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$2000 Louis Vuitton trashbag purses: What's your reaction?

Asked by MagsRags (5769points) February 10th, 2010
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Louis Vuitton, a french company known for their line of luxury leather goods, has come out with a new line of canvas bags that look like garbage bags with leather straps. They are retailing for $1960.

I have an interest in fashion, although am not particularly drawn to bags and purses. I can’t decide whether to laugh or be deeply angry. If you’ve ever seen the movie Zoolander, it’s like the Derelicte campaign with a straight face and for real money. Isn’t this a fabulous recruiting tool for building third world resentment? Not even to mention that the would-be fashionistas who carry them will look like pretentious idiots.

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My reaction is if they sell any, I am going to make one. Sell it for half price, man I will be banking lol :D

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Sounds like they would suit those other famous trashbags who will no doubt be carrying one around anytime soon.I’m thinking Victoria Beckham,Paris Hilton et al.

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Life immitating art….. crapola!

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Ah,The Emperor’s New Bag-I can’t stand it.I also dislike their logo pattern bags.Fugly.

Laughing is the best option.

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I don’t know, but if I hear that new Jennifer Lopez song again, somebody will be hurt.

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ewwwwww I have a sporty that Ive haad for a long time,it’s been washed in the machine and run over, it still looks good

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Always thought Louis Vuitton looked like trash to begin with.

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I wouldn’t buy a $2000 purse from anyone, no matter who made it or what it looked like. What a waste of money!

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Another fad, another folly.

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I would be happy with a regular new car.

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It’s cool in terms of risk taking but I don’t want one.

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I never understood the whole “designer” concept. Every consumer product is designed by somebody. I really don’t care who designed the purse I carry. It cost less than $20, I like the way it looks and it holds what I need it to hold. To the unknown designer of my purse, I salute you.

I find very pretentious to carry a bag that costs hundreds (or thousands) of dollars. Anyone who actually buys this bag is a sad excuse for a person. To me, it seems as if this product is making fun of the homeless “bag-lady” image.

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I’ve also never gotten the cachet of carrying an expensive designer bag that is covered with the designer logos. Who wants to look like a walking advertisement except as a way of showing off how much $$ you have to waste?

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I’m a guy so I don’t understand the need to carry around a purse in the first place. All I’ve got fits into my pockets. If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t come with me.

But wow, this is ridiculous. I can’t imagine seeing anyone justify $2,000 for any purse, no matter how glamorous and beautiful it was. Unless it had properties like the TARDIS, you know, bigger on the inside.
For this bag? A bag that looks like a Hefty bag with handles and a nicer drawstring? I can’t imagine anyone paying more than $5.

I hate fashion so much.

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It’s high fashion. It’s expensive art.

I actually like them. They’re bold, they’re whimsical. I wouldn’t buy them, but I like them.

Most of haute couture is just a platform for trying out new ideas—which then trickle down to the Gap, etc. I hated the LV logos before, so I think this is a real step in the right direction.

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Hey, the homeless people will look like they are in fashion! Carrying around their toothbrush and sleeping bag in their trash bag….....

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Am I the only one who sees you could make some quick cash here, if indeed this becomes a big fad?

Even if a short period of time, just bail out when the fad dies and walk away a little richer or is not that simple :D?

Who wants to be my business partner haha! :)

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Trashy. Really trashy.

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I’m gonna start wearing my underwear on the outside of my pants! It’s the same concept in my eyes.

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@Axemusica It works for superman so why the hell not.

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@ucme hey now! I didn’t say I could stop bullets, lol. ;P

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I like them. I’d never get one, $2000 is much too high a price, but I think they’re cool looking.

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It just about makes me sick. I am a designer and artist, and I can’t bear to charge for my work. It just seems wrong. I design to entertain myself, and I make things because I enjoy doing it, and then to turn around and charge for it? I just can’t. I do ask people to pay for the materials, so I can make more stuff, but that’s all.

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@YARNLADY What do you do for work?

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@toomuchcoffee911 My ‘profession’ is homemaker. My art work is a variety of mediums, such as needlepoint, quilts, tote bags, miniature needlework houses, coasters, wall hangings, and much more. I used to design and make costumes, but mostly I just do random designs now.

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ha… ha.. ha.. fashion faux pas!

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I love the Louis Vuitton canvas bags, but not that one, it’s disgusting, but someone that wants to be different will buy it.

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At first I thought this was going to be an article from The Onion or something; I can’t believe that’s real, but whatever. I can’t imagine people actually liking that; it has to be one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen.

It does remind me of Derelicte…lol…that movie is so awesome. :)

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