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Tissues or Toilet Paper?

Asked by IBERnineD (7314points) March 19th, 2010
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I was sick this past weekend and it got me thinking. I grew up in a household where we didn’t buy tissues. If we wanted to blow our noses we used toilet paper. (Even paper napkins or papertowels would do) However my roommate always has tissues, and thinks I am insane for carrying around a roll of TP while I mope around the house all sick. I will admit, that when she let me borrow her tissues they were divine, but I still will never buy them.

What kind of household did you grow up in? Tissues? Or toilet paper?

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My grandmother always used TP because she said they were softer. At least, until they came out with the Puffs Plus, I think.

In my household a box of tissues lasts about 2½ seconds before the kids have the scattered all over the place. So I don’t buy them anymore.

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Tissues. Although we really used both, depending on which was faster/more convenient to get to.

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I grew up in a tissue house.
But I wasn’t afraid to grab TP, paper towels or napkins if tissues were hiding.

My best friend growing up though lived in a TP house. There were always various rolls all around the house, I thought it was kind of weird.

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For emotional issues use tissues.

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HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHHAHA I LOVE YOU I CARRY AROUND A ROLL OF TOILET PAPER TOO but for some reason what you wrote still sounded funny and made me laugh loudly. we never had tissues when i was little either. unnecessary!

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If I see someone carrying around a big fat box of Posh Puffs, I automatically think; “Hypochondriac”. You might just as well walk up to someone and say “I’b siggk!” If I need to, I’ll carry a little travel pak of tissues in my bag for a few days out of the year, just in case I’m somewhere and need one. Otherwise, I’ll take a few squares off the roll. I don’t have any need to have rolls or boxes of tissue around the house.

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I don’t think I (or anyone in my family) have ever bought a box of tissues. Ever. TP or paper towels work fine.

Edit: Hahaha! We never got to carry the whole roll around with us though. That’s a little silly. :)

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I grew up in a toilet paper household, but that’s because we were poor. There was almost always toilet paper around (the single-ply stuff you could buy one roll at a time), but tissues were a luxury we couldn’t afford or justify.

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We used tissues. But I’ll use whatever’s available. I don’t really see the point of having a box of tissues in the bathroom though, but my wife insists on it. Now our tissues aren’t made with recycled paper, but the toilet paper is, so I’m inclined to use the toilet paper. But if I’m using the bathroom anyway the question then becomes: flush or throw away?

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@laureth I have a hard time justifying tissues. They are so lush to me. Lotioned, softened, pieces of paper in a flowery box. That I am to use when I am feeling utterly disgusting. Don’t see the point.
@Trillian although those little tissue packs do come in handy sometimes, since stealing one of those industrial toilet paper rolls from the public bathroom just sounds difficult to me.

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Corn Husk !!!

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@IBERnineD I use regular store brand tissues, they’re not particularly soft and they don’t have lotion, they’re just big enough to do the job and don’t have perforations exactly where you don’t want them when you go to blow.

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Handkerchiefs. Lots and lots of handkerchiefs. Mother even ironed them.

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Toilet paper.

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LOL I carry around a rol of toilet paper when I’m sick too! I stuff my used toilet paper in the middle of the roll untill full =D

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Toilet paper here

@whyigottajoin Wow! what a great idea lol

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Handkerchiefs, as a rule.

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Always used tissues. I only used toilet paper if I was in the bathroom, my nose was running, and we were out of tissues in the bathroom and I was not willing to go all the way to another tissue-spot around the house. :)

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I put tampons in my nostrils.

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Toilet paper definitely when I have a heavy cold. Even have roll of toilet paper on my desk at work. To hang what anyone else thinks, its my nose !! ( got sinus problems ).

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Tissues. I prefer the ones with the lotion in them because my nose always hurts if I blow it too much.

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Tissues. TP or paper towels would always make my nose really really red and sore, almost to the point where it was kind of unbearable.

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I grew up in a tissue house, but now I run a toilet paper home.

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Sand paper does it for me!

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panties or underpants? If you say panties, you probably say tissues.
There’s always “bogroll”

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@zandrace lol, thanks =P

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I can’t imagine using a hanky when I am sick! Do you have to carry it around with your snot in there?

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