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How long does it take to ship something to new jersey from maryland?

Asked by i_love_justin_bie (4points) March 10th, 2010
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ship from maryland to new jersey

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You can choose next day delivery, 2nd day delivery or standard delivery from the Postal Service, UPS, or FedEx. NJ and MD are very close to each other, so standard shipping would likely be less than a week.

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It depends on what method you want to use. Parcel Post is cheapest, but it could take a week or more.

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well i just bought a new phone on ebay and it was free shippping so i dont mind about the price but i really want my new phone and was wondering how long it might take

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@i_love_justin_bie – The Seller should be able to give you a tracking number, which would allow you to know where the package is and will likely give you an estimated delivery date.

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Once the package gets loaded on the truck it will be there in one business day, virtually guaranteed.

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The slowest way would be parcel post, the postal service says 5 days average.

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@i_love_justin_bie They big companies ship on an expedited schedule. It should come in a couple of days.

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Depends on thr size and weight of the package. Often times when sending things a short distance through USPS Priority Mail can be about the same price as parcel post. Again, this will depend on size and weight as well as distance.

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Ahhh, @AstroChuck is right, I picked a couple of random cities in MD and NJ, and Priority 2-day is only $0.10 higher than parcel post for a 2 pound package.

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Since you bought it on eBay you don’t really know. The person could be a total flake (like me) and wait a week to ship it. I would request a tracking number.

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thank you for all of your help i recieved my phone today

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