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What is your opinion on a white woman and a black man dating or vice versa?

Asked by CupcakesandTea (353points) February 4th, 2010
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How do these kinds of relationships make you feel? Does it bother you, do you think its a good thing or does it not really bother you one way or another?

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I couldn’t care less.

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I wish everyone would fuck until we are all the same color.

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It makes no difference to me, except that I am glad another couple has found each other.

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I keep my nose out of the relationships of other people. Unless they get on and ask me. ;-)

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It bothers me that some people are bothered by them.

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Who cares? What is this, 1964?

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@johnpowell LMAO…best damn answer I’ve heard all day! LOVE IT!

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It seems perfectly normal to me, so I have no real opinion.

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I don’t give a damn who other people date.

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seriously, Martin Luther King, one the greatest men of our time, said it so eloquently: “not the color of your skin, but the content of your character!”

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Out of all the interracial couples, why do people care the most about blacks and whites??

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I’m surprised a question like this is even in someone’s head these days. People trapped in the past.

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YAY! One step closer, one couple at a time.

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There is nothing wrong with it in my opinion.

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@Blackberry Amen! Sometimes it seems the only type that exists if you pay attention to popular opinion. I guess that means that I am going to vanish in a poof of illogic (I am in an interracial relationship and am neither black nor white).

I could not care less about anyone’s relationship other than my own.

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The fact that it’s nothing remarkable makes me smile.

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Fine by me. I wish I had had the opportunity to date a sexy white (or any other color) guy lol

@Blackberry Because they seem to be the most opposite.

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I don’t care.
I wasn’t even going to click on the question,
because I don’t care.

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@Blackberry Great question!

Love is love regardless of race or gender. All love is beautiful.

Dog (25152points)“Great Answer” (4points)
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live & let live!! ;-)

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Color blind is a god way to look at it, the only riff that might happen is religion clash! otherwise pass the candles and condoms!

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As I have said before, love is difficult to find, so it is silly to limit one’s chances by ruling others out based on physical features that they did not choose and can not control. So any couple I see that seem to love and respect each other — regardless of their ages, genders, ethnicities, religions, or other similarities or differences — brings joy to my heart.

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One is white, one is black. Big deal. They are people and if they like each other and compatible, good for them. I do not look at them any differently. They are both human right?

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Well said @Dog!

I’m curious what the OP thinks…

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I dated a light skinned black woman for several years, she had a mind for numbers, organization and directness and bluntness that I just loved!!!

And she was an animal when it came to sex- and yes- still in contact and the wife loves when she comes to visit- a rare time I get tired after sex with the two of them…

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@phil196662: You the man!

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@mass_pike4 ; we got to keep wild sex in high gear to keep the planet warm…

and btw- you guy’s look cute in your pic!

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Sadness that their relationship will be made more difficult by people who think skin color is an issue. Other than that, I think of them as any other couple.

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It depends on the motive. If one of them is pursuing such a relationship to appear “un-racist” and cool, and not for the sake of love, then it just merely using the other person, no matter what color that person may be.

Other then that, race should not be the factor that an evaluation of a relationship rests on.

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Love knows no boundaries. Age, sex, color, nothing. Love is love is love.

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I’m indifferent, now. I grew up in a very white area (very Bible belt-ish), so when I first started noticing it, I just thought it was unusual. Now, I know there’s nothing unusual about it, and I don’t even know that I notice.

…Except for on LOST, when we learned that Rose’s husband Bernard was white! I was like, “Well, whaddya know?” Totally unexpected, especially for tv, and especially since they are a mature couple! And now, I don’t even notice that.

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Since I am part of a multiracial family, I don’t care what color anyone’s skin is. All I know is thanks to people like MLK I can legally marry the man I did marry, and as far as I can tell no one seems to mind at all, except for some weird old dude out at the base during sick call.

Might as well ask what people would think if a curly haired person dated a straight haired person, or a person with 20/20 vision dates someone who wears glasses.

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

All that matters to me is that they’re treating each other with respect and kindness. What does skin color have to do with anything?

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@Darwin : Very well put! GA <3

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@phil196662: Thanks bud, and amen to that statement!

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Why should it make a difference? Love is love, and human beings are human beings. People are people.

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@ElleBee Very well put. My thoughts exactly.

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More power to ‘em, I say.

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I have no feeling about them, any more than I have a feeling about any other kind of couple. The number of possible combinations is very large, and I don’t have feelings about any of them. I don’t think any more about a black and white couple than I do if one party is blonde and the other is a redhead. They’re of no concern to me.

Sometimes I am a bit curious when I see a couple with a very great age difference, but mild curiosity is all it is.

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I honestly don’t care, one of my guy friends is dating someone of a different race. We tease that she’s my girlfriend because we’ve been friends for years far before they started dating just to bug the hell out of him.

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It sucks….and black women don’t particularly like it either.

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I hardly notice things like race when I meet happy people.

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It is OK, don’t you think? Do you have any problem with that?

