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What makes a person attractive to you?

Asked by CupcakesandTea (353points) January 29th, 2010
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Like what traits do you look for in a mate?

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I look for someone who is smart and funny, sensitive and caring.

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good hugs
someone i can pick up

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Someone with a funny, nice personality. Nice hands and pretty eyes.

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A good personality and by this I mean someone with whom you can be yourself around(in all essence of the word.) Pretty eyes are a plus too :)

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Nothing. No one could ever measure up to my Meghan. She was the universe to me.

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Personality is first on the list. second a cute look. third a people person that can communicate with anyone and last, a winning smile that makes me laugh.

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Intelligence is key
A sense of humor that clicks with mine
Considerate and aware of my vulnerabilities
Not a Republican

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I appreciate physical beauty and charm, but it has no personal meaning to me anymore. Like appreciating a fine artwork, but I have no desire to possess or intereact.

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Personality and movies/music taste

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I like funny and glasses.

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I have a certain body type (basically my opposite) that I’m attracted to, but that is second to personality. I’ve met loads of “hot” people that became really ugly in my eyes because their personalities were ugly. So, there’s my physical type, but I find intelligence, geeky/nerdiness, kindness, funniness, creativity, a tolerant/progressive outlook, and warmth really attractive.

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intelligence, motivation, great personality/sociable, cute face, nice smile/teeth, and nice hair.

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it would most probably be the X FACTOR. i mean, there are times when the guy isn’t that good-looking or hot, but there’s just this certain flair that makes your heart go thump-thump when he walks into a room. i just can’t explain it.

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Honesty, humor, a great smile and great shoulders. A lot of Jellies would attest that sensitivity would fly under my radar. lol

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@BoBo1946 Rich? I would tend to look for someone who is honest, loyal and has a great sense of humor. Don’t care about the bank account as long as they respect me.

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I look for a cute guy with short hair who has an athletic build but isn’t a muscle man. He’s not too tall, but he’s at least as tall as I am. He’s going to have to have a sense of humor, be confident, and be intelligent.

My current boyfriend is a lot different than what I originally thought I would be attracted to. Same physical traits, but I was expecting to be attracted to a super outgoing more dominant person, which is the opposite of my boyfriend. Interesting. :)

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Look-wise, I’m not too picky. Though I like tall, cute, with blue or green eyes. And not fat. But I’m sure I’ll find numerous exemptions. Personality-wise, a good sense of humor, intelligent, good at things, considerate, brave… the list goes on, though, same as above, there are always exceptions.

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Intelligence, humor, passion, confidence, androgyny.

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Hrmph.. no lurve for me?

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Ambition, passion for something productive, maturity, sense of humor, patience, tall, slender- some muscle, good style, sex appeal, independent, non-judgmental, open and big heart, has morals, respect for women, ability to control anger and jealousy.

My mother tells me I have high standards and I’ll most likely be single the rest of my life. I’m beginning to think she’s right.

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@pearls you know me better than that…just being a clown! Totally agree with you MsP!

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@BoBo1946 That’s better. Hope you weren’t the type person to read the obituaries looking for a mate…lol

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I’ll describe my lady, who was my ideal. 5’4”, about 100 lbs. 34AA-25–35. Slender legs and tiny, delicate feet. Flaming red hair, waist length. Gorgeous emerald green eyes. Fair, almost tranparent complexion and a delightful assortment of freckles. A lovely soprano with a French-Canadian accent (our language at home was French). She never seemed to be aware of her great beauty. A lady of great compassion, who overcame great hardships in her early life. She had been terribly abused, yet could still love.A gentle and sensitive lover, who joyfully accepted all I colud give.How she came to love me, I will never really understand, but I am eternally grateful; death cannot end that love. We are eternally lovers.

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Someone who can make me laugh (believe me, that isn’t easy), someone who can see myself in their eyes, someone tall, dark, older, sexy, someone who I can talk to for hours on end, someone I can myself with forever.

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