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Fast paced instrumental guitar ballad? Know which one I'm talking about?

Asked by pallen123 (1519points) March 16th, 2010
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Okay here goes nothing. There’s this faster paced electric guitar ballad that I think goes back to the early ‘80’s or late ‘70’s. It’s been used in a promo commercial for news stations in Los Angeles in the past, I’ve heard it on the radio, and I’ve seen it used for montages on television. There’s a lot of fast fingerwork, and a mix of pacing, starting slower, then speeding up with more strumming—a cascading, crescendoing, driving rhythm that culminates in some slower fingerwork. Sounds a bit like the old HBO commercial theme from the early ‘80’s. I thought it might be Satriani but I can’t seem to identify the song. Feel like using the word “anthemic” to describe it.

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Oh, good guess @lucillelucillelucille but that’s not it. Similar sound but the other one is much more energetic and fast paced.

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Is it a Dick Dale tune?

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Are you sure it’s not Miserlou by Dick Dale?

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For reference – Miserlou by Dick Dale

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@filmfann I love this in general.

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@JeanPaulSartre Thanks. Too lazy to get a link…

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lol just reading the title of the question I immediately thought Classical Gas or Dick Dale lol

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I don’t know what song you’re looking for, but I’m enjoying all the stuff that’s getting posted!

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@filmfann you nailed it! Thank you all for playing! Man I didn’t actually think someone would be able to determine this from my question. This is way up there in terms of Web forum achievements I’ve witnessed in the past 15 years.

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