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Can some with Amblyopia (lazy eye) join the military?

Asked by eternal_serenity (494points) January 28th, 2010
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I have wanted to join the military for about 2 years, and I think that I am now mentally ready. I have Amblyopia in my left eye and I was wondering if there is any way possible I can still join.

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Lazy eye as it’s typically thought of is actually exotropia (one eye stays focused forward, the other strays outward). Amblyopia is simply poor vision without a physical cause in the structure of the eye itself.

and, no, amblyopia is not neccessarily an automatic disqualification. see here:

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i had a lazy eye at a young age but had corrective surgery – my eye is straight now, but my vision in that eye is still bad

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My right eye is normal but my left eye is legally blind (20/60 near and 20/100 far with glasses!). It’s easy to not notice my “lazy eye” unless you look in my medical records though since I also had surgery so that both eyes are aligned. That didn’t keep me out of the Navy, but it did mean that I wound up with some BCGs (“Birth Control Glasses) in Boot camp; you are not allowed to wear “civilian” glasses during Basic Training.

One thing to remember though; if you get hit on the head (something that happens to us tall people on ships a bit too often) and they give you the “Follow my finger” test, remind them that you can’t see too well out of that eye even without being conked. Otherwise, they will freak out a bit. Just trust the voice of experience on that one ;)

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I’m gonna say yes. I know a girl who’s part of the National Guard and she has a lazy eye.

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