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Where to learn guitar online ?

Asked by phoenix13 (40points) April 5th, 2010
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What kind of interactive / game website can i find to learn guitar ?
So far, i have found boring websites (too academic), i wish i could learn guitar through a game type Dungeon and dragons.

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Dude, learning to play an instrument is not a game. You do not collect $200 and you do not pass go. If you find trying to actually learn how to play the guitar boring, tough titty. It’s not easy, if it was people wouldn’t be impressed by people being able to play it well. If you’re serious about playing an instrument, I suggest: First, buying an instrument; Second, buying a manual; Third, taking the time to learn how to actually play it.

It’s not Guitar Hero dude, it’s skill and patience.

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I totally agree with @Axemusica, it takes a lot of practice and work to learn an instrument. One site that I’ve started using recently is

It has many tutorials from downright beginner to more advanced techniques. They have many free lessons and the monthly access to everything is about $15.

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Here’s a game to help you learn: Get a cheap microphone. Find tabs/chords to a song you like. (Or by ear if you’re already that good, but since you’re trying to learn guitar, you probably won’t be able to pick it up by ear yet.) Record yourself playing it. When you’re done, listen to it. If you make any mistakes, rerecord. If you don’t, give yourself 5 points. Keep playing until you get 1,000 points. Then reconsider your question.

@Axemusica Nice.

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See? This is what these newfangled video games are doing to our youth. Dungeons and Dragons for guitar… “Look! I got the +2 Pick of Destiny! uber-kvlt!”

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he has really good videos and his accent is cool to listen to.

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youtube has a lot of cool how to vids.

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Thanks everybody!

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@phoenix13 I agree with everyone here GA, but I want to add if you do start and get serious about playing after a little while TAKE LESSONS if you can afford and find a good teacher.

Dude, it is totally worth I only took lessons for a couple of months of the time I have played but I wish I could afford them right now I love it personally.

Not saying you can’t just teach yourself or whatever but I think lessons from a good teacher are worth it if you are into it.

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@Steve_A I’ve only ever took one lesson and that was last year, hehe, but yes @phoenix13 if you can afford it I too would also recommend lessons.

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