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What is your opinion on skateboarders?

Asked by Psychness (37points) March 14th, 2010
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Do they disturb you often? Should police really fine them? Would that help if there would be more skateparks? Does your relative or someone who you know skateboard? What do you know about skateboarding?

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Most are hot…or at least when I was younger, they were.

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I used to be a big skateboarder during middle school. I don’t do it so much anymore and although I’ve lost my abilities somewhat, I can still do it and I don’t really have any negative feelings about them. It was never a problem where I lived. I went to the skateparks often and I saw plenty of people there.

I’m not sure what the problem with them is, exactly? What are you referring to? Why would the be fined?

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They can be obnoxious. The sidewalks here can be overtaken by middle schoolers in skinny jeans with flip cameras. I used to skate sometimes, but we had a skat park.

The anger over skateboarders would be the same if you took a group of young teens and had them engage in any group activity in public. I think it has very little to do with skateboarding.

Now get off my lawn!

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I want to pull their hair….lol They’re fine. :)

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Aside from the clackity-clack sound of the tails hitting the ground during tricks, I don’t mind. When I was young, skateboarding was my number one fun for several years, if I could then I probably would still indulge.

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So long as they don’t run me down while I am walking, I am fine with them. I don’t think I have ever had a problem with rampant skateboarders come to think of it. Honestly, I am jealous of them ): I can barely balance on a long board (the type of skateboard, not just a long board, but I’m sure I would fall off that too)...

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They seem to have a higher rate of testicle injury than other sports.

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Senior citizen skaters are the worst!! It’s like they think they own the ramps!! They take forever to get out of the way from their wipe outs!! Shaaaa!

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They wear stupid pants.

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I was friends with the skaters in high school, and often photographed them at skating events. I don’t think they should be fined, a warning would be enough if they are skateboarding where they shouldn’t be. I think skate parks are a great idea. Even our little town of 3000 has one that was recently put up. Give the kids a place to go for christ’s sake.

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I was a skater in 8th grade. I thought I was hot shit.

Now that I’m a sophomore in college, I’m much more ambivalent about the whole thing. I don’t care for skateboarding, but I’m not bothered by them as long as they leave me alone. To each his own.

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There are girl skaters too FYI.

I don’t see reason for people to fine us since we aren’t doing anything wrong. Unless they’re skating in what you call “YOUR” sidewalk. Might as well fine motorcyclist too.

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The act of skateboarding does not bother me.

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It’s not the act of skate boarding, it’s who does it. A lot of stupid obnoxious kids do it because they think it makes them cool, but way more people skate. I’m kinda more on the quiet side and I skate. I know people who skate and are just normal – no bad attitude or skinny jeans

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They are wonderful athletes. But when they show blooper films where the skateboarder slips riding down a metal railing and lands on his cahonies…OUCH that hoits!

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I have no problem with the sport, but I don’t much like what I’ve gathered of juvenile skater culture.

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While I’m not necessarily sure there’s a scientific correlation, I haven’t met one yet who didn’t have real problems with treating others and themselves with any semblance of respect and dignity. They were always more that one guy who always crashed keggers, broke all the valuables, peed on the mattress, and then got defensive and self-righteous when people got mad…

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I use to skateboard a lot, but not much anymore. I don’t have much of a problem with them, only the skinny jean wearing punk ones.

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I love skateboards and skateboarding. I can skate better than I walk. I like skateparks and wish there were more. If you skate outside a skatepark you will encounter cops. Some are cool and and treat you like a human. Some are dicks and will kick your ass, handcuff you, and steal your skateboard. Im 28 and have learned over time the best way to talk to cops and how to avoid tickets, confiscations, trespassing, and vandalism charges. Skateboarding is good for you. You see many fat skaters around? Skating keeps young people occupied doing something fun instead of getting high and all the negative things kids get into.

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I love my board- it is zen-like as it glides. In tune with by body, control made with an inpercievable shift. Wind in my hair. Fresh air comes to me as if to nurture the moment.
I find peace and serenity when I ride.

I do not know what others might think of me but respect them if they offer me the same.

Dog (25152points)“Great Answer” (1points)
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You will always run into bad people no matter what social group they are in , whether it’s military ,sports , work , or skating , there’s always gonna be assholes everywhere , I skate and jump down stairs and I can be loud at times when my friends and I are having fun but in not disrespectful to people but I’ve seen some skaters who are and it just matters how you approach them , if your nice they will be nice , if your mad and angry and antagonizing them , they will react badly towards you just like anyone else in any other environment

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