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Is The Art Institute a good chain of schools?

Asked by Chongalicious (2771points) February 1st, 2010
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I’ve applied to The Art Institute of VA Beach (this one is brand new); but haven’t been able to attend a tour and don’t have any friends or family that have attended any of The Art Institutes.

If you’ve ever attended or worked for any of The Art Institute schools, do they provide a quality education? Did it take them a long time to get back to you about your acceptance/rejection? Is campus life satisfying? Do you regret picking this school over another? Does a degree from these schools give any kind of advantage when job-searching?

Any and all information on the school would be appreciated. I’ve done some researching and so far I am in love with their culinary program, but I do need more information before I make my final decision.

Many thanks :)

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My niece graduated from the Art Institute of Dallas, and she got an excellent education. She studied interior design, but now works as an executive for a furniture design company. She loved it.

My sister is now an instructor at that very same school and likes working there very much.

And, as if that were not enough, my son is seriously thinking of attending the Art Institute of San Francisco.

To my knowledge, it’s a great chain of schools.

One thing my sister told me is that the Art Institute of Savannah is a really good one that has a lot of money to throw around in the way of scholarships.

Best of Luck to you.

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Yesss!! That gives me tons of hope for the furture :)
Thank you!

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I wouldn’t go there. I was looking into it for film and it was going to cost over a $100,000. I said forget. And even with photography it cost around 70. I would look around more.

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I went to Ai for culinary arts and didnt have a problem being accepted. I feel the education was great, but expensive. I had to stay within my state to get the partial grant and found it difficult to pay the balance on the second year. If I got to go out of state, I would have wanted to go to Johnson and Wales. It is just as expensive, but a well
known college throughout the US. My friend went here and I think he got a better understanding and more job opportunities after graduating.

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Disclaimer: the Art Institutes is one of my clients; however, I can tell you that my staff has interviewed a number of their successful grads across the country, and those who have talent do seem to land impressive jobs. I think the fact that there are a number of grads who have become hiring authorities helps. Grads tend to fend for their fellow grads, no matter which location they come from. From a corporate standpoint, they are wonderful to work with, so I hope that trickles down. If you have a passion for your field of interest, you will do well.

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@willbrawn Yeah I looked at the cost for a Bachelor’s of Science in Culinary Arts Management and it went just over $90 thou. I know it’s a lot of money, but I think if it helps me kickstart a good career it would be a good investment, let’s just hope I can make it out there!

@Chikipi a friend of mine attends Johnson ans Wales and loves it. Then again another friend attends The Culinary Institute of VA (part of ECPI), and also loves it there. I feel like Ai is almost like a happy medium there. Would you agree?

@editingdiva Thank you for the insight! I appreciate it and I will take that into mind when finalizing my decision. I hope that respect trickles down, too. The admissions director seemed pretty impressed during the phone interview; but I won’t know for certain until I am accepted or rejected…

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Wait, isn’t that the school with all those commercials where you have to draw some cartoon bear? I might be thinking of something else, not sure…

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It might be…I know it is the one with the chubby guy in a chef hat :)

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Maybe it’s different here, not sure :P

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@Chongalicious yes it is a happy medium and I can’t knock the education I received from Ai. I gained a lot of information and feel I got the education I paid for. I haven’t experienced J&W, but it seems more focused on creating your own business not working for someone else. This is what I wish I was more educated on.

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@Chikipi do you mind sharing what degree you went for? Because I think we may have simmilar goals; I want to own (or at least run) a restaurant one day.

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The Art Institutes are a family of over 45 fully accredited colleges; the first one was founded in Pittsburgh in 1921 – they have a long and honorable history. Students get into their major from day one – small classes, taught by professionals – every one who teaches must have a minimum of 5 years pro experience in their field. They have pro contacts, which they use to actively help in job placement. 88% of all grads get work in their fields within 6 months of graduation. Go to – use code hs284 if asked – get info, do a live webchat!

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@Chongalicious I went for the Associate degree in Culinary Arts, but if you are wanting to own your business I would shoot for the Bachelor degree in Culinary Arts Management. When I was going to Ai they only had the 2 year degree, but once they started the four year…I couldn’t go for the bachelor degree due to funds, If you have the means I would go for the management one. My career changed after 9/11 because I was laid off. I now work in the educational field. Life has it’s paths. :)

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@Chikipi I hope the path treats you well :)
I do plan to go for that bachelor’s…have no idea how I’ll pay it but I’m pretty determined for this…I really want it, ya know?

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@Chongalicious I know that feeling and firmly believe to go after your dream. If your passion is cooking then go for it otherwise you’ll look back years from now and question why you didn’t go for it. Many partial grants are out there, but you have to do the foot work to find them and spend time writing essays.

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sigh, I hate writing, but I’m gonna have to buckle down lol
Thanks for all your help! I hope FAFSA is my friend in this!

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@Chongalicious no problem. It can be a pain to apply for grants, but they all add up to a pretty penny. Good luck! :)

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@Chikipi thanks again! :D

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I know a few people who have gone to Art Institues. My dads one…he liked it, but then again when he went it was forty years ago and it was super cheap. It’s overpriced and you could get the same education somewhere else for way cheaper. Waaayyyy.

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@deni I would aim for lower prices but I’m a little paranoid that price might equal quality here…could be dead wrong though of course.

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I’m an adjunct professor at the one in Boston (Brookline) in the Graphic Design department (by day I’m a FT graphic designer and photographer). I’ve been teaching design for ten years now and I have to say that AI is the most impressive (in terms of curriculum, equipment, and job placement) out of the three colleges I’ve taught at (I’m going into my third year with them).

I can’t speak to the tuition, but it’s been my experience that most for-profit, career colleges tend to be expensive.

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@cprevite I’ve heard that too. I wish it wasn’t so expensive but I think it will overall be worth the cost in the long run..hopefully haha

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Do keep in mind that most normal universities cost 40,000 a year for 4 years. Attending an AI university is definitely cheaper in the long run. And often they offer a quality education. As soon as there is an update in the field, they get the equipment or software at the school so that their graduates are prepared.

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@Bastion Thank you for clarifying that :)

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The Art Institutes do a really good job of training you in a specific area in the arts, such as culinary, graphic design, game design. It’s not Harvard, they’re not grooming you for a presidency, but they’re the best at what they do. The price is reasonable compared to other universities, the facilities and teaching are excellent.

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