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Would you really want come to my birthday party if you were invited?

Asked by nebule (16449points) February 20th, 2010
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It’s my 30th Birthday party this year. It’s a big thing for me, I’ve never celebrated any of my birthdays in a big way and I’ve come through a lot. My 30th Birthday is goignt o be a real milestone for me.It’s in May and my sister and family are putting on a big party for me. We were discussing arrangements last night and what theme I would want and music and who I would want there etc. It’s going to be beautiful and profound.

I struck me that I don’t have many close friends in real life as such although I do have a lot of family and related friends. However, in order to make it really special I would want to invite people from my past and people that have deeply touched my life. It occurred to me that Fluther really is an integral part of my life and my friendships and how cool it would be to actually meet some of you guys.

I didn’t really think for one minute that anyone from Fluther would really come to my party but then I did think…have I got it wrong? Better ask Fluther!!

Would you consider coming if you were invited? Or would it be one of those things that sound like a nice idea but just wouldn’t actually happen?

If nothing else I thought it would be interesting to see who responded to this question. I certainly have a list of people that I would invite because I would love to meet them…and there are a lot of you but I wondered whether my perception would marry up with yours too.

I hope this doesn’t come across as too self-indulgent and it might indeed even be pulled for not being relevant or something but I’m genuinely intrigued about this…The Fluther community is massively important in my life.

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If I could take the time off work and it was affordable for me to travel to where you are, of course I’d consider coming to your birthday party. =)

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Definately! You’re a long way from where I am (down south!) but at least you are in the same country.

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If it was feasible to travel that far, then I sure would. There’s quite a few people on Fluther I’d like to meet in real life, but because we are all over the world it is a little impractical.

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If I was in the states when you had it then yes for sure I would love to! But I won’t be there for another 6 months or so :(

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Oh I know exactly what you are talking about. When I turned 30 five years ago I realized I had no friends that would travel a mile to come celebrate me. The same year I was invited to a friend’s 30th birthday party and he had like 40 of them flying down from the north of Sweden. This made me sad. It made me sad to realize that I haven’t got friends who would take time and spend money to come visit me.

But this is me. As you say, Fluther community has proven to be a lifeline to me as well in many ways. I have been here since December 2008, on and off, but I always come back after a couple of weeks of absence. Even if I don’t know anyone of you, I still feel I enjoy your company.

There is a problem however by turning 30 and that is that we’re in that age when people tend to get married, get kids and get time consuming jobs. This could be one reason why I never planned that big party because I knew that not many would have come even if they wanted to. We are busy now, we have families (except me who is the only one left from the “old gang” who is still pathetically immature and single).

I can’t come to you, but I will for sure have you in mind when the big day is here! Let me know when! :)

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I would come if I was able to take time from work to travel, I would love to come. I’m feeling guilty about not working weekends these days.

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I think that would be lovely.

I would even say that an annual ‘fluther’ meet-up would be fabulous! It would be very interesting to actually see the people you have ‘conversed’ with over the months/years.

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Oh… I’m in the UK for those that don’t know :-)
thank you everyone for your replies xxx

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I’d come.

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@Lightlyseared I did know that, but since I’m in Australia you’re on the other side of the world either way. I’d love to visit the UK some day, particularly Scotland where my distant family came from, but travelling is so expensive for a uni student.

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I have no idea how I would be able to pull off a trip to the UK but I’d love to be able to go to your birthday party!

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Oh sorry! Well, I might be heading to the UK after the states, when is your party? :P

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I love birthday parties. I would love to come as long as your party but taking a trip across the pond is not realistic. Plus even if I could it would have to nor fall on my B-day which is in May too!! 30 is a great B-Day…Enjoy it!!

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Sure, would be honored to attend your birthday party.

The big 30! So young…in your mind, you probably feel over the hill, but the best years are down the road!

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I would go. But I am poor and can’t swing a trip to the UK. Happy birthday!!

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I’d come if I could get there sweetie. If you lived anywhere near me that is.

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If you tell us the day, we can have a party for you right here on Fluther! I’ll bring the brightly coloured hats!

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My birthday is on the 29th and luckily it falls on a Saturday too! :-)
You’re all so lovely thank you. just on my way out…but I have more to add specifically….but can’t write just now

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@FireMadeFlesh And I will do the food!!

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I would love to come, but I’m afraid I don’t speak the language very well. We never had a chance to learn UKish in school, darn it.

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I’d love to attend, but 3000 miles of ocean separate us. If it were logistically feasable, I’d do it in a heartbeat. ((hugs)) Lynn!

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Well, I’d come to your party and being you a present! Happy Birthday and have a great party!

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I would come if it were closer and if I got an invite! Sounds like you are going to have a lovely party.

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I would love to come to your party. It would be a wonderful reason to go to the UK. It would be wonderful to meet you in person.

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Sure, if there’s cake!

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@Ron_C I’ve already said I will do the food – what kind of cake would you like? LOL

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@marinelife Think you should come over to the UK and to the party, then you can teach me to swim and I will teach you the piano LOL

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I wish I could be there for your party @lynneblundell. Sounds fun! There is no way I could afford the trip, but if I could I would be there for sure. :D

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Gosh I’m so flattered at the amount of people that would want to come. Thank you all it’s been lovely reading your messages xx When I have final details (hopefully soon) I will of course send out proper invitations. It would be lovely if some of you really could come but i realise that it’s probably a long shot… if enough people commit though…it would be like a proper Fluther gathering too which would be cool…. but I fear I’m probably day-dreaming lol x

I’m really truly honoured that you guys think of me like this…. it’s inspiring and heart warming xxx

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Well it does sound like a nice idea Lynne. Whether it could happen or not depends on the where… and of course whether or not I’m on the list of invitee’s

better be!

