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Why is my ratio still low when I am seeding?

Asked by justanswerthequestion (106points) March 10th, 2010
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I am probably seeding 5 torrents however my ratio is extremely low. Do you think I have to change something in my options so I can seed? THANKS:)

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Have you forwarded the ports correctly? If you’re not connectable, your ratio will stay low.

What’s your upstream bandwidth? Seeding 5 torrents at once seems a bit excessive. I like to seed individual torrents to a good ratio then delete it, and unpause another torrent.

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Normally your upload rate will be much slower than your download rate, so seeding to 1.0 should take much longer than downloading the files in the first place. I usually limit the number of files I’m seeding to one at a time to ensure that I seed it completely before bogging down my upstream with other seeding activities.

Set your BitTorrent client to stop seeding a torrent after your ratio for the individual torrent has reached 1.0 and just forget about it.

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@noyesa how do i do that?

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@justanswerthequestion Depends on your client. I use Transmission and in Preferences > Transfers > Management there’s a checkbox for “Stop seeding at ratio: ” and I entered 1.0.

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@noyesa I am using Utorrent or Vuze. But thanks

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