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I need Boyfriend Help. can anyone help?

Asked by 5506bellabby (7points) March 25th, 2010
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So i am in highschool. I am freshmen and i know i have time to have boyfriends and stuff. but everyone in my class has has at least one boyfriend and i was wondering how come they do and i dont? I am a cheerleader, i am goodlooking, i am smart, i am friendly, and have so many other great qualities. The only thing is that i see as a problem is my height. I am short 4 “11” so people think i am younger than what i am? i am also a little shy. can anyone help me? it would be great if someone could give me some advice other than be myself because that is what i am doing

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Well it’s not height. I think short girls are very attractive. You probably have B.O. or something…haha jk. Just don’t try so hard, it’ll happen when it happens.

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What do you mean everyone in your class has at least one boyfriend?

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i mean like everyone has had at least one boyfriend lmfaoo sorry

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Don’t worry about it. Some people just take longer to connect than others. Don’t rush into a relationship just to have a boyfriend. You will be happier if you wait and let it happen in its own time.

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Don’t worry you aren’t the only one with height problems =P im 5’ 3 an haven’t had a girl friend in about a year.and the shyness promblem yup you guess it I’m also in the shy side to XD
so yea don’t worry it will happend sometime but you have to be sure on what your are looking for in a boyfriend and you also shouldn’t have the need for a boyfriend just because you see everyone else has one.You should take it at your own paste and see what is out there.

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What’s your big rush?

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Maybe the guys are intimidated by your good looks lol

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you’re fun, smart and will find out sooner or later bf’s have their faults. it’s a crazy roller coaster ride and I know you are jumping….ready for the ride to start. But anticipation is half the fun.
Be yourself. You are special. be patient. Enjoy you. then maybe let some guy have the pleasure of sharing time with you.

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Come over and sit on my lap, and we’ll talk all about it…

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“talk about whatever pops up” shame, shame

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Who cares. Guys that age just want to use you, anyway.
And being used is going to make finding a boyfriend later harder. Trust me.

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It’s just your shyness. In middle school and early in high school so many people I knew were worried about dating or why they couldn’t find anyone to date, but they were too shy to approach anyone. At school dances, people just showed up in big same-sex groups of friends and talked to their friends about who they wanted to dance with. Both the boys and girls were too shy to approach anyone because they were so shy around the opposite sex, so they hoped someone else would do the work. The people who dated were the ones outgoing enough to be comfortable talking to all kinds of people, including people they might want to date. Not everyone is comfortable doing this by the time they’re a freshman in high school, but people generally get used to within a few years.

A lot of the guys in your year probably feel the same way, only waay worse because they feel more pressure to make the first move. Part of what holds shy people back is spending too much time analyzing things to say instead of just saying them. A thought might cross your mind and you’ll think, “Is this interesting enough? Do they want to talk to me? Will it offend them?” when almost every time, you should just say whatever it is. Once you get used to talking to guys casually, it will be much easier to approach them.

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Ditch the cheerleader crap. Start smoking cigarettes and make sure you get sent to the principles office at least once a week. Don’t forget to show up late for class (a girls gotta make an entrance), and make it a point to use the F word in light conversation more.

Be the first to pass out drunk at the next teen party, but not before making out with every strange guy you see. Eventually, if you don’t get pregnant and have an abortion, some lucky guy will notice you and make you his bitch.

Once you’ve got the guy, you may pick up the pom pons again and return to your old life.

Good Luck!

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“but everyone in my class has has at least one boyfriend”

Times really are changing, aren’t they? :I

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@IBERnineD But shes a CHEERLEADER… hahaha

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@IBERnineD seriously. I’ve never had a boyfriend. What’s it like, anyway?

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@CyanoticWasp Not so amazing, actually ;P

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It’s not your height, if you like guys then guys lurve short girls. There is a phenomenom though to why some girls are ‘date’ girls, some are pal girls, etc. It’s not going to make you feel any better right now when you want what seems common and fun for so many others but the odds of your future becoming brighter with attention are good.

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@meagan maybe you should come over and sit on my lap, too.

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No, I’m not a professional. I still have amateur standing.

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Don’t fall into society’s trap. Wait till collage.

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How old is a freshmen? 13? 14? Do you even want a boyfriend? It sounds like you just want to fit in and follow the crowd.

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Stay away from boys till your at least 50 then the urge will pass! lololol ;-)

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…You cant really make anyone like you kiddo, just relax. Some boy is probably crushing on you as we speak anyway. Just because someone isnt telling/showing you they like you doesnt mean they dont, especially at your age.

Maybe if you like a boy, YOU should ask HIM out.

If youre a cheerleader and a little hottie, I’m sure they would be keen.

hahahahahaha @RealEyesRealizeRealLies sooo funny, and sadly true.

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Well guys I mean that everyone has had at least one boyfriends. I also forgot to mention that I attend a single sex school. It also may seem that I am tryinf follow the crowd I am not! All I am asking is how do I step out from my shyness around boys to feel more comfortable. I can talk to boys as friends and be totally fine. But talking to boys that I like that’s the problem. And that’s why it is so hard for me to have a boyfriend.

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Just talk to them as friends. Seriously. It’s just another conversation. Don’t worry about it, don’t put pressure on yourself, just chat and most importantly be yourself. And, hey, guys have the same problem with girls; something about an attractive woman just seems to make most of us forget that at some point in the recent past we were articulate, or at least capable of remembering our name without having to check our underwear. Look, if you can’t view it as just a normal conversation (which it is) then remember, what’s the worst they can say if you ask them out? No? so what? if they’re not smart enough to know a good thing when they see it, they probably weren’t worth your time anyway. Whatever you do, please just give it a whirl, the more you do the easier it will get.

Oh, and I won’t speak for anyone else, but I love it when an attractive woman just randomly strikes up a conversation with me; always gives the ego a boost.

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So,you want a headache?? lol!
You have time,no need to rush :)

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Try flirting. At least it gives the impression that you are interested in boys.

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