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Jellies can be really chatty here on Fluther (or not), but, what are you like in real life when interacting with people? Are you outgoing and talkative, or a person of a few words (perhaps, shy)?

Asked by Jude (32198points) January 25th, 2010
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As expected, I’m pretty much the same. the pen ruleth me not

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I’m kind of a loner, sarcastic, and quick witted. I can talk a lot, but I only talk to a select group of people.

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i’m a social butterfly, but i’m usually too coy to talk about big philosophic topics.
except on nacho night! anything goes on nacho night

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I am a crazy outgoing person. I just love to start conversations. But I can’t type as fast as I can talk so…..

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I like laughing and joking around with other people and just having an all out good time. As well as this I do enjoy debating about any type of issues.

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@Violet – select as in just your normal friends or select as in you must be above this hight?

When I work I am very very outgoing. When I am at social gatherings I am nervously outgoing. When I am at family gatherings I am relaxed outgoing.

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@Naked_Homer there is my regular select friends, but I’m the kind of person to sit in that back of a room with other people like me, and make witty remarks.

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I’m paranoid and I talk too fast. I also don’t like mingling in
large crowds so I generally avoid parties. I’m an introvert.

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wow violet you just summed me up perfectly…

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Really damn shy. I’m like the definition of socially inept.

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I can definitely keep a Convo going if someone else sparks it but I can look pretty introverted. A lot of people say im shy but it just takes me some time to get used to new surroundings first.

So in the end, i’m loud and sometimes talk too fast and say stupid things…

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I talk a lot in real life and on fluther.

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GA for anyone who answers. :)

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In person I say very little unless I know you very well.

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I’m pretty outgoing, but I still am not one of the biggest talkers. Mostly because I’m friends with very outgoing people who are even more outgoing than I am. I am definitely an extrovert, however. And I’m pretty similar to how I am in real life on here in many respects.

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I don’t really talk to anybody unless I know them. A sort of catch-22. I’m nearly on the middle of the Myers-Briggs introversion/extroversion scale.
I rarely ever approach the depth of conversation out there that I do here.

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I am an extrovert but a wannabe introvert and can talk to just about anyone (though I choose not to). I was voted “Most Talkative” in high school yes, that bad. I’m also loud. As for manner of speaking, I think I am a funny sarcastic but these days it feels more like a bitter sarcastic. Oh well.

Even though my friends are a mix of introverts and extroverts, I seem to gravitate towards introverts and most of my really close friends are introverts.

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I am very talkative, but I mostly only hang out with family. I don’t get out much anymore.

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I just try to project an empathy of calmness. That is not to say I do not like to mix it up with witticisms

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Introverted, quiet, and shy.

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I’m way introverted, a man of few spoken words, but many written ones.

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Introverted usually. Can talk a lot if something interests me though.
I find because I’m seen initially seen as “quiet”, people often think that I’m some kind of pushover and try and take advatage of my quiet nature. When that happens they get a shock and see that I can be very assertive if anyone trys it on.

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I love to talk, almost with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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I get other people talking; if they take an interest in me, I’m hard to stop.

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I believe I am the same way I am on here. Talkative, chatty, and outgoing. Especially if I talk to a Flutherite outside of Fluther. Just the way I am!

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Introverted, but once I start to feel comfortable I become a little more extroverted and talk way too much.

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@markyy Isn’t it tho’ the greatest gift you can give to yourself, acceptence?

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I am very very shy, and it very difficult to speak to new people and interact in new conversation.

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I’m generally a quiet person, but once I get to know someone I open up quite a bit.
In terms of my personality: Pretty much as on here. I type as I talk.
I do like the anonymity of these sites though I find that helps in being a bit more open, sometimes I take what folks ay with a pinch of salt until I get to know them a bit.

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If I wrote as much as I chat in real life, I would suffer from severe hand cramps. LOL

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When I am at work I talk A LOT , but it depends on the person I might meet. I had a older couple talk to me about setting up a ROTH fire account or something and bonds they were giving me some advice very cool.Random people with random stories,often stuck here, canceled flights, why this is how they got here and so on…..

Talked to a fair share of military people since its the airport I remember specifically 2 marines,a navy corpsman ,a airman mechanical of some sort I remember and a army ranger.

What was most shocking when I talked to these guys they were very normal, down to earth respectful guys…..very cool for them to tell a me little about there own personal experiences.And some of what I heard was just WOW….

Anyways I went off topic…..basically when I am working I find it very easy to talk to people, I kinda have to so its not really hard at all.

Outside of work its about total opposite I am pretty much a loner. Ironic I guess?

Best exception is probably music I love talking about it specially if your a musician or into songwriting. :)

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Depends on my mood and surroundings. I don’t jump into conversations unless I hear something interesting. Most people are talking about American Idol or other trivia which holds no interest for me.
If the topic interests me, I’m all over it. Learning whatever is on my list at the time almost forces me to interact.

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In real life I’m very talkative! I’m kind of one of those girls who gossip and laugh alot.:P It depends on the person to determine if I’m shy or not.Around my friends,im super outgoing but I get shy around the people I don’t like.And If I met a new friend then I’d be a little shy but once we connect I’m all over the place!

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I’m a “big mouth” everywhere!

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My girlfriend is much chattier on here then I am . lol! But i try my best to keep string discussions when possible. I think side talk can be very productive to discussions or solving a problem. Plus it makes the string interesting :-) only when jellies are respective of eachother.

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I’m a very chatty, outgoing person.

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@Chuckie, I actually think that you are quiet, and shy in real life

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In my line of work, I have to be talkative and outgoing. I’m not shy by any means.

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If I know you a little bit I am very talkative and chit chatty, if I don’t know you very well I’m more mild mannered.

