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Have you ever known someone who liked or adored you, but you secretly were quite annoyed by them?

Asked by Kraigmo (8928points) February 27th, 2010
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Another way of putting it is:

Have you ever disliked someone who really liked you?
And if so, how hard was it to hide your inner disgust while you maintained positive vibes?

Was it a person who did not deserve your dislike? What about his or her personality did you find off-putting?

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G’day Kraigmo,

Thank you for your question.

No but I may have had that effect on others.


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Yes, and it is so annoying.

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I didn’t hide it at all.
He deserved so much.
His name was Psycho Bob.
That explains all of the above :)

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Yes. And when she asked if we were more than friends, I still tried to be nice about it.

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Yes, and I felt really crappy about having to tell the young lady I really wasn’t interested. Only later did I learn that she thought my parents were rich, and that was really why she feigned being so enamored.

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Aye. I took a good long look at her and said…...“I don’t really know you,” and that was that.

I felt bad, but it’s over now. Now that I think about it, it was probably pretty embarrassing for her.

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Oh, yes. In 7th grade, this girl named Sarah had a huge crush on me. But she was a complete weirdo. For one thing, she was socially awkward and a lot of people hated her for various reasons (she was often rude to people and was just weird). I certainly didn’t hate her like that, I felt bad for her sometimes, but I did not reciprocate her crush on me.

The things she did…lol. She was in my 7th grade English/History/Reading class and she sat next to me and would always rustle my hair and at a dance one time she followed me around. The only reason she went to the dance was because I was there. Another time, she drew me as an anime character and gave it to me!

So yeah, I didn’t have any strong dislike for her, but I was realizing my homosexuality at the time and had a crush on a certain boy who would later become my current boyfriend tee-hee! and I mostly just found her really annoying and wanted her to leave me alone. I never voiced my annoyance, though.

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I was eight years old and she was seven. she followed me home every day after school. i paid her no attention. she would follow me into my house and would sing a song to me. we were children then. she grew up and i grew up. she never stopped liking me and i knew it. she prospered and became the president of Ascap. the last time i saw her was at a high school reunion with my wife. its ironic they both went to the same high school. i just learned that she died of cancer and this makes me sad. i was never notifed of her illness or i would have been there for her. this does not exactly answer your question, but i just thought somehow, that my answer belonged here.

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I don’t care much for my younger brother. He used to look up to me; I ignored him. I think that only encouraged him. At least now we live on separate coasts.

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Yeah, I was annoyed that the openly nose-picking, dirty, greasy-haired, socially inept boy that everyone other than a few people picked on in my class liked me. All I could think was, “Man, why him?” I was probably quite cutting when I told him that he was greasy and smelly and I didn’t like him, but, hey. What positive vibes? I was pretty inconsiderate of his feelings. I was 14. I said what I said. And he backed off. I have no idea where he is now. I would guess he got over it. I hope so.

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I knew this girl in high school who decided after about a week of knowing me that I was her dearest friend and closest confidante. She seemed nice enough at first, but she would pour her pathetic problems on me by the bucket load. She would tell me entirely too much about herself. She invited me over to her house to meet her family after about two weeks.

I later found out that she was a big fat liar in addition to being entirely too clingy. Her biggest complaint was that she had no boyfriend. The next year, at prom, I met her boyfriend and I thought it was nice she finally had someone. I later found out from him that the two of them had been dating for four years. When I found that out, I had zero sympathy for not being so nice to her.

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Yeah his name was Carl and darn it he just wouldn’t take no for an answer.

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When I was a child another would follow me around school and offer to do all sorts of things for me. One day I talked him into climbing up into a part of a tree I knew he couldn’t get down from by himself and I left him there crying out to me. I still feel like crap for doing that.

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No. Nobody likes me. Nobody likes me at all.

And that’s the way uh hu, uh hu, I like it, uh hu, uh hu..

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You’re not gonna like this…...I kinda like ya.

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Hey I’m not avoiding your other threads, got tied up and goofy with work and then play here for relaxing… and then of course get caught up in all the debating BS. Huff! But I have read the post noted your disagreement, and am considering your thoughts.

Maybe should end it with that. Learning to walk away with new considerations is a talent I’m trying to develop… even if I think you’re completely wrong! ;)

In jest, I assure you.

