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Politicians recieving death threats...over the healthcare bill? Has the world gone mad?

Asked by squidcake (2639points) March 25th, 2010
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I’ve been following the healthcare bill for a long time. As far as I understand, there were so many negotiations that had to be made that the current bill actually doesn’t even do much.

I mean, people bitched about the government option, so they got rid of it. People bitched about federal funding for abortion, so they didn’t include it.

So what is it that everyone is flipping their shit about? Is it just that they’re misinformed?

Why the violent threats and break-ins from tea party activists?

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The US has,well went mad a while back if truth be told.

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Thats noramal in a democracy… if you want to see what isn’t noramal check out a third world country

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A lot of people don’t have a good grasp on reality.
People who think Iraq attacked us on 9/11, GWB was a good president, that white christians are an oppressed minority, that black men cannot be president, that “conservative” government is a good idea. and that EVERYBODY shares their views…

They cling to their wrong ideas and have a tantrum, kicking and screaming because the world is not conforming to their idiocy.

It’s pretty common behaviour.

Among 3-year olds.

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Oh man. So much lurve for that.

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No, not the world, just Americans…..

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Yes, sadly, the US has a vocal minority who has gone mad. Reasoning doesn’t seem to work with them. They don’t even seem capable of polite conversation about the matter. It’s pathetic.

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Yeah, I think this is misplaced and should have applied to the bank bailouts. Especially for those who voted for the original 3 pager.

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Conflicts of interest have been ending violently since the dawn of humanity. How is this different? Yes, we in America have extremists, every country has their nuts. Take a lesson from the Failed Experiment, world, this is what happens when basic social services like education innovation and public well-being take a backseat to militant military-industrialism and profit.

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I like to look back at other tough times and see that the US has handled them and survived.

I think of WWII, especially the early years. In 1941 I would have felt that Western civiliation was done for, with most of Europe under a totalitarian, murderous regime.

The Weathermen bombings, the police riot in Chicago’s Grant Park, the LA riot, Tim McVeigh, to name just a handful – we’ve endured some horrendous situations and come out all right.

Hopefully this will be small potatoes.

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i think a lot of Americans on this site are in denial, most western democracies are absolutely incredulous at the infantile behaviour of the political right, it is so fucking brattish as to defy belief, even the right wingers over here are bemused. it isn’t normal behaviour. Americans obviously have nothing but contempt for each other, judging by their response to the implementation of the most fundamental requirements of any decent society – comprehensive health care. But we saw a glimpse of this attitude with the New Orleans debacle didn’t we? indefensible.

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When Obama became President a national security advisory was produced suggesting a rise in right wing extremism and violence. The right criticized the document as purely political. Since then we have had a white supremacist shooting in a museum, a doctor who performed abortions murdered in his church, an anti tax terrorist fly a small plane into an IRS building, and I’m sure someone can point out the ones I’ve missed. Now we have threats against congressman, and people making a point of posting their home addresses on websites. Now the teabaggers are planning a huge rally in Searchlight, Nevada, Harry Reid’s hometown. It may or may not be at that rally, but I am beginning to think something very bad is going to happen soon (not that the above mentioned examples weren’t bad enough).

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The people who are doing this are sad, weak and pathetic to the point of pain.

Vomiting up hatred from inside their own flaccid anger-laced bile-coated intestines. Someone who got ‘passed over’ for a job, someone who married because they were supposed to and someone who sees their life passing them by. Then they are spoon-fed bullshit, inciting rhetoric and given a hammer to go out and under the guise of caring about our country- to spread nothing but disease, lies and stupidity.

My Grandfather served his country. My Father served his country. These people today? These people attacking legislators are not patriots, they are cowards in the dark. Coyotes on two hind legs, pissing on other people when their backs are turned then running off in the night.

