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What would happen first in your state? Legalizing marijuana or gay marriage?

Asked by fyoz (268points) March 25th, 2010
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These two topics are often in my mind, and it doesn’t help that I live in California; these two questions are often on the radio. But I can’t help to wonder, which would happen first, gay marriage or marijuana? We already saw the passing of Prop 8 in 2008, but now marijuana just got the thumbs up to be on the November 2010 ballot. I think it just might happen. What about where you’re from?

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I feel though the only reason it’ll pass is because we’re just a cash-starved state now. I wish we’d follow our moral compass before our checkbooks.

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I live in CA too.
We did get gay marriage and then it was taken away. :(
So I don’t know if that counts.

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I think both will pass in Michigan someday, but gay marriage will probably be passed first.

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@J0E Why gay marriage first?

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@squidcake So how do you feel about weed being on the ballot? You think it’ll pass in November?

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Given that Baltimore is our biggest city, I’d say probably marijuana.

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@fyoz Seems to be more culturally acceptable, and ask someone about finding weed in Michigan, it’s pretty tough. I’m not saying people don’t smoke it (or want to smoke it) but it’s just not as mainstream as, say, California.

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GQ – I live in NYC and I think gay marriage will be passed first.

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For Illinois I’m going to say gay marriage. I think for most states it’ll be gay marriage first. There’s probably worse side effects for smoking marijuana than from same-sex marriage.

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@J0E Interesting. That makes me glad though, to know that gay marriage is a possibility out there. I love marijuana, but would much rather have my friends have all their equal rights first.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I can see that, considering my assumption on NY’s attitude towards drugs, which to be incredibly tough, I think.

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@erichw1504 I would’ve said the same thing myself a few years ago. But look at our financial status. Every state is cutting programs, pinching the pennies where ever they can. Our priorities have changed a bit I think, and weed is a cash cow that looks mighty fine right now for a few states.

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I am in NY, and gay marriage is going to happen sooner. I wish we were closer to legalizing marijuana, but I doubt it will happen for a long time.

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@stump I’m surprised that NY hasn’t allowed gay marriage to be legal already. Hell, I was even more surprised when California took away what was already to rightfully deserved to the gay population.

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@fyoz You do have a point there, sir. Maybe legalizing marijuana will having faster than gay marriage.

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@erichw1504 Makes me wonder what will be the next great disaster what would then put the states in a fury to legalize gay marriage nationwide. lol

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I live in Minnesota, and I hear far more talk about gay marriage than marijuana, at least far more optimistic talk. Whereas we have a Republican Governor who wouldn’t let either of these issues even be discussed seriously, we have a Democrat controlled legislature which seems willing to at least entertain the thought of gay marriage, whereas even they won’t touch the weed issue. All I know is, we won’t be trailblazing on either issue, Minnesota tends to do big things as a follower, not a leader.

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Californians really must stop electing actors for their governors. Especially the incredibly stupid actors. No names please…

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@erichw1504 The legal use of Medical marijuana has already passed in Michigan.

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@fyoz A bill was voted on not long ago and it went down with a big majority. Us liberals were very disappointed in our legislators. But it was a step forward just to get a bill to the assembly.

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I think California will legalize marijuana usage sooner. Not because the general public thinks marijuana is good, but because far more tax dollars will be raked in by selling marijuana than they can get by doing gay marriages.

I’d love for both to be legalized.

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@Bernard Exactly.

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Probably gay marriage, there’s a stronger push for it currently. Though I’d hope to see both inside the next 10 years.

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i would say maijuana cause i live in canada..and why not we grow the best stuff here

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PA is weird, we are usually a “blue state” so I’d like to say gay marriage..but then we’ve got western PA which is very red. I still think gay marriage would come first. I’m not sure why.

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@wonderingwhy Which state are you referring to?

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Colorado – Marijuana. Gay marriage eventually, but not first. It’s already legal in Denver and Breckenridge, and there’s “medical” dispensaries everywhere.

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Texas – Neither. These idiot motherf**kers running my state will try to secede before that happens.

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@essieness Awww. What about just in Austin? I’m sure if they could split away from the state, they would. lol

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I know a lot of libertarians that would vote to approve both, immediately. Because, it is none of my damn business what other people do with, or to, themselves.

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Well, us Californians wil be voting to legalize weed this November. I think it has a good chance of passing. I dare say pot will be legal before gay marriage.

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I think in Washington the legalization of marijuana would come first, which imo is f*ing ridiculous. To be honest I don’t know why we spend calories on fighting gay marriage when we could all be working on something more important like school funding.

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I’m from Portland, OR and I’m honestly not sure which will pass first. Gay marriage was legal here for a very short time, but we also have medical marijuana bars popping up here and there, throughout the city. Portland is a very liberal city, which is why I honestly have no idea which will come first.

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@drClaw Well, legalizing and regulating marijuana would provide the state with the funding it needs for its schools.

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@fyoz I just meant that it is ridiculous that gay marriage is even a legal issue, I am just amazed that anyone would spend a single second fighting it. My comment wasn’t too clear I guess, I’m all for legalizing weed though.

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I’m from Arkansas. I really can’t see gay marriage being legal here.

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@meagan Yeah, I grew up in Arkansas, pigs will fly before they ever approve legalization of gay marriage.

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@fyoz Not saying its a bad state. But there are just a lot of people here set in their traditions.

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@meagan I love and miss Arkansas. But yeah, people and their traditions over there…like having 19 kids. lol

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Hummm; may I have a third choice?

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we already have civil partnerships in the UK, which are marriage by another name (there are some minor differences related to where the ceremony can take place and who can officiate it, but that’s just about it). So you could say that we have the marriage already.

On the other hand you can say well it’s not called marriage so it’s not marriage, and while we have civil partnerships I don’t think they’ll ever change it to actual marriage… so…

…I guess I put my money on the world ending before we get either.

I’ll put money on a total tobacco ban before we ever get legal marijuana.

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Marijuana isn’t totally legal in Colorado but it seems like everyone has a medical marijuana card. There are like 5 dispensaries within a few blocks of my house. So I’d say that. I’m sure gay marriage isn’t too far off though either.

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@thriftymaid What would that be?

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@fyoz Extending open deer season, maybe. The other two don’t have a chance.

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Since I live in Canada I already have one (gay marrige) so all that’s left is merijuana.

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@Boombip Damn you Canucks! Always one step ahead.

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*shakes fist @Boombip * Lucky!

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in canada pot is only pseudo illegal here anyway…

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@fyoz Yeah, they probably would, lol. Austin is like a tiny little liberal oasis in a vast sea of staunch conservatism. It’s heaven.

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