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There’s this guy who starts every answer with “G’day Thank you for your question” and ends in “regards”, which is very annoying – Oh you said “adores you”, so I guess that doesn’t count. ~

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My best friend’s sister’s friend liked having me around and hanging out. But she had this habit of talking nonstop about how much weighed and how much she needed to lose. She got it down to decimal points in the percentage of her BMI. She was skinny and healthy for her height, anyways. I’ve nothing against people who want to lose weight and all that. It’s a personal preference. I know. It’s just it irritates me when they get SO obssesed about it and talk about it all the time.

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I’m never “secretly” annoyed by anyone! :)

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies No hidden message. I was being genuine. I’m not pushing for an answer for anything I just like debating is all. I know I have as much a problem at walking away as well. Actually I’m probably worse afflicted.

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Seriously? I’ve never felt this way about anyone. Maybe I secretly annoy people.

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Mhm. But I told him straight up he gets on my nerves. The boy is thick headed! He likes every girl he meets! He tries way too hard, and maybe if he just loosened up and got rid of that damn raspy voice of his, he could get at least a lunch date, LMAO!

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When I was at school there was a very irritating (in my opinion) little guy in my drama class who constantly followed me around. He was always sweet and was harmless but he irritated the shit out of me. I just wanted to tell him to fuck off but, of course, that would have been cruel so I didn’t. I just put up with him.

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Yes, he followed me around everywhere. It was difficult to make him understand I wasn’t interested, and in the end I had to be blunt with him.
Glad to say it worked .. eventually

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I once had a girl interested in me, who lived about 8 hours drive away, who used to text me all the time. She never overtly expressed her interest, so there was no opening for me to say ‘actually that’s never going to happen’. Instead I ignored her until she got the hint, maybe 6 months later.

I didn’t like her because she was shallow, very different to myself in beliefs and point of view, and as the months of texting proved she was clingy.

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I’ve felt it both ways.

It is extremely annoying when it happens to myself, it’s like your shadow that you don’t want and always wants to say something to you, however it is also extremely hurtful when I truly liked somebody and they had little care whatsoever for me.

So I guess, no matter how little you actually like somebody, just remain nice and friendly.

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@john65pennington Oh, what a good story. And yes, it DOES pertain to the question.

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I have an older co-worker who really wanted me to meet her daughter. I finally caved and called her, and we went out. Instant nothing. Just – nothing. She’s na├»ve to the point that when she opens her mouth all I can think is “oh my god, you must be kidding,” but sincerely believes she has the answers to everything. Since meeting her, I’ve been polite but intentionally distant, but her mother keeps throwing her at me. I’ve stopped responding to her emails, but hint not taken.

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Yeah it happened with several girls since I was young, most of them I ended up liking once they’d got pissed off with my non-reciprocation and given it up/got together with my best friend.

I have a problem with liking girls who like me.
The Groucho Marx paradox…

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I guess a lot of people have annoyed me with the affections – the reason they were off putting was because they were so needy and didn’t really know me, just tried to use cliche shit on me.

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Yes & it drives me crazy. I can’t bear it when guys are trying so hard to impress. They are usually needy, energy zappers.

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Yes, a guy I work with.

@YARNLADY What the heck is up with that?

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@essieness It’s an inside joke between Keith and me, sorry if it confused you

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@YARNLADY I was actually wondering what the heck is up with him starting all his responses like that. I hadn’t seen that until this thread…

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Yes…and he wouldn’t let up…which made me hate him, instead of being flattered

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Often. Usually an employee or a friend’s spouse or child.

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Yes, my ex really adored me, and it frustrated me because I didn’t want him and I never loved him.

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Yes.It happens alot and it’s mostly my guy friends that end up liking me.It’s kind of crazy though..Right now I know a guy that likes me and he is like a stalker.My teacher even called him a stalker.All my friends hate him.I feel a little bad for him though but I don’t have the same feelings for him as he does for me.But if I’d like somebody,they wouldn’t feel the same.:(


Yes, a few years ago, there was this young lady who worked with me who seemed very attracted to me. I had no interest in her——besides, I was happily married. She knew that yet was annoyingly very persistent in making her “feelings” known to me. I was glad she finally left the company and moved to another city after more than a half year of working with me. Sigh!

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my mother
my father
my big brother

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