it and then waited on the platform to make sure I got in and drove off safely. It made me smile knowing that there are still nice people out in the world who don’t have ulterior motives when lending a helping hand.

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I’ve been poked by the happy bee today. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a smile like this one plastered on my face.

@rangerr I <3 you!

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Well, I am drinking a beer right now. They usually make me smile.

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Another thing, I’m happy that our own Augustlan is going to be on RandomAss Radio hosted by the handsome Flutherite @Blondsjon (click on his name) (tonight, 9:30 p.m. CST).

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It’s the small things that make you happy. I have a huge stack of documents in .pdf format to proofread, and learned how to do document comparisons in Adobe professional. It’s really easy, but my company believes you should figure things out on your own time; there is no training.

That means I can write up a work process for the bulk of the project, turn it over to a contractor to do, and work with her output. She’s really detail oriented, and doesn’t mind repetitive work.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Cheers, Jeff. Me, too. I just poured me a wine.

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I was hired for a job today.

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I looked out the window to my large field. There was a medium-sized red fox who was having a Mexican stand-off with Milo. Before I could get outside to scare the fox away, Milo had him on the run. Fox disappeared into the woods; Milo preened and I got the smelling salts for me.

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@Facade: Congrats on that!

Yes, I have reasons to smile today. I am loved, I have outstanding friends and my love of life is growing further.

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Yes, my family is all okay, pain is less, cat’s doing crazy behavior which makes me laugh, I’m fed, warm, and lying happily on my couch watching tv and our little dog is on guard at the front door.

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Spent a few hours of my day off curled up in a chair reading a mystery.

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No, not really.

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@janbb: Which book?

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@janbb Is it Twilight? lol

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@gailcalled A fairly junky series about a caterer in Colorada; I was in the mood for something really light.

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Yes. I have gas.

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Watching the outpouring of love and hope and money for Haiti is inspiring.
So tragic, yet reconfirming my faith in us as a people.

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F——k yeah! The invasion is on!

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My Christmas homeless kitty, who didn’t get stuck with the name Jesus after all, has turned out to be super, super affectionate. He loves nothing better than to bail into my lap, stretch up, gently touch my face with both soft paws and kiss me.

If that can’t make a person smile, there is something wrong with them!

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My children and grandchildren are always a source of enjoyment to me. In spite of the terrible things going on in the world now, I can smile.

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Yes! I passed my the national massage therapy certification exam yesterday- it’s OVER! And, my husband was off from work today to begin the 3 day weekend. AND I decided on a charity to donate to for Haiti relief. AND! I’m about to concoct myself some sort of colossal celebratory dessert and watch Jeopardy! and Conan.

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My son went down the biggest slide at the park…all by himself. He was so proud, and I was of course being a nervous wreck…but happy that he’s branching off more.

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@janbb: I love that series. The caterer has a nasy ex-husband and she includes all her recipes in the book, I believe.

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I haven’t founf a reason to smile since last 6November.

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Time with my family makes me smile.

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I went to a sobering wake this afternoon. The guy had two brain aneurysms and died suddenly on his garage floor at age 62.

So this evening I let myself collapse with laughter while watching Milo attack first a nail file, followed by a golf ball and spool of thread.

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@gailcalled – I am sorry for your loss. I am happy Milo can still protect you from what I believe we would all agree are very real threats to your safety.

I went to court today and left with my divorce final. I road there with the same person I left with but am no longer married to her. I left with a friend. I am about to live my life more as “me” and with more control than I ever have.

I am smiling because of that.

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@Naked_Homer: I am truly sorry that things ended as they did. How are the kids? (Are you who I think you are? (“Sisters, sisters”?)

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No…and I am usually a happy person, but I just can’t find a reason to smile at this moment.

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I just moved across the country and found a place to live. I’m now a resident of CA!

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Yay, congratulations! Hope you like it here! It is the best state in the country, after all. :)

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@DominicX – Well, I did move the the Monterey Peninsula, so I think I will love it here. Holy crap, is this place beautiful!

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I have a lot to smile about in my life, but today just isn’t going too well. Despite knowing I should be smiling my ass off I just can’t muster one today.

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I just added another 21 books to my Amazon Kindle and I’m smiling ear to ear.

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Well Ca does have medical marijuana…

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@gailcalled – I might be (“there were never such devoted sisters”) The kids are doing great but they have not had to deal with my being gone yet. We will see then. I think, because of their age, as long as they are with mommy they will be OK. And to be honest, between her and I, I am the one who can truly make the most out of the least amount of time.

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I lied.
I have a reason to smile.

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Woke up with my Lover – Smiles all day long lol

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My wife is home!

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every time I look at my current avatar I start giggling comrades.

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I’m smiling today because…

1) the sun’s FINALLY shining…......2) yesterday I bought a new phone that I can text on. I’m having a ball with my new toy.

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Yes! My partner bought real wood logs to burn in the fireplace so I’ll be enjoying that tonight.

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My wife is feeling better and more cheerful after resting from a stressful time away from home. When she smiles more, I feel happier than ever.

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I do. Every day. And there’s always the option to invent a reason.

Today? My son came back from New York.

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ah yes, I’m rather enjoying some positionally restricted H8ters right now.

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@DrMC: Could you rephrase for clarity, please?

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My friends make me smile.

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@gailcalled h8ters offer endless entertainment. Something my kats would appreciate

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@DrMC: You are reusing the alphanumeric and not defining what it means. I read it as “people who hate small people, ” but could not figure out why that was funny.

Shield_of_Achilles's avatar

@gailcalled Haters are people that try to bash you and bring you down. People say they like haters because it means they’re doing something right.

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Who are the “theys” in your last sentence. Why would anyone like people who had such violent emotions? What do you mean by “doing something right?” It is good to hate small people? That does seem very odd.

Other than poison ivy and a dirty litter box, I can think of very little that I hate (other than the giant natural catastrophes and man’s apparent endless inhumanity towards “the other.”)

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@gailcalled It’s best not to think too much into it. The lack of IQ required to understand this often boggles the smarter ones. take this with about 3 shots of vodka and everything will be clear.

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@Shield_of_Achilles: Interesting advice. I probably have had the equivalent of three shots of vodka during my entire adult life, generously diluted with tonic and covered with either slices of lime or lemon to disguise the taste.

So “to hate” means what it has always meant; to dislike violently, but for irrational reasons. Pretty soon we’ll all need interpreters with us when we interact with others.

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Pretty much. If ya have any other questions on terms you don’t understand feel free to ask. I feel I’m a decent enough mediator between then intellectual groups and the younger groups to provide adequate assistance.

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@Shield_of_Achilles: Thanks, but life is too short. I can always check the urbandictionary site when I am interested. I’m really not.

Blondesjon and I are too busy pretending to learn Finnish, anyway.

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@gailcalled cant say i didn’t try…

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@Shield_of_Achilles; True. Thanks for the offer.

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@gailcalled Slang is always going to be around, whether you like it or not. Incorrect grammar is always going to be around. Poor spelling is always going to be around.
And even though TEH INTERWEBZ IS SERIOUS BUSINESS, you can’t change that. You’re constantly correcting everyone, and honestly, it’s a bit annoying. To quite a few people. Just answer the questions, continue thinking that you’re better than everyone and move on with life. Don’t get me wrong, I like you [and Milo], but holy cow..

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I feel like this is going to end badly….

Red Leader, punching out….

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@rangerr: I even annoy myself sometimes, but I am clear.

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Edit; Oscar Wilde (allegedly) said; ”“There is only one thing in the world worst than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.”

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smiling about the verbal winds of change

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