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Hair: Greasy and stylish OR clean and messy?

Asked by jfos (7380points) March 1st, 2010
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Which is more attractive: Clean hair that is unstylish and/or messy or dirty/greasy hair that is styled well?

Which is more professional? Do you have any personal experience here? Anecdotes? Examples?

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How about clean hair that’s styled well?

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I can’t imagine a situation where greasy hair would be a better option than clean hair.

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I’m not trying to decide which to have, I’m asking for opinions. Thank you.

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Clean. You are talking about guys right? I like guys to be guys, not reminding me of my mother with all that hairspray and goo she wore.

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Cleanliness always. And one man’s “stylish” is another’s NSFW.

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What @jjmah said

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@jjmah yes, your’s is my answer, too. Greasy is NEVER attractive. Ick.

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clean and messy, please.

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Greasy hair never works. YUCK! I have clean hair that is styled very messy.

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Clean and messy. Just finished watching a tribute to Layne Staley. Definitely clean. what’s up with all these guys trying to look like Ed Grimley?

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Are you referring to the hair actually being dirty or just having a greasy look because the guy put a little Dapper Dan or V05 gel in his hair to get the bed head under control, and the result looks a little greasy compared to leaving the bed head?

I think clean, always. Some people like myself have hair that is a little unruly. In that case getting a good cut that works with your waves and curls instead of against them, or a shorter cut, might be a better solution than dousing your head with grease to keep it from sticking up.

I think clean and messy is better but from the reactions I see people get in public, greasy people who look well combed are treated less like vagrants than people sporting a cave man look.

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If there was no other choice then I would go for clean and messy. I can’t stand the feeling of greasy, oily hair. It feels as though the head is 50 kgs heavy!

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Cleanliness, you can always easily style hair.

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both sounds very gross, but greasy sounds even worse

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