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WORLDY DILEMA!!! I have to choose to date either a girl who likes me and is really cute or a girl ive known for most my life and is somewhat goodlooking

Asked by BioTechWarrior (119points) March 6th, 2008
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make them choose, this will let them make your decision

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read the archives on this site and tailor the advice, from others, for yourself. There is plenty.

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if you know the either girls personality you should go with the girl you have less in commen with so you get to spend more time learning and adding new hobbies to your lifestyle

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Date the one whose flaws you can’t live without. Being ok with what’s wrong with a person and being able to complement those flaws is what makes a relationship. Building a relationship on looks, means that’s all the relationship will ever be based on.

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go with ur guts….

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screw the cute one (not literally)
and date the friend.

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the answers above are coming from people who most likely have High School sweethearts or were married before the age of thirty. I believe that thinking about a relationship before the age of 30 is a big mistake. Myself, being a man, realized that I was very imature when I got married, I married at 25 to my High School sweetheart, and was not ready for it. First of all I had nothing to offer at the time, financially I was just starting my business, so money was an issue. If you can’t make enough money to have your spouse stay home you do not need to be married or in a relationship. Establish yourself give the opposite sex a reason to want to be with you and never have a reason to look elsewere. There are billions of others out in the world that you still have not met so don’t sell yourself short don’t go to them let tj come to you.

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Pick the one you think the relationship will be best with. If it doesn’t work, there will be other women to date.

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oskav is an idiot if you dont date in your teens you are missing a big part of your childhood go with the girl that likes you for you not good looks or money.

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Come on, it’s impossible to make a judgment on a situation like this with so little information.

The hot one.

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I know really go with the hot one

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There is no right or wrong answer to this question other than the fact that pretty is as pretty does, but ugly is to the bone. Remember that what you may see on the outside, does not always reflect what is on the inside of a person. My suggestion is that you date both and see which one you really like and which one really does like you for just you. you may find that neither of them are the person for you unless you are looking for something that you can get from just about anyone. If you are looking for a close meaningful relationship, that takes time and much patience…

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