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What are some good songs for a single guitarist without a singing voice to play?

Asked by Arp (3516points) February 28th, 2010
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I am pretty experienced, so I am looking for some fun instrumental songs. Any suggestions?

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“On Top Of Old Smokey” is a good beginners song. its simple and its easy to sing this song without killing it. good luck.

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Thanks for responding so quickly, but I am looking for something that doesnt require singing for it to be recognized, I dont really have much of a voice. I have 5 years experience, so I would be all right with something more demanding :)

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A lot of Mark Knopfler’s music is lovely. My SO plays these songs on the guitar… beautiful melodies. Oh I forgot to add… Mark Knopfler can’t sing, but his music is awesome.

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Classical Gas – heh.

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Okay, i misread your question. its still early. i will do some checking and get back to you.

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Just thought of a song. on youtube, “Theme From A Summer Place” Percy Faith. give it a listen and give it a shot. john

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hot as the sun from Paul McCartney

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What about stuff Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynyrd. It works fin without the lyrics and it has a great guitar solo.

Also, Stairway to Heaven.

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Third Man Theme on youtube. it was a simple instrumental song of the 60s and sounds as good today as ever. listen to it.

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how abt some pink floyd like “time” or “any colour you like.” “Have a cigar is a good one too. I am not really good at guitar but i love to try and play along to the solos in these songs and make it sound like there is another guitar playing to it

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If you are up for it , you can try stuff by these few people

Steve Vai
Joe Satriani
Eric Johnson
Neil Zaza
Jimmy Page
Jeff Beck
Yngwie Malmsteen (if you are into such stuff)

You could also check out ‘Words’ by A2C (Some Japanese dude)

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Look up some surf music. Stuff like “Pipeline” and “Walk Don’t Run” doesn’t have any vocals whatsoever, and even though the guitar lines can be easy, there is room for just messing around and improvisation.

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Bohr [sic?] in E minor.

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Johnny B. Goode

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Norwegian Wood is real nice as an instrumental. I would kill to be able to play Dixie Land on Guitar.

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If you’re feeling frisky, you could try to take on Bohemian Rhapsody.

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up the spout-mateo messina


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Learn some explosions in the sky songs! Great instrumental!

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John Petrucci’s album Suspended Animation has some great songs, but then he is one of the world’s best so maybe it should be a long term goal rather than an immediate challenge.

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I have no idea if you are talking about acoustic guitar or not, but I love this short instrumental song by Ben Harper.

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Any solo by Slash…if you can perfect that…yoiu’ve got it.

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@partyparty Mark Knopfler can’t sing? You were joking, right?

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