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Not sure whether this is just the type of question that attracts the liberals like moths, or whether Im the odd ball…..and of course, it depends on where you are talking about. A white man with a black woman from Ghana, or vice versa. No problem. Same for Bermuda. Same for say Southern California. Alabama? Mississippi? Georgia? SC? Up and down the east coast…..whole different story.

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Yeah….that southern U.S. has always been a little behind on the whole civil rights/intelligence/humanity curve.

Dog's avatar

Attracts liberals like moths?

This is not politics- this is a basic human right.

Dog (25152points)“Great Answer” (3points)
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@plethora not all of us…I voted for President Obama and I live in Mississippi, but understand your comment. I do go to the barbershop occasionally and what you hear is very backward!

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@plethora Exactly what about this question draws liberals like moths?

It is an opinion question only.

kidkosmik's avatar

@plethora attracts the liberals like moths

I think you are an ”odd ball.”

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@plethora Is it a whole different story in your mind, or based on local reaction?

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@pearls : Thank you <3

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I couldn’t care less. As someone said up there, love is love is love.

@plethora Can you clarify “it sucks”? Are you saying that people dating those of a different skin color sucks, or that the fact that it’s still an issue for some people sucks?

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@Blackberry You’re missing the whole point. Note my other examples. The color of the skin really has nothing to do with it.

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@Dog Liberal philosophy can manifest itself politically, socially, economically, theologically, and probably a dozen other ways.

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@plethora How is this question a liberal magnet? This question was asking the answerers’ opinions: what do you think of black and white relationships?

If a question about tolerance or intolerance of interracial relationships is a “liberal magnet,” what does that say about non liberals?

Now, I do not believe that because I know tons of conservatives who have no problem with this sort of thing but that is what your statement said to me of your beliefs.

How, exactly, does this question and its answers espouse liberal philosophy? I would be very interested in your explanation.

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Gee, I love this. I’m apparently the only person on this thread who thinks differently from everyone else. Who should I answer first? Not sure I can do it all at once, but will take a few shots.

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@plethora Answer who ever you want first. There’s nothing inherently wrong with thinking differently, but being able to back up your opinions is a good thing.

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@plethora I am asking a simple question. I am very interested in your reply. I am not going to be unpleasant regardless of your reply.

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@Arisztid OK, you first…:) It’s an opinion question which simply asks about feelings regarding blacks and whites dating. I was struck by the unanimity of opinion, all of which would fall on what I would call the socially liberal end of the spectrum. I’m not saying that’s the way it is, just it is my opinion of the way it is and thus my comment about “drawing liberals like a magnet”, which is probably a too broad statement, but I do like the conversation it apparently stimulated.

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@Likeradar There is nothing to prove here. It asked how I felt about it. I don’t particularly like it, but in the great scheme of things, I have no control over it so it’s not something I think about. When I do see it, I do notice. The responses have brought a few other thoughts to mind, most importantly, that it bothers me a lot more some places than others. In some places it makes no diff at all. Bermuda comes to mind. I know a couple there who run a retreat. He is a white CPA from Philly and she is a black Bermudan. No problem. Hardly even notice. It’s a totally different culture than I have had to deal with all my life in the south.

So, a more accurate answer (and I often shoot from the hip when answering) is that in some cultures, (especially the US Southeast and all the way up the Atlantic coast, it annoys the Hell out of me when i come across it. In other cultures I barely notice.

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@plethora If you do not want to paint conservatives as a bunch of intolerant so and so’s, you might want to avoid such statements. Your opinion is your opinion. If I was conservative (I am kind of a moderate) I would be annoyed by you putting your opinion on me.

Being a non white in an interracial relationship (I am not black or white), I do not like your opinion but am not going to say more than that. You have the right to your opinion just like I do mine.

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@Arisztid I’m thinking you’re reading too much into my opinion. It’s just an opinion. I think most of the answers on the thread fall on the socially liberal end of the spectrum. That’s not a statement about you, nor does it indicate intolerance. People can do as the please on this. I was asked how I felt about it. Turns out, after this discussion, it depends on the culture in which it occurs as to whether i even notice.

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I do not get how allowing basic human rights is “liberal”

let’s say the question was “how do you feel about women being allowed to vote?”
Would those who say yes be liberal?

The right to date and fall in love regardless of race is a basic human right that is supported by the overwheming majority of society. The responses to this question are merely reflecting this.

You are entitled to your opinion but do not try to pigeonhole those whose answer differs from yours with a label.

Dog (25152points)“Great Answer” (3points)
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@plethora I do not believe that you are making a statement about me personally. You disapprove of people like me who are not white and in an interracial relationship (you might also disapprove of a white person in such a relationship as well). This is not a personal attack or an opinion of me in any way other than as a guy on the internet who states that he is in an interracial relationship.

My point is that your opinion, if someone believes your statement that tolerance is “liberal,” is going to paint conservatives in a negative light.

I do not see how tolerance of interracial relationship is necessarily “liberal.”

It definitely depends on culture. This question asked each individual respondent his or her opinion.

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The tolerance of interracial relationships is not necessarily liberal. @plethora doesn’t speak for conservatives. He can’t. Everyone speaks for themselves. That is one of the main problems in many societies. People group and generalize each other.

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@wilma Exactly.

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