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People always disagree. These days, Western people seem to need to “act out” a lot more than they used to. I suppose they could start whipping themselves until they bleed or setting themselves on fire. That’s what some folks in the world do. It’s all just “acting out”. It is definitely a form of cultural devolution.

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The very fact that there is actually a debate about whether or not we should reform health care was an indication of madness.

Madness is defined as doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.

The current crisis started thirty years ago and we have been doing the same thing with deteriorating results. The current trend to threaten the congress physically is just a continuation of that insanity.

Add that to the fact that the most vehement protesters don’t like being out of power and hate the fact that the president isn’t an old white male sent them completely over the edge.

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Anyone who thinks that healthcare reform is the catalyst for how Americans feel about thier government is sorely misinformed. Almost as badly misinformed as those who think that any one political party is solely to blame for the deep mistrust felt Americans feel for thier law makers.

Nancy Pilosi’s approval rating currently stands at a dismal 11%. Any way you care to slice it, 89% of the population profoundly disagrees with her. Every political party has healthy representation in that figure. Instead of taking this grand opportunity to bash Americans, maybe it would be smarter to ask yourselves WHY.

American’s disillusionment with policy makers solidly implies that it isn’t JUST the dems or reps we don’t trust, but ALL of them. Healthcare reform didn’t create this “madness” (although you may have inadvertantly played in our favor for calling it that. We really are madder than hell), It merely served to push us perilously close to the precupice of what is already a buldging caldera.

While I soundly and vocally disagree with violence toward the law makers, it is abundantly clear to me that the system is irrevocably broken. No matter who we vote for, the self-serving interests of those with power has ensured that we will never have the chances that they have been afforded. We won’t be able to honestly raise our standard of living to anything any better than fighting over thier leftovers.

We are taxed to fucking death, with the inevitability of more taxes looming on the horizon. I might remind those across the pond that George the third tried that shit, and we stomped his ass all the way back to England. Why the fuck would we tolerate it from one of our own?

We’ve been plunged into TWO world wars that we all have said repeatedly that we disagree with, yet we have been systematically silenced. Our general had Bin Laden cornered the first year we were in Iraq (ask Tony Blair, if you can get him to tell the truth), but when he requested troop backup, he was told no. Instead, we’ve stayed in a war for YEARS that has cost us trillions and the tragic, pointless loss of thousands of our soldier’s lives, for no good reason at all. And that is just the tip of the iceberg that hints at the utter corruption of our government…...a goverment which is supposed to be working for us, I might add. Did you think we had forgotten?

Thier arrogance and self-centered interests shared with corporate bedfellows, especially over the past 2 decades, has become so transparent that they barely even bother hiding it anymore. Why should they? They’ve gone unabated for so long that Washington DC is has devolved into an iniquitous den where one can help themselves to what ever they want with both hands. It’s a goddamn free-for-all, with American’s footing the bill.

The only thing Healthcare reform did was to bring thier motives into sharper focus. Had they lain everything out on the table to start with (transparent government, anyone?) at least as far back as 20 years ago, none of this nastiness would be taking place. And THAT is what has pissed us off. We DO agree that healthcare reform was needed. We aren’t stupid.

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89% of the population profoundly disagrees with her.

Where do you get that figure?

We are taxed to fucking death, with the inevitability of more taxes looming on the horizon.

Taxes are lower in the US than every large developed country, and all but a handful of small ones.

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@jaytkay Everybody thinks our standard of living is something it’s not. At one time, it was true. But not any more. As evidence of this, I draw your attention to the countless questions that can be found here on fluther. Most recently, one that asked yesterday how you bargain hunt for groceries, which also includes detailed conversation on whether eating is a right or should be a charitable contribution.

There is plenty of talk here, too, that includes links to food banks and added discussion of government subsidized food through programs like WIC, which were specifically created so that children would grow up strong and healthy, thus lessening the likelihood that they would be burdens on the government. If America didn’t have these problems, there wouldn’t be any need for programs like these.