J0E (13172points)“Great Answer” (6points)
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@pearls ummm..that is all over town!

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I am not shy but very much a person of few words. I have to work very hard at conversation. I prefer to listen.

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@Cruiser I’m the same. That is why most of my friends are very outgoing. The two work well with each other. They talk, I listen. :)

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@BoBo1946 Glad it’s all over town. At least that is something positive. Wait a minute here. What’s all over town?

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@jonsblond My mind goes a mile a minute and often I have hit the brakes and back up to then engage in the conversation. People think I am spacey that way…but often simply bored chomping at the bit for more engaging topics or wanting to be alone.

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I am friendly and outgoing and meet alot of weirdos.

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It all depends – I can talk a lot to a person I find interesting and when necessary I can be the life of the party – I do that less and less these days as I’m not longer interested in that. IRL I am just as sarcastic and I speak about the same issues.

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I converse well when I’m with a person I know or with a group of people I know. When I’m with strangers, I usually wait for someone else to strike up a conversation and if it turns out to be a topic or discussion I’m knowledgeable about or are familiar with, I can feel comfortable talking about it with them after I’ve warmed up a bit.

Apparently I’ve come across as being too loquacious sometimes also because I once had a friend ask me if I always talked in paragraphs. Hmmm…......

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I’m in the middle I guess.

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I’m pretty talkative and try to be friendly with everyone I meet. I like talking to people and making people smile and laugh. If frustration gets the best of me I vent online, never to the person in front of me. I like to keep things civil and fun. Can be serious when the situation calls for it, but otherwise try to enjoy life and people.

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@Dr_C I couldn’t agree more. Why so serious, right?

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I’m a very introverted loner. The only way I was able to have a career was that I could playact; putting on an “officer persona” with the uniform. There was only one person that I could truly open up to on a personal level. Alas, I’m now retired and my beloved has passed away. I can be an opinionated SOB on-line but that is 180 degrees out of phase with my real life.

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@pearls ummm….you don’t know?????

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Unless I dont feel well, I’m very chatty. Especially around people I dont know. I love going places with my boyfriend where I don’t know anyone (which is pretty often now since I just moved) because everyone is a blank slate and people in general are so interesting to me, I could just talk to them forever. I love it here especially because it seems like everyone is from somewhere else, and that’s interesting enough for a whole conversation itself. I really like people. I really like talking.

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I don’t like meeting new people without knowing things about them first. I’m not very talkative, so I just like to stay home on the internet and play xbox.

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@sweetteaindahouse How do you go about doing that then? I mean sounds hard to meet people unless you ask someone else about them yea..?

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I’m a classic introvert. I wouldn’t say I’m shy so much as disinterested. I hate talking on the phone and I suck at small talk. If I just met you, I’d probably not have much to say. Once I get to know someone I open up, but I’m still not social.

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Apparently I am aloof I don’t mean to be, I just have one of those faces I guess!

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I’m usually pretty talkative. I talk to strangers (new kids in class, people in a line, someone I’m sitting next to) just as easily as I talk to people I know. I don’t necessarily go up and start talking to random people, but I can start a conversation.
With the people I do know and those who I’m very close with, I think I’m even more talkative. I tell them pretty much everything and my best friends and I can hang out for hourssss and never have a silent moment.
I do know when it’s time to shut up, though.

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@BoBo1946 Care to enlighten me?

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@Steve_A Well, I don’t plan on meeting people that I don’t know, but it happens. However, I went to the 789 Youtube Gathering and I loved it even though I didn’t personally know the people. I just knew stuff about them and had watched them many times. It was less awkward that way. I don’t know, I’m weird.

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Relatively solitary, quiet (some might say taciturn) but not shy, detest chitchat (give me something real), a large handful of close friends, cynical as hell, one-on-one interaction suits me best, large social gatherings are not my forte, when it comes to mood I don’t wear a mask ok, very occasionally perhaps

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@sweetteaindahouse Na, I don’t think thats weird at all to want to know something about a person even before just meant it might be hard to do so.And so I was just curious as to how you would do so.

What is this 789 Youtube thing??

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I’m an introvert and am pretty shy.. I have some social anxiety due to being made fun of every year I went to school, so I get really nervous, feel awkward, and often don’t know what to say. I also like to get a feel for people and situations before I jump in because I’m a social chameleon that adapts to whatever’s going on. However, once I get to know someone and get comfortable with them, I can be very gregarious and talkative.

One thing I hear a lot in work and friend situations is they comment on how quiet I was at first, hardly saying a word, and they think it’s funny how outgoing (and occasionally loud/boisterous) I can end up.

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@MissAnthrope We could be the same person. Hmm…

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@tinyfaery – Yeah, I identified with what you said. Glad to hear someone else say it, actually, about the disinterest.. sometimes, for whatever reason, I just am not interested in someone, so it’s really difficult to try and force a conversation or make small talk because I’m not at all inspired. There are definitely other times where I can turn it on and ask lots of questions quite easily.. my last girlfriend complimented me on this once, my ability to turn on the charm, and I was like, Are you making fun of me? because it’s not something I’m usually very good at.

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@Cruiser & @Sandydog I can certainly relate to those characteristics and comments

@MissAnthrope “sometimes, for whatever reason, I just am not interested in someone, so it’s really difficult to try and force a conversation or make small talk because I’m not at all inspired.”
Ain’t that for real!

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@Steve_A It was a Youtube gathering that happened in Central Park over the summer of 09. I have pictures.

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I’m very outgoing, witty, humorous…my persona on this site is genuine but rather half mast! lol

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I’m a lot more outgoing and open irl, the other side of the screen. Like @Coloma, for this site then I’m pretty much at half power in keeping a lot to myself as far as interacting with much humor and wit. Campfire was fun for that though :)

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I am shy, and talkative.

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