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Generally, should I watch "Trailer 1" or "Trailer 2"?

Asked by ben (8771points) March 10th, 2010
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When I go to watch a movie trailer at, I’ve noticed that many of the movies have a Trailer 1 and a Trailer 2 (along with a teaser). I’m never quite sure which to watch. Is Trailer 2 the newer trailer, that better describes the movie or tests better? Or is it more geared for people who’ve already seen Trailer 1 and want more?

If you’re only going to watch one trailer, which is best?

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When I shop, I always take the item behind the one in the front.
So, I always go for what is behind door #2.

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Trailer 2 has more details so go with that.

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Trailer 2 usually makes me more excited for the movie.
Especially Iron Man 2. Oh, God.

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Why not both?

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To me, Trailer 1 seems to be made for mass appeal; to inform a broad spectrum of people about the movie, and hopefully get them excited about it. Trailer 2 goes more in depth, and examines more of the storyline and plot of the movie, and better conceptualizes the movie as a whole.

If I had to watch only one trailer, I’d go with #2.

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I go with one. If I want more I watch the other trailers and teasers.

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I assume that most people only get to see one trailer for a movie so that Trailer 2 is not designed as a “sequel” to Trailer 1, but as a crowd-grabbing pleaser. Thus, I think Trailer 2 is the one the suits want you to see. I have a friend, a movie buff, who closes her eyes and ears when the trailers come on because they give away too much of the movie and I tend to agree with her. Although I don’t go as far as that, I prefer relying on movie reviews or friends’ suggestions rather than seeking out trailers to watch.

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I watch trailer 1 and if it looks good I’ll watch trailer 2 to see more details.

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I watch one, and then I end it.

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And what’s the teaser?

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by personal experience the first trailer usually plays more sections of the movie than the second one, but the second trailer is usually more descriptive.

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