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Do you have experience with using progesterone cream for PMS?

Asked by Cupcake (15502points) April 5th, 2010
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My PMS is out of control. My mom has been encouraging me to use progesterone cream. Does anyone have any experience with it?
Don’t worry – I’ll talk to my doctor about it too.

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I have tried progesterone cream….and yes, I think it did help clear my head a bit.

To get the most out of it though, it is important that you eat well, and avoid refined carbs…which I find especially hard around that time of the month.

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My wife uses progesterone cream because she has endometriosis and her monthlies are especially bad. She was told she was “extremely estrogen dominant” and it was causing all her hormones to be out of whack so her doc prescribed that cream for her. It’s been helping as far as we can tell. Her last monthly was actually tolerable for her.

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I use it- I’m a bit past pms but it’s great for menopause too

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I have suffered for so many years you have no idea. Finally in March I was diagnosed as bipolar and I was told that is why I have such bad PMS symptoms. Not that I am saying everyone has bipolar and therefore bad symptoms.

I do believe there is medication too for it, as each symptom is different. One month I will be sobbing all over the place, the next I am like a devil. There is also something called PMDD. Perhaps google that. I have been told the cream is useful haven’t tried it myself.

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yes, an old flame of mine was PMSing and she liked to use it on me… go figure!

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