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Are humans the only creatures that commit suicide?

Asked by gooch (5744points) March 4th, 2008
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@squirbel: WOW, that brings back memories. Thank you.

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hahahha squirbel!

”. . . The suicide myth was further propagated by Walt Disney documentary White Wilderness in 1958 which includes footage of lemmings migrating and running head-long over a ledge. An investigation in 1983 by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s Brian Vallee, showed that the Disney film makers faked the entire sequence using imported lemmings (bought from Inuit children), a snow covered turntable on which a few dozen lemmings were forced to run, and literally throwing lemmings into the sea to show the alleged suicides.”

wow hah

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LOL, one of those looked thrown!

Squirbels are descended from hydrophobic lemmings… ;)

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That lemming video fact made me cry! :(

This one helped me feel better:

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i know! i almost did haha. i’ll watch that

edit: hahaha that little guy is vicious. it’s the funniest and most random (to me) at the end when you just see him scurrying around in the middle of nowhere still squekin’

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Scorpions – if they are caught in fire.

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Do honey bees count? (when they sting they die)

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