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Is ginger ale soda or is it’s own being?

Asked by simone54 (7624points) January 26th, 2010
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I’d would have to say (along with root beer) ginger ale is it’s own thing rather then a flavor of soda.

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I loked up ginger ale in wikepedia, and found out the origin is that of a fermented ginger drink, which produces it’s own carbonation. However, ‘dry’ ginger ale is a flavor of soda.

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Most commercial ginger ales are soft drinks as are most root beers. They are flavoured carbonated beverages.

There are original versions of those soft drinks which may be sufficiently distinct from sodas or soft drinks.

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root beer is a Soda/Soft drink
But ginger ale… is unique :3

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It’s not a soda, or rather “pop” as we call it where I live.
Vernors is the only real ginger ale in my opinion. Although it has changed a bit from what it was.
It is a treat and also a remedy for an upset stomach. Flat and warmed it is soothing. (Try it for morning sickness!)

A Boston Cooler, (not named for the city) is a summer classic where I live. (Michigan)

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