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Can we celebrate Dr. Seuss's Birthday?

Asked by Strauss (23076points) March 2nd, 2010
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Let’s write a Dr. Seuss-style rhyme.
We’ll keep it in meter, and keep it in time.

And let’s keep it clean, ‘cause the kiddies might see,
And then blame their naughties on you or on me.

in other words, lets write a collective poem, Dr. Seuss style. Let’s use the “whisper” feature for any non-poem related comments.

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How old is that Cat in the Hat?

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That Cat is as old as a high-flying bat.

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The second of march, tomorrow’s the third.
He’s Theodor Geizel, but Seuss is preferred.
His birthday’s today, and in 1904
Young Theodor was a-birthed on the floor.

The doctors were happy, his parents were proud.
They zizzled and zazzled and zoozled so loud.
And who would’ve guessed that the baby could talk?
He created rhyming before he could walk!

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“Make my Cake”
by Lucille as influenced by Dr.Suess and Clint Eastwood
One cake,
Two cake,
Red cake,
Blue cake,
Give me a chunk,
Or,I’ll shoot you, punk!

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Is there a vestion in this question?
A gluther in the Fluther?
A schmooter in my computer?

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All that I have to say, (sadly, I’m not that creative) is that you jellies are awesome.

I’m lovin’ these answers.

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For fifty-six years now, The Cat in the Hat
Has been coming back, doing this, doing that.
He was drawn by the Doctor, and played by Jim Carey.
He was played in a way that was almostly scary.

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Hirthday, Pirthday, it’s Dr. Seuss’s Birthday,
Delebrate, Welebrate, let’s all Celebrate!

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@Yetanotheruser The Cat in the Hat was actually played by Mike Myers. Jim Carrey did play The Grinch, though.

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That’s right! I just wanted to see if the Fluther
Collective would tell me that one’s not the other!
Mike Meyers was great when he played as the Cat.
And Jim Carrey’s Grinch! Who could forget that!

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A birthday’s a thing
That sometimes does sting
Especially it’s so
If one is no mo’.

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I will not no I will not go
To Geizel’s B-day romp and so so so so
You have fun at Teddie’s day B
But count me out because you see
When goping through his libberjazzle machine
I was left with nary a hair and flibbermajuks
instead of flabberkajoles where my eyebrows once plucked

So go go go you flutherkadoos
and spout frum frum and have great to dos
While I try to reverse the effects of the mazwerk
and then I will join you and Yertle, McGurk
To bangle and spangle and mutter harrooms
At the palace adacious and fangle barroom

We shall dance and fritter and frumper around
like bizzles and drazzles with cool basset hounds
And by the time you reach your buzz
I will come rumpin and humpin becuz
It is the good doctor’s day
and we all grew up and that ain’t hay
But even though we grew and we grew
We never forgot he loved you and loved you
and maybe just maybe perhaps it is true
there’s no doubt that maybe just maybe me too!

Happy Birthday you old rapscallion ballyswag
Your writing and rhyming and verse after verse
Have reached us so many and in the dark after night
you helped us be brave in spite of our fright
at knowing that just under the bed in our closet delight
Waited Pinner Blinn, Aaron, and cats 1, 2 and 3
and Brutus and Bumble-Tub and Finnis Mcgee
As well as Foona-Lagoona Baboona and Hooch
and Teenie Godiva a Goo-Goose and Gootch!

Well, I could go on and on and on and on
But just right now I think I hear
The Birthday Bird due soon quite near
Coming as quick as the Herk-Heimer Sisters
readying themselves for another big fister
So close your eyes and go to sleep
And when you wake you will be so deep
In colorful fancies and jibjabs galore
Now hush silly jelly I must out the door…

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@davidbetterman -Cool bassett hounds?Aren’t they all ? :)

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From bicycle learning and sand in the box,
To icicle burning and trading of stocks.
Young Teddy Seuss was growing up quick,
Sooner or later he did find his… talent.

When strolling about the city he found,
Bored little children all sporting a frown.
He thought to himself, “Oh how can I help?
I only can play with the cards I’ve been dealt!”

He thought and he thunk till one day he stopped.
And then with a plunk! his idea popped.
Rhyming and timing came easy to Seuss,
So why not help children with books they could choose?

And write on he did, until he was old,
Until crinklebendies all turned into mold.
And throughout his years, we loved all the fun,
Until he died of illness in late ‘91.

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Flutherers, mutterers left and right,
Let’s have peace for just one night,

Christians, atheists, Jews and Jains,
Let’s not fight,
Quiet – you pains
Be nice tonight!

On contentious Fluther,
declare a truce,
and raise our glasses,


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I meant what I said
And I said what I meant:
A Seuss fan is faithful
One hundred percent!

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Oh, the places you’ll go
With a rhyme in your heart.
But where, or how slow?
With a question, you start

By coming to fluther,
Your prayers will be answered.
Cuter than your mother,
We’ll never de-pantsered (?)

“Should I study in Rome?”
“Why do birds just appear?”
Would you rather have pancakes
or Popcorn, my Dear?

We’ve given you clues
to help you on your quest
to the 10K mansion
We wish you all the best!

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I want to be like Angelina and adopt @zephyr826.

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Happy birthday, dear doctor. We Jellies salute you.
As children we learned that your rhymes were a loo loo!
Since I cannot compete with Bettermans meter.
Have some cake instead, it’s really much sweeter.

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Oh willy! Oh nilly! Gee whoozits Miss Nanda!
Did you know that Seussie made war propaganda?

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LOL @andrew

He was such an ace
Off the emperor’s face
He did wipe that sneer
So we wouldn’t fear!

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i have no story to tell.
but i can yell
congratulations Dr. Seuss!!
for you, i’ll hang loose. :)

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