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What would be a good invitation for a Candy and Cookies Sleepover?

Asked by chiplmprincessa (70points) February 17th, 2010
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Ok so for my birthday party I want to have a candy, cupcake, cookie sleepover. What that means is me and my friends will be split into three teams. Each team will start at a different table (Cookies, candy, or cupcakes). They must cook their dish as fast as possible and when it is in the oven they move to the next table. Then the next, then the next. And whichever team finishes all three stations first wins. And while our stuff is in the oven we will have normal sleepover fun like truth or dare, telling funny stories, watching tv, etc. But I wanted to know how I could do these invitations because I mean I can’t just say ’‘Your invited to a ’‘sweet’’ sleepover’’ because thats as cheesy as cheddar! So what should I do? Please include the whole message of the invite. In case you needed to know my name is Lexi and I’m turning 14. So you can put the whole message of the invite. And on your answer please include the whole message of the invitation, where I can make it for free online, some fun party activities, and just any cool ideas you have! Food, drinks, etc.! Oh and please tell me what can be a cool invite (like the background) background picture. Because if you can’t find it for free online it’s okay!Thanks so much!

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What about calling it Iron Chef America Sleepover?

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“Come and eat my sweets!”

On second thought, that doesn’t sound so good.

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I think you should bake a whole load of cookies & write the invitation on them with icing…

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The Sweet American Cook-off

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Write your invitation message on a pot holder.

“If you can stand the heat, come to my kitchen for a Candy and Cookies Sleepover and PROVE IT!”

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Fortune smiles on the sweet.

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You could find some kawaii cookies, cupcakes, and candy stickers to stick all over blank note cards. If you have good handwriting, you can write it yourself and just tell them to bring an apron. There’s no need for a cheesy, catchy line if they’re your friends. Unless of course you’re a cheesy, catchy person.

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