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Best shoe ever?

Asked by Sneakerfreak503 (37points) March 5th, 2008
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Just wondering what people believe is the best shoe ever. B specific.

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Feet! Bare feet!

I never wear shoes in the summer.



(Except when my mother calls me and yells at me because she thinks that i’m going to get MRSA.)

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Sport shoes: anything Diesel seems to be a fine balance in comfort and design.

Work shoe: Alden 405 orthopedic ankle boot. Alden means “old friend” and that is definitely what those boots are.

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“I wear my K-Swiss, at my place with my crew, I like them white and new.”

… actually i am partial to the blackspot

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the blackspot kicks corporate ass!

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flip flops or low top chucks!

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fun fact!: chuck taylors are owned by nike…

more fun facts: here here and here

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Flip flops until my feet get numb from the cold. And the best pair of shoes I ever owned.

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yes I have to go with flip flops and chucks.

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the original nike humara, sadly unavailable nowadays.

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Blackspot, eh?
Interesting! I really like their message.

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Reebok Blacktop high-tops were the best gym shoes ever.

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Call me old, old, old school but until you’re worn a pair of Salvatore Ferragamos you’re living life in shades of taupe.

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Emerica Jerry Hsu, extremely comfortable

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These shoes!!! Amazing, goes with almost anything and is super comfy.

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For some workers,maybe the best shoes are their safety shoes, which protect their feet from hazard. And these kinds of foot wear are quality with special functions.

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