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When you first stumbled upon Fluther did you expect to stay so long?

Asked by Just_Justine (6511points) March 26th, 2010
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I use the word stumbled because that is how it was for me. I never thought I would get so hooked or stay so long.

I find I have learned so much and it has been very rewarding as well as a good laugh now and then.

How did you find Fluther and is it what you expected it to be? What keeps you coming back?

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No not at all.What is more gratifying is, there are others who thought that to.

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Nope. I do not chat, or IM, or FaceSpace, or anyting like that. For some reason Fluther just sucked me in.

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ditto ucme. I’ve learned a lot on here and never thought I would spend this long on a site.

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I can’t tell you yet. I just joined yesterday.

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INot only didn’t Ithink I’d stay so long, but I didn’t think I’d stay on so long. What did I used to do with all these hours?

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Nope, I am still fairly new but I really do quite enjoy this. I think I will be freeloading around here for awhile.

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I was clueless. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I’ve grown to care about many people here and hope to meet some of my Fluther friends IRL some day. :)

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Not really. But it’s now been a year.

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I discovered Fluther the day before yesterday, knew then that I’d be on it today. It’s too addictive a community, there’s people who will actually argue with you—without resorting to simple insults. It’s great. I love arguing!

if you think that’s a problem, we should totally argue about it

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@zophu give it time…you’ll find your simple insults

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I did because I had already stayed long on AIROW and, which were similar sites and I was hoping to find a good replacement, since those sites had vanished. It so turns out that while there were things on the other sites that I did like that Fluther doesn’t have, overall I prefer Fluther to the other two.

I discovered Fluther during the mass migration when this site was offered as a possible alternative. I took to it relatively quickly, although I did have to create and delete a first account :P

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@Simone De Beauvoir I didn’t say there weren’t any

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I had no expectations one way or the other. I was bowled over by the reception my group got, and to this day, some of the mods have maintained my utmost respect.

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I had a vague suspicion I’d be around for a while. Here it is almost 18 months later and it’s been a great ride.

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I linked here when another site went down and no, I didn’t think I’d stay so long or feel as strongly about a community of people the way I had before. Glad I stayed though.

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I joined about a year ago, along with many of the refugees. I am not here nearly as much as I was there (which is probably good) but somehow I do keep coming back.

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… I got 700 points in less than a week of joining… maybe I’m in it for the points.

Plus the debates are great. I can debate heavily with like minded individuals. :)

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I had no clue. It was a pleasant surprise.

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I came over from Answerbag when I saw someone there mention Fluther. So I had an idea I would like it here. AB was degenerating and Fluther was clearly a step up intellectually. The first time I answered a question I got several mentions about my bad spelling. Now I keep a dictionary by my computer and check my spelling every time. I miss alot, though. It is a great bunch of people.

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It was an accidental stumbling and a nice surprise.

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no in fact it just poped up when i googled a ques. and thought it was a keeper.

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I don’t remember how I found fluther but I didnt expect to stay and like the site so much, hense my name!

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Well I had been looking for a good QnA site for a long time, so when I found Fluther on a list of QnA sites somewhere online (I have no clue where), I thought I’d give it a go. I’ve been on here for about 6 months now. I think.

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I literally stumbled upon Fluther using the Stumble! button. It’s as I expected a great Q&A site, much better than Yahoo Answers. But I never expected so many good discussions to be going on online. I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I plan to stay a log while.

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Yeah, this is the only Q/A site I’ve stumbled across that wasn’t saturated with Q/A that I wasn’t interested in. The style of the site promotes good discussion. A little addictive. . . but good.

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To be honest I came on here to spy on my fiance only to find that I was being paranoid.

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@MorenoMelissa1 You goofball! He has ALWAYS played it straight. In all the time I have known him, he has never once come anywhere near crossing the line with any woman.

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No, I expected my one question to be answered and that’s it. I did not expect to still be here more than a year later.

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I too Stumbled Upon it and knew almost immediately that I would become addicted. I’ve only been a member a couple weeks, but that cute little jellyfish keeps me coming back. That, and it seems like the Fluther community is an intelligent group with thoughtful questions and answers.

