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Should I stop my cousin from pulling his Super Bowl prank ?

Asked by Pretty_Lilly (4660points) February 7th, 2010
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Every year my cousin pulls the same anonymous prank on the neighborhood.
To keep it simple:There is a cable that runs by our house,it supplies cable signal to 5~6 other households in my neighborhood.
Just at the point the kicker’s foot touches the football during kick off,my cousin cuts off the signal for all these homes for 5 minutes and gets a kick out of hearing people fuming ?
Should I stop him before he gets caught and strung up or let him be ?

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hahaha, that’s hilarious, totally let him do it!

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you should youtube it though.

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But a minute is plenty long enough.

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Let him do it!That’s pretty funny :))

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It’s not a prank as much as it just being an asshole.

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Let him do it, but the day before, without him knowing, inform all the people involved of what he plans on doing.

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Awesome. Let him do it and laugh along with him.

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That’s just a dick move.

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That’s pretty funny. Let him do it, youtube it, and then give us a link!

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I’m with @simone54 and @JONESGH… It’s a pretty fucked up thing to do.
Also, illegal.
Since when did being an asshole become praised? :l

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This is awesome

@rangerr Welcome to the internet :)

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5 minutes is to long though. he should do it for two minutes at the most.

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Unlawful. He could go to jail.

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Your cousin sounds like an ass. I don’t even watch the superbowl.

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@lucillelucillelucille What is so funny about it?
What would be funny is if he was caught and had his ass kicked all over the neighborhood.

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Sounds annoying.

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LOL!!!! Absolutely not. Let him do it!

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All choices have consequences.

I think it’s funny that people will get irate over a game. A game.

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my favorite are all the people who say “hey that’s funny but only for a minute. maybe two.”

(it’s a total asshole move, not to be condoned, just so we’re clear what side i’m on)

It’s just this particular middle ground is amusing and bemusing to me.

possibly even cemusing.

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Come on, have a sense of humor. People should be jailed for real crimes not a petty, harmless practical joke (that is hilarious and brilliant).

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@lilikoi How is it a joke (and not some guy being a schmuck to others for his own shits and giggles) if only one person is laughing?

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It’s a joke when it doesn’t screw up the game, and it’s shitty if he really waits five minutes. See? Simple.

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Meh; 5 minutes still won’t kill anyone.

@Likeradar How is it not a joke???

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@lilikoi Because the only one laughing or enjoying the “prank” is the one doing it. How is that a joke and not some guy being a schmuck for his own shits and giggles?

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@Likeradar Hey, I’m laughing—- and if the OP would post it on YouTube thousands of others would get a kick out of it, too. There is always a butt to a joke. The kid would be an asshole and a dick if he didn’t reconnect it at all. Cutting it and reconnecting it after 5 minutes is harmless fun. Some people get off watching a stupid game on TV once a year, and others get off pranking them. So what.

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@lilikoi no one brought up jail – if being an asshole was a jailable offence, i’d be in with no chance for parole (ask any of my subordinates)

just because you don’t go to jail doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do something. or condone it.

The asshole-ess comes from them not knowing what’s going on, not knowing who’s doing it, not knowing if it’ll ever come on again. If he did it in the same room with htme, whole different ball of wax – they’d call him an asshole, they’d throw pretzels at him, he’d reconnect it, it’d be all good.

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@Pretty_Lilly – what you should do is take away something your cousin loves, make sure he is unaware of what is going on and who is doing it, wait until he reaches the absolute nadir of despair, and give it back to him with a snide “don’t get so worked up, it was just a joke”.

I find this works well with favorite children, if he has any.

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@drhat77 Fucking with the cable connection is actually an offense (federal, in fact, I believe), and yes someone (maybe multiple people, I forget) did mention jail.

The asshole-ess genius and hilarity comes from them not knowing what’s going on, not knowing who’s doing it, not knowing if it’ll ever come on again...because it comes on after a short while and no real damage is done. Sheesh, some people are so uptight!

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@drhat77 GA.
@lilikoi Some people really love the Superbowl. For whatever reason, even though plenty of people think it’s a dumb game (myself included) it is something they enjoy. Why is it so hard to understand that a stranger ruining it on purpose for for 5 seconds or 5 minutes is a dick move?
HAHAHA, I made a block full of neighbors and their guests confused and annoyed and kinda pissed off for 5 minutes!!! SO FUNNY! Really?

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@lilikoi re: jail – on review you’re right – but those answers were short and therefore unimportant

OMG it was just a joke rangerr and UScitizen don’t get so worked up!

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@lilikoi – harm is done – the most important thing to people is the sense / illusion of control. If you take that away from them, well ANYTHING is possible, the walls can cave in, the trolls can come out of the cracks in reality. People need to feel like they have control, and if you take it away from them for no good reason you cause a lot of distress.

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It’s a stupid idea and a waste of time.
Being all Schadenfreude is one thing. Intentionally ruining peoples’ days for teh lulz is completely different.


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I just think it’s stupid because what if one of those irate football fans figures out what happens and then comes outside? He could get hurt.

it’s more than a little ridiculous that anyone would find this funny. It’s one thing if it’s people you know because they know your intentions and you know how they’re going to react, but it is hugely dick-ish to do it just to make a bunch of people angry.

Also, I’m watching the Superbowl with a friend. he insists on watching it even though he’s not a football fan and doesn’t really know what’s going on. What is up with this damn game?

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@Sarcasm If that ruins your entire day, I think you have bigger problems.
@drhat77, @Likeradar I like watching tennis about as much as some people like watching the superbowl. If I lived on a street of tennis nuts and the cable went out right as Federer was serving the match point of, say, the Australian Open, sure I would be bummed. If I found out a kid intentionally cut the cable as a practical joke, I would still high-5 him for brilliance and hilarity. A five minute glitch in cable is just not a big deal, and certainly not the end of my day or life.
@KatawaGrey If someone hurt a kid over something like this, that is messed up.

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@lilikoi you don’t fear loss of control. yay for you. (seriously that’s really great). You are in like less than 2% of the population.

The rest of the world lives on the illusion of safety and control and would pretty much riot and cause general mayhem if that illusion was significantly disrupted.

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I gotta know @Pretty_Lilly did he do it?

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Why do you think it’s funny to ruin someone’s enjoyment?? People plan parties, save money to buy booze and food. I think your friend and those of you who think it’s funny suck.

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So…..................................what happened??

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It’s creepy how my Internet connection messed up when I clicked on this question.

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