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Can we all gather round the campfire, and bid congratulations to our newest 20K member?

Asked by filmfann (50711points) March 3rd, 2010
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It’s dpworkin, and he has been workin it hard to hit 20K so fast!
Show some lurve, and give it up for the man!

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Congrats DP!!!

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Props !

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I stayed up way past my bedtime for this, young man!

Mazel Tov!!

Jude (32185points)“Great Answer” (17points)
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I said it once, and I’ll say it again:

@dpworkin gets lurve so fast he makes Speedy Gonzalez look like Regular Gonzalez.


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Woo-Hoo!!! Congratulations dpworkin. It looks like you’ve been workin quite a bit.

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It is an amazing tribute to your skills at answering peoples questions! Congrats!
I truly am a fan of yours.

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Wow, that’s quite a feat! Congrats, buddy!

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They grow up so fast!

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Congrats, PD. (You will always be pd to me.)

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With 20K, you get the all Cognitive Therapy referrals to supplement your income… Congrats!

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Fastly, indeed.

Congrats, man!

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CONGRATS, PD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

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I’m delighted to welcome you through the portal. You’ve shared your journey with us as well as your ample knowledge and your bountiful opinions. You’re not afraid of a little sparring, but you have a generous sense of humor and plenty of heart. Congratulations, PD.

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Damn, son. Congratulations.

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Whooooo! Definitely well deserved! Fluther on, good sir!

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Hot damn!
congratulations, you ornery old man.

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Holy cow, 20k? Congrats!

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YAY with the happy!

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I’m very impressed. That’s a lot of K

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DAMN! Not even here a YEAR and already at 20k. I bow to you and aspire to be ½ the Flutherer you are.

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Congrats dude. Keep this up.

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Hoodle Hoo Way to go congrats!

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you really deserve the hot-tub you’re getting, you’re own personal master bedroom!!(no more dorms!!) you’re own master restroom and your refrigerator full of cookies and milk. THE 20K MANSION!!!
WOOHOOO. you’re a great jelly, pdworkin. One of THE BEST!!
I want to be just like you when i grow up, except, the female version!

cyn (6913points)“Great Answer” (19points)
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@cyndihugs You deserve 20K for that awesome picture! :)

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And the uber creative jelly award goes to @cyndihugs. :)

Jude (32185points)“Great Answer” (12points)
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jeff, <3.

cyn (6913points)“Great Answer” (10points)
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Fantastic! Congratulations. :)

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Oh my god! Happy 20k!! Have fun bouncing around up there with the other 20k’s! :)

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::slow clap:: Congrats @dpworkin! You’re not afraid to call it as you see it!

So I’ll, uh, I’ll just hang outside here… for a bit. You know, just… canItakeaquickpeekinsideHEY! Darn. Door’s shut.

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@aprilsimnel, stay under the portico, darlin’, it won’t be long.

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Great work dp! Enjoy the 20k, and thanks for all your down to earth, sensible answers.

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Congratulations, @dpworkin! I suspect, however, that you only abducted @pdworkin and/or his ~20K lurve.

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How fantastic!! Congrats!!!

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Damn, that was quick. Congrats, PD! I’m with petey on that, though I could just as well rename you mr-grumpy-that-I-love-anyway. :D

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THAT’S AWESOME!!!! Much lurve to you and many more!!!

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I am truly impressed. It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating your 10K. Damn that was fast.

You are really awesome !

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We’ve had some differences, but the big difference now is about 17,000!

Way to go you master debater!

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To 20k and beyond! Congratulations!

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Well done! Quips or serious answers- your input is golden.

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I am EVER so proud!!!!!!!!! :)

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Great workin dp, awesome job :-)

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Ooh campfire…let’s make smores! Congrats!

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I love large numbers. Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Big numbers for a guy who boasts about being a “Grumpy old man, know-it-all.”

Congrats are definitely in order.

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Way to go, dude! Congratulations!

syz (35788points)“Great Answer” (17points)
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Congratulations! I promise to stay off your lawn, yessir!

