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Do you look your age?

Asked by Sophief (6681points) March 2nd, 2010
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I don’t think I look reasonably bad for my age. Though, I do feel I have really old looking hands, a lot older than I am.

My boyfriend looks really good for his age and I don’t think he has anything that shows his age.

Do you have any features that show your age more than others?

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Receding hairline is always a dead give-away

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I don’t look my age at all. People often think I’m in my early twenties or even late teens! I’m in my early thirties and truthfully when I look in the mirror not much is different. This causes me to wonder if there is a picture of me somewhere that is aging grotesquely and rapidly…

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Generally speaking people read me as younger than I am – around 22 or 23 when I’m 26. I don’t wear make-up up most of the time (mascara sometimes) and otherwise I don’t really pay attention to wrinkles or dark spots or what have you.

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My hairline receded, well disappeared, 10 years ago. I think I could pass for 10 years younger (mid 30s vs. mid 40s). Except for reading glasses, those are a dead giveaway.

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People always say I look a bit older than what I am I have gotten up to 24 and 25 before.

Guess that is useful at my age now, but when I get older or get to that age I imagine that will not help. Hahaha

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No, I don’t. I’m far from being 20 anymore, but I’m proud of how I look. I’ve never smoked…never tanned. I use good moisturizer & lotions. I keep my hair & make-up done. My grandkids have been mistaken for my kids many times. During a friends’ get together this winter, one of the girls stopped in mid-sentence, looked at me & said “you don’t have a wrinkle on your face!” And I don’t. I try to take care of myself & it shows, I think.

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@jbfletcherfan Think smoking are bad signs, pleased I don’t smoke, that could age you rapidly. I am like you, don’t smoke, never tanned, and I try to use the best creams.

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Who knows? People tell me I don’t. I have been mistaken for my daughter’s husband, when being seated in a restaurant. She didnt care for that too much, but I loved it….:)

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@Dibley then you’re on the right track. I’d rather be white & healthy & keep my skin good than look like a football in later years. Once that damage is done, it’s there to stay.

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I do now. I didn’t before I got cancer and had the treatment turn my hair white. I used to have people guess at a much younger age.

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I have always looked younger than I really am. I’m 24, yet I look 18.

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Other than some smile lines, I pretty much look like a whipper snapper still. I think there’s a weird age bubble between 25 and 45 now that is kinda indistinguishable.

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I’ve always been told that I look younger. Right now, most people think that I look around 26–28. I’m 37. My girlfriend is 30 and people often think that she’s older than me.

I attribute it to a healthy diet, I don’t smoke, I do my best to cut down on the stress, I take care of my lily white Scottish skin and good genes.

My avatar is a picture of my Mom (early 20’s) and her friend. My Mom is the one on the right facing the camera. I’ve been told that I look a lot like her. People always thought that she looked younger than her age. Even when she was in her early 50’s, she looked younger. She had beautiful skin and took care of herself.

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I think I’m begining to look my age…. people always used to be suprised when I told them how old I was (in a good way)... doesn’t happen so often anymore… although that could be because I’ve met everyone already.
Hmmm. perhaps my hair isn’t quite as bushy as it once was…. & I keep finding, & plucking out, the odd grey one, damn them to hell!

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I’m 14. I hope I don’t look much older than I am.

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The general consensus is I look 38. Personally I can see loads of changes (as I am 47). I wish I could care enough to “look younger” simply because it is better for you health wise, and makes you feel better I guess. I am going off on a tangent now (ha-ha) but I was very “valued” for my looks when I was younger. Now that I am valued for my mind, I wish I was valued for my body ;)

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@belakyre Hah, that’ll change soon enough!

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I am often told that I look younger but that may be because I am very small. There isn’t really anything that makes me appear older than I am apart from maybe the odd laughter line around my eyes!

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People have told me I appear older than I am, but not because my face looks older (if that makes any sense). I think I look my age when I’m not wearing makeup.

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Yes I really do finally look my age.

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No. I look about 15 years younger than my age. Hands and neck, too. Though I eat well, drink a lot of water, quit smoking and I exercise almost every day, it’s mainly genetic through my maternal grandmother’s side. My maternal grandfather’s people didn’t fare as well.

