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Does this sound like he's interested?

Asked by CupcakesandTea (353points) February 27th, 2010
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I went to a club last night with a friend of mine. She also had invited a guy that I have been crazy about for quite awhile. When we got there it became evident that the guy I liked, liked her a lot and clearly I wasn’t interesting to him. Well he brought a friend along and I feel like me and his friend got along pretty well. Sometimes there would be awkward silence between me and him but overall we got along. He even danced with me and he wouldn’t dance with anyone else (he claimed he didn’t know how). How does this sound? Does it seem like he may be interested in me? What are signs that a guy likes you? I’m really not very experienced in this field!

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Sure. Probably. These sound like good signs.

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Probably not the answer you are looking for but I think the more important question is – do you like him?

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Men tend to be pretty obvious so if he spent a lot of time with you at a club he probably is interested. How’s this for something concrete- if he wasn’t interested- during the awkward silences or just thereafter he may have excused himself instead of sticking around to try to get past them.

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Yes I would say it does seem he is interested in you. Don’t worry about the awkward silences… he doesn’t know you very well yet, so there are bound to be gaps in conversation.
Take things slowly, don’t throw yourself at him. Good luck

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I second what @rovdog said. I’m not sure I’d say, “He’s interested,” though as that conveys too much. But he seems to like you, and if we likes you enough to spend time with you one night, he may well another, given the chance.

But you’re not still hung up on HIS friend are you? Cause that’s not a good place to start a realtionship from.

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@6rant6 I would be lying if I told you I didn’t like his friend a little still. But I really do think that I made a connection with this new guy. The old one was just plain awkward to even try to talk to but I found it much easier to talk to the new guy.

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If he seems to like you, and he is easy to talk with, and you kind of like him, why not assume the best, and keep getting to know him? The other one is taken, so let him go.

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Dancing is a pretty good sign a guy likes you…ask him for another dance.

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@Cruiser Love your answer LOL

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It sounds like he may like you. The proof will be if you hear from him again. Or, if you don’t, what happenes when you call him.

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Ask him out and you’ll find out :)

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If he said he didn’t know how to dance, and then he tried it with you, he’s interested.

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It sounds like he’s shy, and felt comfortable with you.

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Ask him for a date and see if you two get along well. Bar experiences aren’t the best way to make such a judgment.

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Don’t listen to Lucillex3. She uses logic as a crutch. Logic is overrated! Instead, sit and while away the hours in and endless, circular thought pattern. Take up whittling. Talk to every person on earth except for the one person who actually has the answer, but when you get around the guy next time, make SURE you don’t ask him.

Ehhh…..just a thought…..what are you going to do with the guy you were so crazy about? That’s a pretty darned good Price-Pfister routine! I’m impressed :)

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Honestly…it kind of sounds like you just want someone. Maybe be more selective. Are you interested in him because he might be interested in you and you want that type of attention or was there genuinely a good vibe where you could see yourself being friends and hanging out with this person, I don’t know…sounds like you might just be lonely…Not a bad thing, and totally normal. You could just do better. Don’t settle for just whatever is available is what I’m saying.

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Those all sound like good signs….. although I’d advise checking to make sure he wasn’t just being a good wing-man.

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