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So, where are you going for your Holidays this year?

Asked by Scooby (10284points) February 6th, 2010
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The reason I ask is simple, I just can’t make up my mind where I’d like to go to spend my Holidays this year & thought you guys might give me some inspiration by telling me where you are going this year for you holiday periods? :-)

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A tad early don’t you think lol…...? But I’ll be going to Washington to visit my family.

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Seattle. both our son and daughter live in Seattle. this is a very versatile city. first, its just gorgeous to watch the ocean and river come together. watching fresh water and sea water fighting for victory. the Coast Guard practices emergency rescues at this location because of the the volatile, raging waters. not far up the road is ice and snow. if you like snowboarding or skiing, you will love this location. the scenery is breathtaking in Seattle. i would move there, if it were not for all the rain. this year, i am going to JAMAICA, instead.

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I am planning a house swap in the summer with some friends who live in Tampa. Nothing else is planned yet.

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Texas & New Mexico.

@Blackberry no, it’s NEVER too early to think about vacation. That’s what gets me through these winter months.

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Tahiti. I’ll be going with my whole family, and I can’t wait! :-)

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I’ll be travelling to the basement to do laundry ;)

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@lucillelucillelucille spread your wings, honey. AT LEAST go to Wal-Mart!

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When the kids are on spring break, we’re going to Kiaweh Island, South Carolina. We’re renting a house for the week with some relatives, right on the beach. I can’t wait! I just have to make sure my husband doesn’t find out there are alligators there, or he might change his mind about the trip.

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I probably won’t be traveling, I can’t afford it.
That doesn’t mean I won’t be having a vacation.
I do take the time to relax and “get away”.
I sip wine and eat cheese by a fire in my back yard, alone or with friends.
I turn off the electronics in my life and read books in the hammock or swing.
I go for a drive to a nearby town (that I don’t usually go to, just pick one on the map) that is out of my way, and have lunch or coffee in a small cafe that I have never visited before. Maybe I’ll visit a museum or antique store there too.
I go for a walk in the country, I could be a million miles away….

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@jbfletcherfan -Walmart intimidates me!!lol!

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You mean like summer vacation?

I have no idea, but some ideas have been presented to me. One is a road trip to Colorado with my boyfriend. That would be amazing. :P

I would like to go to Europe again, but it’s just an idea. I can’t see my parents being opposed to it. Depends on when my dad can go and what they want to do. And of course I’d love to go to South America as I’ve never been.

One thing’s certain, however, I will be going to Tahoe, probably more than once.

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@wilma I often do that, too. I live in upstate NY, and there are lots of cute, small towns that are just barely on the map. :-)

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We are going to the coast, South West UK – with my two lovely canine friends. So very relaxing.

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Well thanks all!! I’ve decided I’m off to Cornwall for a week in August, a little place called Mousehole to visit some friends, I’ll also be getting some camping in too while travelling down…

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