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So when exactly do the immature highschool games end anyway?

Asked by CupcakesandTea (353points) January 29th, 2010
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Just the other day a group of guys that I used to work with ended getting my phone number somehow. So they decided that it would be funny to text me and try to sound interested and make it seem like they were interested in me romantically. First off I thought it was strange coming from this guy (the one that actually was texting) that was already married. He never let on that he was trying to make me look stupid and told me I should text him more often and say hi or whatever. So how absolutely ridiculous does that sound? By the way these are guys that are in their late twenties.

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I have come to believe that men refuse to grow up…. Childish games like that will stay funny to them until there 60 probably. So sad… what a Douche bag

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I was actually just thinking about this today. It seems like no one ever leaves high school. Even in a successful law firm where the ages range from mid-twenties to 60 years old.

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So when exactly do girls learn how to take a joke, anyway?
j/k but Lethal made a generalisation, so i felt obliged…

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In my experience, pretty much never. Most folks are ridiculous.

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It depends on the maturity of the person, some grow out of it early, some never do.

This is also part of the reason women are attracted to older men (after they grow up a little)

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Ugh, I can’t imagine being that guys wife if he thinks doing that is funny. Hell, I’m glad I don’t work with my husband, I’d be mortified. lol

Never. I think we all have a little of it in us, some of us just have more self control.

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Yeah, I have to say, in lieu of my previous comment, I am actually embarrassed on behalf of the human race, by this guy’s behaviour.

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They stop when you hang out with mature people, it sucks, but sometimes you have change friends.

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They don’t. They just get recategorized under terms like “office politics”, “Sexual harassment”, “facebook”, “neighborhood crime watch”, etc. :-)

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It’s beginning to seem to me that high school never ends. Or it’s always Payton Place. Like one of those “Twilight Zone” episodes.

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Some people never develop into multi-faceted adults.

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There are always going to be childish a-holes in the world. The difference between high school and now is that it’s less likely to affect your entire life (i.e. you can still go to prom, even if Johnny Football Hero prank calls you).

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It seems to me that if you are single life is still like high school. I don’t mean that everyone who is single is immature, not at all (although it does seem men are more likely to act immaturely, especially when in a group) but that these types of games you describe in the original question don’t happen much to us married women.

Also, dating in general, no matter how old someone is, almost always seems like high school to me.

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My condolences to the man’s wife. She must have great patience.

Edit: My compliments to the wife’s patience.

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Well unfortunately immature high school games don’t always end after high school. I mean just look at sororities and fraternities, that’s a way to keep that whole, “I’m better than you” mentality still going.

Unfortunately for everyone, most people’s maturity level is not measured by a person’s age, but rather their IQ and that just makes for a sad, sad world.

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