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What makes so many people assume "god" is an individual?

Asked by Silence04 (4708points) March 25th, 2010
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I’ve often wondered this. Many people reffer to god as a individual on the sidelines of life on earth, making judgement calls. I understand god as a higher power, a creating element of the universe, and something greater than what’s imaginable by our minds. I’m just curious to where the thought of god being and indevidual came from, in a religious or social sense.

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You think that God might be a committee? (That would explain a lot of things.)

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It is because they don’t know any anything about it but claim whatever they want anyways to believe their lies. They are aware they don’t know anything but are desperate to know something.

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What makes people assume God isn’t a ferret?

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same reason people anthropomorphize animals, makes it easier to relate to.

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Well, I’m not completely against the idea that “God” is actually an alien race somewhere… the end of the day it doesn’t really make any difference.

People just read a book and believe it…thats why they think God is an individual. I like to think of God as a concept.

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@Grisaille What makes people assume God isn’t a ferret?

No, not at all – when a ferret pisses in your pocket, he doesn’t try to tell you that it was your fault. (When God pisses in your pocket he blames you.)

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indevidual ?

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People are stupid….?

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@j0ey I bet god is really Dr. Manhattan himself! At the end of the movie he did say he’d go create some life…

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@fausnaught: yeah, I noticed the spelling error after I posted it.

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@Idknown….i love that movie :)

….or maybe our God and Dr. Manhattan sit around playing cards and laughing at their creations misfortune…What fun!!

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People’s belief of God are based on the religion that they believe in. For example, the Christian doctrine of the Trinity teaches the unity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as three persons in one Godhead. The doctrine states that God is the Triune God, existing as three persons, or in the Greek hypostases, but one being. . . contradicting your presumption.

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I actually prefer if Gods exist to have more than one. Then I know who to complain to. It’s like Verizon’s customer service center – if it’s just one, you just keep waiting and waiting and waiting….

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Pantheism (many gods) is an old form of worship for many cultures.

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I don’t think it is an assumption, I think they are told it, and they believe it. I think many people probably think of him as a spirit, more than a person, no longer flesh and blood. Not sure. The Christians believe that communion is the flesh of Christ? Not sure what that really means.

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maybe some people think they know more than God?

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We try to relate to things we don’t understand – that’s the whole point of inventing gods in the first place.

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@gailcalled, Pantheism usually means that God = Nature or the Universe, not that there are many gods. I believe you were thinking of polytheism? Or animism, a sort of a combo of the two.

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You’re right about the primary definition. Mine is a secondary one.

And “Pantheon” is (esp. in ancient Greece and Rome) a temple dedicated to all the gods. Pan is from the Greek pas, which means all.

Poly is from Greek polus ‘much,’ polloi ‘many.’ Hoi polloi comes to mind.

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Because I am an individual.

And next time use an upper-case “G” when referring to me.

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@AstroChuck; I always do.

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Because it is simple and comprehendable.

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What makes so many people assume there’s a “god”?

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I’ll just take a wild guess, The Bible, perhaps?

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@Symbeline- The concept of God long predates the Holy Bible.

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@AstroChuck Troo dat, but said Bible is most likely the closest thing that ’‘relates’’ man to God. So many imagine that he must be a being due to the Bible being his word and so forth.

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I’m no expert on religion, but as best as I understand it, “God” is, indeed, a committee of three individual people: The Holy Spirit, Jehova, and Jesus.

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@HungryGuy Depends what religion you are.

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@JLeslie – I guess you’re right :-) Like I said, I’m no expert on religion…

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I see God as word that represents, “Beyond our understanding” and “Acceptable Social Behavior” Since two of religions best uses are to fill the gaps of the past and creation, and as a moral code to follow.

God can also be considered a psychological coping system. No matter what goes wrong God will love you or whatnot.

But if we’re talking a physical thing, I could see God being some sort of age-old anomaly in space that produces universes. Perhaps not even living. Completely unaware of what it is doing.

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Of course God is an individual. Individual means “one.” Btw, I received a very odd email from you yesterday and I don’t even know you. What was that about?

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That was a reply to the pm you sent me! Ha

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