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I never have acted or looked my age. i have passed for age 45 on many occasions. i was even asked to see my ID when buying a bottle of wine. heck, i must be doing something right. my salt and pepper hair is sometimes a dead giveway, but at least i have hair thats mine. i do not have many facial wrinkles and thats due to the Cherokee indian in me. i have been blessed with younger looks at an older age.

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I´m almost always told I look many years younger. I think hair is an indicator, voice changes, tired eyes, unusual weight increases, wrinkles, attitude, blending in with younger people,
I don´t smoke and I do exercise and drink water, but I think there might be some genetic factor that helps as well, because my mother used to look much younger than she was as well.

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I’ve been told by cops (I work with them) that I look about 14 or 15. I turn 21 this year.

I’d like to know why. I don’t care when people tell me I look young, I’m just trying to figure out why. Is it because I don’t wear make up? Because I’m only 5’? When I ask they just shrug, and the my roommate at the academy (who is also short and told she looks young) assumes its her lack of boobies and because she’s short.

Makes me wonder if I make my husband look like a pedo. :P He’s got a baby face though so he probably looks younger to other people too.

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that would be for someone else to say! ...after all, age like beauty, “is in the eyes of the beholder!”

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Dee, big deals come in small packages. never forget this. i was working a traffic accident on the interstate. involved was a piggy-back tractor trailer. when i arrived, one driver was standing on the side of the road. the other driver was just stepping down from her tractor trailer. i could not believe my eyes. she was 4 ft. 8 inches tall! a munchkins driving a piggy-back Fed Ex tractor trailer. hard to believe, but like i said “big deals come in small packages”.

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People never believe me when I tell then my age. I look much younger than I am. I hear it all the time when I get asked for my I.D. when buying alcohol.

I just turned 39 but could easily pass for 30. When I was 30 my sons were constantly asked if I was their older sister. That always put a smile on my face. :) They are in their teens now and hardly ever hang out with their mom, so I don’t hear it as much anymore.

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I don’t know – I think it depends on the day. I just took this picture a few seconds ago. How old do I look? (be completely honest)

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@jonsblond‘s a true beauty!

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Currently, yes. Unfortunately, I’ve looked this age for twenty years…

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@LunaChick Early twenties.

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I agree with Simone, when looking at that picture, late 20’s/early 30’s.

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I think you’re all just being nice. I turn 39 in 10 days.

So, from this experiment – No, I don’t look my age. ;)

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@jjmah awww, thank you. You are such a sweetie!

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Dibley, my wife is fair-skinned and like you, never tans. thats okay, its whats in your heart that counts. right?

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It would depend on how much sleep I have had. Also how much makeup. Too much can make me look older and none I tend to look washed out. So I would say I look my age yes. I am on the edge of not I am 35 I know I am about to fall off the hill. You can see my photo from November. You be the judge be gentle.

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@LunaChick I was being totally honest – you can trust me because I don’t think aging is an issue ..nor is it for people to look their age…

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Most people tell me I don’t and my doctors say I have very favorable genetics. A decade ago an ex painted a portrait of me from a photograph and I have always thought of that as my Dorian Gray because I see things in myself as the years have passed that he put in that portrait way back when.

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I don’t really know. Let’s see…

I’m almost 40, but I have a full, thick head of hair which is about 15–20% grey.
I can run around, lift heavy items & jog up stairs but I’m at least 50lbs. overweight.
Don’t smoke, drink or do drugs but I’m a type 2 diabetic who likes cookies.
No wrinkles yet but I do have a few creaks warning of arthritis.

Hmmmm…still don’t know. No one’s ever commented on it to me.
Some jellies who’ve seen me on FaceBook may be able to to say.

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I’m 35. Yes, it’s beginning to show, especially in the neck and jaw area. I think I look my age, but I’ve had people tell me that I look much younger. I don’t know really.

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I look older than I am. But not by much.

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I’m still pretty young but have been told on several occasions that I look somewhat younger. I like that.

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I think I look really good for my age and it would be nice if others thought so also. They probably do but I don’t know for sure. Essentially though, my own opinion is what counts the most and since I like myself, have a healthy level of self-esteem, keep in shape, and like the way I look, that’s certainly positive.

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no, I look much older:(

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Often when I tell someone my age, or get carded at bars, they are surprised to find out how old I am, so I guess I don’t look my age.