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I hope he doesn’t mind but I would like to share the PMs I traded @dpworkin just yesterday…..well, actually on July 29, 2009, but it seems like it was just yesterday:

wtf to dp: Welcome to fluther & to my fluther, as well. See you around….Gary (aka wtf)

dp to wtf: Thanks, how nice, I hardly know anyone around here.

wtf to dp: Stick around….you will not only know many people but will count them as friends in short order. You’ve been here but two days and I quickly picked up on your insightful posts. I predict you will be very popular here, very soon, and that’s from the tone and wisdom in your posts, not necessarily a specific position or opinion (the political and religion discussions can get quite heated but in the end we almost always part friends). See ya….Gary (aka wtf)

What can I say, but…....right again! Congratulations @dpworkin and stick around…’ll be at 30K before you know it (and to me, I guess it will seem like just tomorrow).
See ya…..Gary/wtf

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Congratulations! Quite a feat in less than a year. :~)

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Mazel Tov™ Mazel Tov™ Mazel Tov™ Mazel Tov™
Mazel Tov™ Mazel Tov™ Mazel Tov™ Mazel Tov™
Mazel Tov™ Mazel Tov™ Mazel Tov™ Mazel Tov™

Back atjew, zisskeit!!

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Congrats @dp! Your 20k is well deserved and your participation on fluther is well appreciated.

Cupcakes to you.

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Finally, someone to keep all the 20k+ people in line!

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Oh, this DOES call for a party! Congratulations, my friend. It’s been fun knowing you & talking to you. You keep things interesting around here. :-)

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You shoot from the hip. Hitting the target. I like that!


CMaz (26293points)“Great Answer” (16points)
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Congratulations and pass the marshmallows.

(You are one of the posters who I always read.) Cheers.

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Congratulations! You contribute so much to Fluther and truly deserve all this recognition!

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I was working and hence late to the party but DANG!!! I will miss you in the mansion pd!

I offer a breakfast of mimosas and crepes to all!

Dog (25152points)“Great Answer” (14points)
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@dpworkin joined Fluther on the same day as me and I don’t even have half the amount of lurve that he does! That is amazing. Keep on lurvin’ dp!

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Congrats on reaching 20K!!!

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YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :)

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Thank you all so very much. You are, after all, the little people who made all of this possible.

I received a letter from Andrew, Ben, Tim and Auggie today, by Certified Mail, (Return Receipt Requested) stating that from this day forward I am exempt from any and all moderation! So watch your asses, you bastards.

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we love u dp ( I used to think it was Pd haha)

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Dog (25152points)“Great Answer” (5points)
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Hi @Dawgie! Woof! Woof!

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@Dog Notice he didn’t put your name on the letter so you can still mod him!

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Dawgie is under orders to leave my ass alone.

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Is that what you write your posts with? (Sorry, pd, you left me no option here.)

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So you picked the wrong one? Sorry.

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Wow! Party time!Congrats to a very deserving jelly!!

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@dpworkin Exempt from moderation? I don’t bloody think so!!!

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Talk to Ben, Andrew, Tim and Auggie. It was their idea.

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Dang @dpworkin, well done on the 20K! Congratulations and cheers!!!

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@dpworkin It was a baaaad idea!

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Oh, nobody is safe, now.

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MODS!!!! HELP!!!!

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I’m so EXCITED!!!!!!!!! :)

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I’m late to the party. Congratulations!

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Late, too. Damn.


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So late to the party….Congrats! Amazing accomplishment!

Dr_C (14334points)“Great Answer” (10points)
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What the heck? Wasn’t it just the other day I was congratulating you on 10K?!?
you’re a coralreef star for sure now!! and your wisdom has never wavered- thanks!

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:::modest bow:::

(where the fuck is Andrew? You’d think he’d have come crawling in here on his knees.)

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I’m late! Congratulations! It seems like you just hit 10K. You are a wonderful contributor that I always look forward to reading. Glad WTF (Gary) was there to welcome you in the beginning.

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Thanks @chyna.

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Well, shit. Here it is.

Congrats you know I hate lurve you!

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@tinyfaery The longer I know you, the higher my regard for you.

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Oh man I missed it! Congratulations, you deserve all 20K lurve and more. :)

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Finally I found this!

I’m always impressed when someone reaches 20K, excellent job!

J0E (13172points)“Great Answer” (8points)
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Whoa, I’m very late in getting here. Sorry. CONGRATULATIONS on 20k! Most excellent, sir! Way to go!

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@J0E Auggie posts a link to the 20K party in the user’s PM when they hit it….

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