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OMG.. this is my 1st day. AN I AM NOT a chatter.. an should have left home an hour ago. But I can’t quit ans’in questions : )

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When I first joined, I thought I would give it a shot and I’m still here. Of course, it’s only been a couple of months, but I enjoy it.

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@goodmoodgirl go away! Run while you still have the chance! You are young, you can still get a life…look at what happened to the rest of us!

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I was searching the web with a question I had and my search engine took me here. I’ve been here ever since. I have asked several questions and have make connections with some like-minded people. I’m glad I “stumbled” onto you guys, my fellow jellies, I enjoy your company.

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My friend implored me to join Facebook and Fluther. I signed on to both April 1st.
I spent 3 days getting my Facebook set up the way I wanted, and then began fluther, which required almost no set-up. I didn’t expect Fluther to be the one I would use most.
A year later, I am here hours a day, and on Facebook not more than 3 minutes a day.

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No I didn’t.

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No. But then again, what´s more important is whether you actually go back to it again. I haven´t removed myself from other sites such as yahoo ask but the frequency with which I go back to them is maybe once a year. So I guess the question is, “did you think you would use fluther as much as you do?”

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I think that what keeps us coming back is the fact that people actually answer other people´s questions, and maybe people actually answer questions because there´s not only ONE best answer! I remember when I got onto yahoo questions I was logged on for hours, and tried really helping a few people with my answers. I got two out of two best answers and that was very motivating!

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But then, the next day I helped two more people with the same energy, and was rewarded with zilch when I was slighted and someone else’s best answer was chosen. So my grade (50%) didn´t look as nice as my 100% did the day before. So I think fluther has focused it on rewarding people for most of their participation, and has allowed more people to receive points. Hey I hope we´re not helping the competition here by figuring this out!

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I just joined a couple weeks ago so yes, I did think I would stay this long :-P

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It was love at first sight!!

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16 days…..time will tell. lol

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No, I didn’t expect to stay long when I first joined. I was naive enough to think Answerbag would change back. I stayed because I have friends here, I didn’t like the other Q&A sites, and I made friends here.

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I asked a question about softcore porn on HBO in the 80’s. I got a good answer promptly and noticed a question I knew the answer too. So I answered it and kept checking back to see if my answer helped. The rest is tragedy.

three years later.. yadda, yadda..

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what @faye said :)

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Its like a drug, am i right? you just cant get enough. maybe its the interaction with real people lol

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@slick44 I find jellies most stimulating.

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its fun right? and better then t.v. you are acually talking to real people about real things , its great. and y are we all still up? lol

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Hell no. But it is so addictive. I was just looking for an alternative to Yahoo Answers, but this is so much better!

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@TheOnlyException I agree also from Yahoo answers.

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Oh, God no. I literally stumbled onto Fluther by way of an article I read online. I’d never chatted, had no myspace or facebook, and had never even seen another Q & A site. I felt at home here immediately, like I’d found ‘my people’... but had no idea how much it would take over my life. Here I am, a year and a half later, the Community Manager!

What brings me back (besides the fact that it’s my job) is the community. Smart, funny, caring people. What’s not to like about that? :)

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I am very happy to have stumbled on this site. I am an answerbag refugee. I use to use yahoo answers but It is lacking in interaction, I found answerbag and loved it because of the interaction but they redid it and now it sucks. I find this site to be the best of them all. I love it!!! Great interaction!!! Great People!!!

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I was invited here by someone I knew from but AB.
I stay because there are some smart decent people here; despite that there also some delusion people. That enjoy arguing for the sake of arguing.
LOL they make me LOL every time they start with me.

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I read about Fluther in 2009 as it was recommended by other people. I decided to come and check it out. I don’t remember expecting to stay for long. It was like a new toy to me that I wanted to play with and learn how to use. I also wanted to see things for myself and form my own opinions. I eventually stopped using it much (if at all), but felt that Fluther was a cute little site with cute fish awards. I also remembered the cutesy messages at the top of the site. I hadn’t planned on using it much during my time away, but I found my way back here when I missed answering questions after taking a break from another site. I’m quite content with the pleasant atmosphere over here. I am not addicted, though. Maybe I will be one day.

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