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I’m told that I look like a battered version of someone ten years younger (I’m 53), but I often feel at least 20 years older than I am. Depression and grief can do that to you, I guess.

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Absolutely not. I’ve looked older (and acted older, so I’ve been told) since I was in middle schoolish. I matured physically pretty early—my user-namesake appeared before sixth grade—and I’ve always been told that I look older. Generally, if I ask people who don’t know me how old I look, I receive answers of 22, 23, 24, and I’m 20. Even when I was 16, 17, and 18, I’d get similar answers. I think it’s because I’m tall and busty, though.

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@TitsMcGhee pics or it didn’t happen!

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Usually when people first see me they guess around my real age (maybe a couple years older), but when I speak to people and they get to know me, they always say that they have to remind themselves that I am only 21. I have always been mature for my age and I really don’t have any friends my age they are usually 26 to 30’s.

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I look like ten years older than I am. Sucks.

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I look younger than I am by about 5–7 years. I’m sure it’s a combo of good genes, never smoking and Oil of Olay. That stuff works wonders! Been using it since I was 16 – just the basic every day face cream with sunscreen. No need to use the fancy expensive stuff. Remember those commercials, “Oil of Olay, twice a day, for younger looking skin”. Take note it works :)

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No, they tell me I look younger! I hope I will continue to do so even later on in life!

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Everybody thinks I’m younger than I really am, especially when I’ve shaved. I looked 25 when I was 14, 21, 25 and 35. Now I’m 37 and look like 26 maybe.

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I look younger than my real age, some people guess me at being 10 or more years younger (they must need their eyes testing). I inherited this trait from my dad, who’s just the same. He’s 73, doesn’t look over 65 and is as fit as a butcher’s dog.

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I get mistaken for being in my twenties a lot, nice sometimes, creepy other times especially when it’s a guy in his mid twenties.I’m still in highschool but I’m more mature than most teenagers which I think is what people pick up on.

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People say I look older, though I’m short, because of my glasses, and business-like hair cut.

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Only my drivers license shows my age…I still get carded! lol!

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In my 50’s, and looking my age, darn it.

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Nope. I just turned 36 and I can easily pass for 25.

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@tinyfaery I agree there. =) You’re a beauty.

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@john65pennington Lol, in high school there was this little petite girl that drove a huge dualie truck to school everyday. I’d think it’d be funny to drive one myself, but I feel most comfy in a compact car, and I’d hate to have to literally climb into a truck on a daily basis.

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@sjmc1989 Wow….you really need to stop hangin around with these “old” people….:)

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@plethora “Old” is just a state of mind.

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@sjmc1989 Spoken like a true 20 yr old! :))

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It depends on how drunk you are ;)

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@Cruiser Hey now, I have worked in nursing homes and some of those 80 year olds seemed younger at heart than most 30 years olds I know. I hope to be like that when I am 99!

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@sjmc1989 That’s right! You are as only as old as I tell you are! I usually have to scold my friends to stop acting their age.

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@sjmc1989 those 80 year olds seemed younger at heart than most 30 years olds I know.

You should see my father. Ninety-one, still sails a large ketch around the Pacific single handed, rides a Vtwin cruiser, is married to a women younger than my wife and has just finished renovating an nineteenth century house on his own. (For when he retires from the sea.) Got his rotary wing pilot’s licence a year or so back. He was a fighter pilot during the war – got shot down and captured by the Japanese. (Still doesn’t like Sushi…)

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@sjmc1989 I know….was just kidding you. Those 30somethings are not old.

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@Cruiser I think acting your age is blasphemy!

@DarkScribe That is wonderful! Good for him, I love stories like that it gives me hope.

@plethora I figured you were!

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@sjmc1989 You are absolutely correct on that one and I have yet to stop acting like a 2 year old and am reminded of that daily!

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When people look at me, they often think I’m about 16. I’m 23, but I have very good skin (although I do smoke >_>), drink lots of water and eat very well. Also having trouble growing a full beard as of yet, haha. But when people talk with me, they often think I’m in my early 30s before I tell them my age :-p

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I feel younger than I look… but I do look my age, I’m a solid 25 year old.

As for features though I have noticed I have a few wrinkles that might make me more 30 than 20… which freaks me out. But I’m sure that’s thanks to being a smoker for 6 or so years now :(

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