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Why do my cupcakes deflate as soon as i remove them from the oven and how can i prevent this?

Asked by deni (23105points) March 22nd, 2010
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They are always puffy in the oven but as soon as they exit the heat they deflate and sink in the middle. They still taste good but i am just curious why and also a puffy cupcake is desirable. Any advice? Is it the altitude? Am i missing an ingredient? Everything else is good….

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What’s your recipe?

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Sounds like you are not cooking them long enough. Check them with a toothpick, if it comes out clean they are done in the center.

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Any chance you are using too much water?

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@Jeruba that’s what I was thinking too. reminds me of certain loaves of bread I’ve made that turned into craterbread.

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Do you have a secondary oven thermometer? Unless your oven is very new and very high-tech, the one on the dial is most likely not perfectly accurate.

Baked goods rise because of hot air trying to escape from them. When it’s very hot a lot of air tries to escape and they’ll rise a lot, but if the structure has not solidified, they will later fall.

You can give your cupcakes more time to solidify without overcooking by lowering the temperature and baking longer. However if you get a good oven thermometer, you may find that it’s not necessary to change your recipe when it’s followed accurately.


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Are you leaving out the eggs from the mix?

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Maybe you cool them down too quickly.

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I dont have my recipe handy right now because its five am and im in bed…lol…but a few things: i do put eggs. Four whites, no yolk. I dont put any water, just a cup of milk i think it is. Also i do check them with a toothpick and sometimes thats when they deflate too…..

@La_chica_gomela i think that makes sense, a bit lower temp for longer, ill try it


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If you’re cooking a low-altitude recipe at high altitude, you may need to make some adjustments:

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you might be beating the eggs too much, try mixing until just blended and see if it helps; also maybe add a extra little baking soda.

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grumpyfish has the right idea. altitude will effect your cupcakes attitude. read the box for altitude adjustments for where you live.

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Eat them in the oven.

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Make sure you don’t have too much liquid in your batter. You want a good ratio of binding ingredients too (banana, egg with the yolk, etc). For instance I know when I use simply egg whites I have to watch my cupcakes for fear of deflation. I will have to find my recipe to double check what I wrote down to do to prevent it. Also make sure you are cooking them long enough!!

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@IBERnineD so should i use an egg yolk as well and maybe one less white? or should i just give up on only using egg whites and start just using the whole egg?

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If the recipe calls for the whole egg you should use the whole egg. Baking is like Chemistry you can not pick and choose how you follow the recipe. Egg yolk is a fat and the fat may be necessary for the recipe to come together.

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@deni I personally have better luck using the egg yolks as well. They just bing better. Although how are you using the egg whites? I are you whipping them and then folding them in? That seems to help me better!

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The recipe I initially used said either 2 eggs or 4 egg whites. Or something like that. It was one or the other, I don’t even know the difference between what the two day I just recall my mother telling me that the egg yolks make the batter a little yellow-er so I opted out. When I use the whites…yeah, I don’t think I have beat them before. Maybe that’s my problem. I’ll just use the yolks today, lol. :)

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That usually means they were finished baking.

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@deni, are you still in Denver? Here’s how to “adjust for altitude” when baking.

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update folks, i used the egg yolks and the cupcakes were more solid and did not deflate and they were perfect. thank you all very much and jane i ilove you

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