I have a beautiful friend on fluther RIGHT NOW who cannot get medical aid. He suffers tremendously from several health issues, but he cannot afford the care. His wife is in pain from a debilitating, progressive disease that crumbles her spine. Do you think we don’t care about those we love? The only way to not need healthcare is to die, first. That is unacceptable.

As for the taxes, it’s fantastic that ours is the lowest…..until you it compare the cost of living. 70% of our families can barely afford necessities. It’s really sad when you are forced to choose between paying taxes and feeding your family. But that’s exactly the choice I’ve had to agonize over for the past two years.

It is also interesting to note that, while executives and top cats have grown fat from thier gluttonous ways – thanks to our law makers – it takes an act of God to get congress and the senate to raise the minimum wage. It stays at the same rate for DECADES before law makers give a shit enough to do anything about it, and then it only gets done because we got nasty. They can’t possibly take the time to work for us when they are so busy rallying for their own wants. Right now, our hourly minimum wage is $7.35 per hour.

How in the hell do we feed our children with that? How do we heat our homes, nay… do we KEEP our homes, on that wage? We’re not even talking about luxury items here. This is strictly about basic necessities.

We had 16 million families – not individuals, but families – last winter who could not afford to heat their homes. I could go on, but at least that gives you an idea that there is indeed something wrong over here. I can’t be angry that you don’t know the details, when you don’t live here.

Here is one collection of stats that encompasses not only Nancy Pilosi’s rating, but also offers some figures on how mistrustful American’s are of their government. My apologies, I have yet to understand how to properly place a link on fluther. I’ve tried.;contentBody

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@phillis said: Nancy Pilosi’s approval rating currently stands at a dismal 11%. Any way you care to slice it, 89% of the population profoundly disagrees with her.

Wait, so anyone who doesn’t approve of her, profoundly disagrees with her?
What about those who disagree with her, but not profoundly? Is that part of the 11%?
Doesn’t anyone like her?

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Nancy Pelosi is given a lot more shit than she deserves.
It’s the sad fate of women politicians. Underlying sexism in society just means that, no matter what, they won’t have a high approval rating.
I mean, what has she even done to make half the country think she’s some kind of hag?

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I’m not wanting to debate, guys. Take it as you will. I have my own issues that revolve around my family that take higher priority. My intention was to introduce an accurate portrayal of life currently in America, offer some enlightenment as to why so many of us are pissed off, and I won’t be taking it as a personal affront, if you summarily dismiss every word of it. That is your right. Thanks to my government, I’ve been living like that for years. Once more isn’t going to matter.

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The poll you linked to says 51% ‘not sure about/haven’t’ heard of Nancy Pelosi.
And you claim that “89% of the population profoundly disagrees with her.” Not a good way to “introduce an an accurate portrayal of life currently in America”.

Can’t really address the rest of what you say. It’s rather vague but I think it’s a demand for lower taxes and more government services.

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@jaytkay I did see the 11% I spoke of when I Googled the search, but when I clicked on it, I found the percentages on her confusing. Instead of trying to force my point, I opted instead for something clearer. I had to compromise the 11% I quoted, in order to gain clarity.

I will repeat it once more, then I am done. I wanted to introduce an accurate portrayal of life currently in America, and I did – in my second post. Feel free to research it on your own time all you want.

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I mean, what has she even done to make half the country think she’s some kind of hag?

Most people don’t know who she is. But Pelosi stars in the Two Minutes Hate on FOX and AM radio, day after day.

This from the poll linked by @phillis

Not sure/ Haven’t heard of her
Democrats 58%
Republicans 27%
Independents 58%

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@mammal, “over here”—where are you speaking from? You don’t offer any clue in your profile.

“Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”
—Samuel Johnson

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Whenever I see stuff like this, it just reminds me (not that I need reminding….) that people are fucking insane.

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Oh, here’s another one:

And apparently Rep. Cantor was apparently “wrong” about someone shooting at his office:

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