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Can I make cupcakes without a muffin pan?

Asked by LunaChick (1381points) February 17th, 2010
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I have some paper baking cups/liners but I don’t have the actual muffin pan. Will it work to use the cups without the proper type of pan? Does anyone have any suggestions?

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If you squish them close together and fill each one a little and go back and fill each one more. Got a sweet tooth going on?

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They make these aluminum cupcake liners that are meant to be used without a muffin pan. I wonder if you could just double or triple up on the liners to make the paper ones stiff enough to hold their shape without a pan. It might work. :)

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Thanks. I’m going to try both your ideas (tomorrow) I’ll let you know which works best. :)

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i think if you have some ceramic oven proof ramekins you can put the cupcake papers in them and put the ramekins on a cookie sheet or in a pan and that would enable the papers to hold their shape.

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I would form some aluminum foil into cups around the liner and line em up in a roasting pan.
oh…and check out this link ..:P
Just Kidding

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I have used the double cupcake papers, the ones with the foil outside and the paper inside. They don’t work very well; they tend to collapse and flatten with the outward pressure of the batter. I have made thousands of cupcakes in my time, and I would not do it without the muffin pan.

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Yes they’re not designed to be used without a muffin tray. You need something rigid.

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The aluminum ones work well, and really nice mugs!!!

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<—-stud muffin

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Thanks everyone, for your suggestions.

@SeventhSense – HaHa! Nice link.

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You may be the first jelly on the moon.

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@SeventhSense – I got caught in a really strong waterspout and was shot into space.

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Yes, you have to. Use a muffin pan to make muffins, and a cupcake pan for cupcakes.

People these days…

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The package mine came in says they can be used alone, without a muffin tin.

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I’ve used the aluminum muffin liners without a pan, and while it technically works, the cupcakes end up wider and flatter.

Silicone muffin cups work well without a pan, but if you’re going to run out and buy them, you might as well just buy a muffin pan. The pan is much easier to clean than the silicone cups. I have both, and prefer the pan.

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I tried both pushing the cups close together and doubling up the liners (half of each) – both ideas worked, if you don’t mind somewhat misshapen cupcakes (which I don’t). So, you can bake not-so-perfect looking, but still tasty cupcakes without the proper pan. :)

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Not the greatest photo (I took it with a cellphone) but here is one of the cupcakes. Yummy.

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Oh, it looks great! Much nicer looking then when I made cupcakes with just the liners. Good job! I bet it tasted nice too!

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looks fine to me and did you tongue like it? That’s most important.

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@LunaChick They look lovely!

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That was one of the better looking cupcakes – it was a little square, but not as bad as some.

And yes, it was yummy.

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really pretty cupcake! i would love to eat it!

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Very cute! Glad you got your cupcakes. :)

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Why don’t you just make a cake?

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@Val123 – I thought about it, but cupcakes are easier to share.

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If you have tiny short cups you can use thoughs lol

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@heartbreaker Or half fill the coffee cups that are ovenproof.

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