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Does anyone know of or have any New Mexican recipes that would impress a native New Mexican?

Asked by ava (982points) February 23rd, 2010
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I live in LA and there are certainly no New Mexican restaurants here. A friend of mine is from New Mexico and really misses the New Mexican cuisine, so I wanted to surprise him by making something New Mexican for him. I thought it might be fun if it was a dish he would think I might never know about or that might be a tad difficult so as to impress. Any suggestions?

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Try some Green Chili New Mexico style. This is close to my own personal recipe, but it is more “New Mexico” than Colorado.

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Bueno Style Ribs

Here is a whole site of New Mexican cuisine.

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Ask your friend for one of his or her recipes!

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Better yet, invite your friend over and cook something together. You’ll both get so much more out of the experience. ;-)

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One of my favorites, a chile relleno tart, is from a local restaurant in my area. It’s so good, Bon Appetit magazine published it by request. The recipe can be found HERE.

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Probably the most difficult part will be finding the right chiles (with an “e”). Ask for Bueno brand or chiles from Hatch, NM. I think the Hatch brand is also pretty authentic, but don’t get Old El Paso.

Red tends to go better with beef and pork, and green with chicken and cheese, but you can certainly mix it up.

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I like flat enchiladas with a fried egg on top.

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Sautee corn niblets, peeled & diced acorn squash, onion and minced cliantro.

Fry sliced potatoes and then fold into red sauce made from New Mexico chile powder browned in oil and made into gravy with a little water.

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Sweet niblets!

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