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What are some good songs to learn on guitar?

Asked by MetroGnome217 (311points) March 27th, 2010
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Include tab/ video lesson

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How could we know what you like?

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John Cage’s wonderful song, 4′33″.

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What is YOUR favorite song to play on guitar

Sorry my bad

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I can also play John Cage’s 4’33’’ on the piano, saxophone, trumpet, violin, harp, & didgeridoo. I’m now practicing it on the spoons.

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Done. Mastered it. Can now add the spoons to the list.

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Yes we all know who John Cage is.

When learning guitar keep it simple and work your way up. The Strokes are some good, easy guitar tabs.

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Gosh that’s a hard question to answer… I’ve been doing a lot of classical lately…

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I am learning Master of puppets, pretty straight forward for the most part the hardest parts I think are timing,tempo and execution of the chords, need tight rhythm. The solos will be the real hard part

It is a pretty well known song if you are into metal so there is many good tabs and videos out there.!v=enI7KgACn5M&feature=related

Also when you say “good” I have no ideal what you mean by that really…..and depends on what you like and what is comfortable for you.

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My favorite? I’m currently really enjoying the everloving hell out of a personal interpretation of Erik Mongrain’s “Airtap!”.

As for generally, I can’t not love playing “Crazy Train.” It’s just so fun.

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I like Fade to Black by Metallica. Other good ones are Eyes of an Angel by Impellitteri, Secrets by Hammerfall, Katherine Wheel by H.I.M., and Endless Sacrifice by Dream Theatre.

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Greensleeves. It’s a timeless classic. First song I learned to play. Do it.

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Pipeline by The Ventures. Or Wipeout. Just some surf music in general. It’s pretty much the only stuff I can play on guitar.

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Johnny Cash songs. Simple and great.

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The Beast and the Harlot is a crazy awesome song. (Avenged Sevenfold) I’m still trying to master the solo.

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“Freight Train” as played by Elizabeth (Libba) Cotten. I learned it on 12-string and was able to adapt the style to several other songs in my repertoire.

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