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When was the last time you had to stick your foot in your mouth?

Asked by fyoz (268points) March 24th, 2010
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You know when you diss on a movie, then you finally watch it and find it amazing? Or your proved wrong by a friend. Do you take it gracefully? What was the situation, did you handle it well or know someone that didn’t take it that great?

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Fight Club.

Avoided it for years. Refused to watch it due to all the hype. Then it became my favorite movie. lol I admitted later to my friends they were right.

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Hamburgers. I grew up vegetarian, but now eat some red meats. Always thought hamburgers looked disgusting. Now they are most definitely delicious to me!

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My wife did it for me when I foolishly suggested her bum looked a tad big in those jeans.Never again,never.As for me, I was proved wrong when I said to friends that she would see it as a joke,yeah right.

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My husband told me a few weeks ago that I would regret not doing the right thing by going to see my father when he came by to visit my grandparents, even though he didn’t bother calling me to tell me he was coming into town, so that he could see me, too. My husband was right – I did regret my actions. I should have done the right thing regardless of how another person behaves. It was a reckless decision on my part that I now have to live with.

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Never. I prefer the feet of others. ;-)

I honestly can’t remember. I work too hard to avoid it.

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My daughter forced me to watch Crash. I went into it with my arms crossed and grouchy. I was on the edge of my seat soon enough and cried a bit here and there. I felt like it was a powerful movie with a message for all of us. I can still taste my toes.

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I always said I’d never read any Harry Potter because it looked too childish, wussy and lame…and it was too, but it was, also, tremendously fun to read.
I read the whole series in a month haha.
I guess there’s nobody in particular I have to admit my wrongs to, but I was wrong about the series not being fun due to its nature.

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@Symbeline I did the same thing! I ended catching up with the HP series all in one week before the 2nd to last book was due to be released. lol I have though, unfortunately fallen way behind in the movies.

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@fyoz Haven’t seen a single movie yet, I suppose I’ll have to take a look at these some time soon, but I haven’t heard the greatest things about them, despite how popular they are…this may very well mean another foot to get out of my mouth. XD

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@Symbeline lol The movies are kinda like how the books go. The first few movies aren’t that great, and the further into the series you go, the darker they get just like the books. The thing I missed the most with the movies is the inner monolouge in each characters head. Each character’s feelings, in my opinion, weren’t given their justice, you only got like half of the “picture in their mind”.

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@fyoz Incidentally I liked the first four books way more than the last ones. Yeah they’re darker and more mature, but ridiculisly so, and they’re actually extremely dragging and boring until you get to significant plot twists.
Well, opinion anyways…I’ll still check out all the films either way though…Hagrid and Luna, ftw. :D

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@Symbeline If you decide to sell your hippogriff, Hagrid is looking for a mare for Buckbeak.

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I had to stick my foot in my mouth, when I almost told one of my Guy friends that I liked him in front of his friends. And I called him to like in the school I called his name and he didnt hear me. Thankfully.

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