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Do you find yourself talking to things that can't talk back?

Asked by IBERnineD (7314points) March 16th, 2010
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It’s one thing that I name inanimate objects. (my Ipod is Samual, Leonard is my computer, etc.) But I find myself talking to things, for instance just a moment ago I was fixing my hair and it kept flipping back and I said, “Hey, don’t do that! stop it!”
Or even worse and more embarrassing is that I will sometimes sing out something I will do, “Hey you cheese, I’m gonna make a sandwich with you in it!” I have heard many times, “Jane, I’m still here..” and received many strange looks.

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I don’t name things, but I do talk to them. Usually I threaten them. The more something doesn’t do what I want it do, the more likely I am to yell at it, as if it’s going to respond or, optimally, apologize for what it did wrong.

But I know I do it and I know it’s not going to affect it anyway, so I think it’s all right. That’s when I plan on hurting it.

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I talk to my dog, my computer and the TV. They never talk back.

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TV all the time,especially when my team is losing.Drat & double drat.

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I don’t talk to inanimate objects like you do. I mean pets and tv make sense… Cheese and hair is a little less common, But I just think it’s quirky, not something to be worried about.

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My car’s name is Vera. I talk to (shout at) her when she behaves badly.

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My guitars name is Molly. But she talks back.

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I don’t waste time with small talk.I scatter bad words about
like magic fairy dust.;))

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I often yell at other drivers on the road, they can talk back, but I can’t hear them.

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Screaming at inanimate objects is my middle name.

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I do the same thing. I talk to my books, my stereo, myself, my hair, my food especially. Everything. I am always talking. As I type this I am saying these things aloud!

For me it is a sickness.

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I argue with my hair all the time. My laptop listens to me when I’m frustrated at something. My blankets get yelled at when they are wrestling with each other. I sing songs to the tea kettle because it obviously makes the water boil faster. My bear usually has to hear rants about everything. He listens to my terrible singing too. I argue with the shower water until it decided to cooperate with me. My car was named Sideswipe, but I tend to call him Baby. He gets yelled at for not going fast enough. The steering wheel gets yelled at when other people are going too slow. I talk to food, too. Nom nom nom. I shall eat you now. Good day.
Yeah. I’m weird. But you’re not alone, Jane.

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This is really weird, but I find myself talking to my hair a lot when I’m doing it. I also talk to other peoples hair, while I’m styling it.

Other than that, I do tend to talk to inanimate objects sometimes. A lot of the time I find myself bumping into random things and apologizing to them.

* Walks into door frame *
“SORRY!” * thinks to self WTF?! Did I just apologi- oh whatever. *

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@chels HAHAHA. I apologize to everything too!

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I definitely yell at the TV a lot. I know my friend tries to say nice things to her car a lot so it won’t “misbehave”. When I was trying to grow plants this past semester I would say things like, “Well aren’t you beautiful! Do you want some water?” I swear they stayed healthy because of that.

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@IBERnineD I talk to my plants (Arlo and Randolph) too. Apparently I have a habit of naming inanimate objects that I haven’t fully realized until just now.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities yeah I own too many things that have names….

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@Vunessuh That’s a long middle name!

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Why yes. Just this morning I said “You stupid outlet, where are you?” As if it were going to say here I am, and end my struggle.

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I usually reprehend my computer for not working properly.

I’m all like, listen you filthy bastard, ye’d best stop fuckin roon!

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I have been known to talk to inanimate objects and even to comment aloud when there is no one in the room. I definitely talk to my dogs.

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Anyone who follows my twitter can attest to that. I do it. all. the. time.

J0E (13167points)“Great Answer” (3points)
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I talk to my plants, too, and I curse at objects that won’t do what I want. There is also begging the car not to get stuck in the snow!

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Whenever my dog is in the room, I punctuate every sentence with “right, Minnie?”

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Don’t feel bad, I do the same thing, especially when shopping. If I don’t see a price tag on an item, I’ll say, “How much do you cost?” Friends tease me about it, but I don’t care. What some people call weird, I call having personality. :)

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I used to talk to my 94 Pontiac Grand Am. Because the first few times I drove it and the song More than Words came on, the gear box would freak out. Kind of like when your shifting gears and it won’t pick one to go to. Coincidence, I know, but I thought it was possesed for the first week or two.

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Yeah, my girl friend.

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I do it to my T.V. all the time because where i plug in my color connections i have to move the yellow cord alot. So you will find me cursing to it when i use it.

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