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Can anyone recommend a great site, book, or resource for designers in choosing colors?

Asked by xyrius (13points) March 25th, 2010
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Hello! I have basic color theory down, but would love to hear if anyone has any great feedback on resources they use in designing either for the web or print. You get 25 good karma points for answering :-)

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The MTCGAC CG Tutorial page recommends this site

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Besides the Pantone color specifiers, there are several other color matching systems, there’s Trumatch and Focoltone, among others. If you are working on a computer to create print art, color calibration of your equipment and possibly a second monitor set to more closely resemble print outcome. What are you seeking color information for? Different fields need different resources.

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Here’s a good series on color from Smashing Magazine.

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From color theory , there are also other topics in relation to colors that you might want to look at . I’m not sure which one you are especially keen in but I think that books that specialize in one topic at a time will be good , as there will be more details and things like that . Just to share a few good color books that I’ve got in mind :


1) Color Studies by Edith Anderson Feisner
(# ISBN-10: 1563673940 / # ISBN-13: 978–1563673948)

This book was good for me when I wanted some information on color symbolism I pretty much got hold of some good information from this book . This book also touches on physiology and psychology of color perception and other interesting topics .


2) Color – Messages & Meanings: A PANTONE Color Resource by Leatrice Eiseman
(# ISBN-10: 0971401063 / # ISBN-13: 978–0971401068)

As others have recommended Pantone , I agree that it is a good topic for you to look into when going into color studies . This book is good as it gives you information on how you can make effective color choices and combinations in order to give out the right communicating moods (color moods , yay !) It also gives you some essential information on colors as well as charts for converting PANTONE solid ink colors to four-color process (CMYK) .


3)The Complete Color Harmony Workbook by Kiki Eldridge

If you are going to work with colors for a while , this book is going to be good for you ! This book has that color swatches that you can tear out and hands-on color advice. There are also some information on new metallic and fluorescent color inspiration , which is pretty useful if you were to use such colors for your works and would like to see how to work with them .


That’s all I’ve got for now , the 3 best books in my opinion . I’ll add in more to the list if I’ve got more ! (=

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@johnpowell already recommended – I’ll second it. Also

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