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I’d be there in a heartbeat if I could, lynne. Sadly, I can’t even afford a weekend trip close to home… let alone a trip to another country. I hope you have a lovely time, and sense our presence at your party!

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I would seriously consider =}
I love travelling and meeting new people and parties and fluther so how bad could it be?

Whereabouts are ye? I’m in Northampton right now…

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if i could, and if you really wanted me too be there, how could i say no?
although, i’m pretty new and probably wouldn’t make your invite list,
But Happy Birthday, and thanks for being here…

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you know, we could throw the party right here…

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If invited and I am in the area, I will most definitely be honored to be a guest at your momentous occasion.

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Perhaps if I had a car…

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@The_Idler My birth town is Northampton!

@RealEyesRealizeRealLies of course…our relationship has been deep…

@augustlan I know, bless you xxx

@Ron_C there’s always cake… but there will be lots of it!!!

@jonsblond wow… I have a 16000er on the list of people that would be there if could be… thank you xx

@marinelife seriously??? OMG…we won’t even mention your lurve! I think I’m going to die of flattery… you guys are the best x

@candide thank you… i like presents…but don’t expect them…presence is the present

@stranger_in_a_strange_land much love of course xxxxxxxxxx

@knitfroggy where are you?

@CyanoticWasp you are funny x

@Zen_Again excellent news! x

@Bluefreedom @FireMadeFlesh @shrubbery @jazzjeppe @PandoraBoxx I totally understand thank you so much !!!
@partyparty and @babaji there’s time yet….

@njnyjobs you never know!

Oh my goodness I’m sure I’ve missed some people out and it’s not intentional… I’m so chuffed you guys xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

aha… @ChaosCross x

The party would be in Lancashire. I want to emphasize that I am overwhelmed at the amount of people that have replied to this thread as I’ve said before… I feel like I probably need to throw a Fluther party rather than a birthday party

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I would come if it was within one hour driving distance. Beyond that, I’d have to think about it.

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If I were planning a transatlantic trip this year (and May would be a lovely time to do it), I would try to time it so that I could go to your birthday party, and I would love to attend. I couldn’t undertake a special trip for the purpose, I’m sorry to say. But we can throw you a great party right here! Just say when, darlin’.

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@partyparty mmmmm I like vanilla cake with coconut icing but the celebrant gets to pick the flavor. I though you were just bringing Hors d’Oeuvres. I’ll bring the beer. They make Straub in our local brewery.

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If I can find transportation, I’m in! :D I love any kind of party, and I’d love meeting some Flutherites too!

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Oh, If I only had the money to keep my bills covered and visit for a few days’ holiday to celebrate your 30th! Alas, at the moment I don’t. And should I get a job in March, I highly doubt they’d give me even a couple days’ leave so soon after starting! What stinks is that the UK is relatively close and I probably wouldn’t even be jet-lagged!:(

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It’d be awesome to go to the UK again – no money, though…if you were around here in Brooklyn, we’d totally come and bring the kids.

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No, so please don’t invite me.

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party pooper :P

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Lynne, if I were physically and financially able to travel the 12,000 or so kilometres to attend your birthday party, I would probably attend since it would please you.

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You Kay? Oh Lynne I had no idea! I’ll have to read all of your comments with a lovely accent from now on!

I’m in Missouri dear. Let’s see, if I leave now, float down the Mississippi, turn left at the Gulf, muddle through the Bahama’s, and don’t get sucked into a time vortex in the Bermuda Triangle, then yes, end of May sounds resonable

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Why not? I ain’t got nothing better to do :D

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Have an online Fluther party! Start up a question that morning and post updates and let everyone comment just as if they were stopping by your place.

Set up the streaming video web cam now now now do it now

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@galileogirl hee hee… that really did actually make me chuckle! there’s certainly no love lost is there :-)

@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Yes indeed! and it is quite a posh accent too :-D

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I would say I would come but then probably wouldn’t turn up, nothing to do with you, I just don’t like parties with people I don’t know, I wouldn’t enjoy it. But Happy Birthday, hope you have a good day.

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Lynne, I’ve enjoyed getting to know you here, and I’d be delighted to meet you. If time and money weren’t an issue, I’d be there without a second thought.

I also turn 30 this year (in July) and have been thinking a lot about what to do for it. I really admire your boldness in putting it out here like this.

In lieu of my body, I send my love.

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Thank you @Trustinglife
xxx Love you all xxx

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Not been around much but just wanted to say thank you to everyone on here xx love you all you’ve touched my life so much xxxx Will be in touch xxx

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Haha you’re goofy!

Is it the 29th over there yet?

Happy Birthday Lynne!

30 rhymes with dirty… heheheheh

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Happy early birthday, Lynne! I’ll have a drink in your honor. :)

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Happy birthday Lynne!! I hope you have a wonderful, memorable party.

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Thank you all xxx Had an amazing day xx

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