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A very minor bug on the mobile site. AKA, how tedious can johnpowell be.

Asked by jrpowell (40552points) March 6th, 2010
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Notice the pencil falls into the next question if the username is long.

I’m drunk.

I don’t care but I thought I would point that out.

Here is a pic.

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That has always bugged me, JP.!

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Something I’ve always noticed as well. Glad I’m not the only tedious one!

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Wow, you know how to fix this? Coffee.

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There is so much about the mobile version that needs help. Ahem…

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@tinyfaery I see the pencils from my computer everyday on fluther.
When I hover over it, it says ‘1 person is answering this question right now’ (it’s not always 1 person, sometimes it’s 2+)

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@johnpowell You are tedious. ~

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When are Ben and Andrew going to hire you??

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@augustlan And also, apparently, drunk.

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Thank the good Lord you are drunk and brought this to our attention!!!
Okay, I don’t care so much, but I’m always up for a good drunk!

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