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When was the first sleepover?

Asked by IBERnineD (7314points) April 5th, 2010
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While discussing Slumber Party Massacre my friend mentioned there was a black and white version. Which made me think when did they start having sleepovers? I’m talking about a group of girls going over to a friend’s house and talking about boys and such. Did they have sleepovers like that in the 20’s?
Another thought is where did pillow fights originate? At said sleepovers? And if so was it shortly after the pillow was created?

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It was back in the 15th century when Christopher Columbus traveled to what we now know as America. He was a notorious ladies man so the fathers of the native american daughters would gather them all up and put them in tents in order to keep them from Columbus. A group of warriors would surround the tent and protect them while they were in “slumber” and the name “slumber party” soon followed.

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@J0E Really?

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I’m going with “no, not really”.

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Garden of Eden. Ish.

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I’ve been inviting girls over to talk about boys in their jammies since the early 1870s. I know that it became popular shortly after, at least in New York City.

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Sarcasm in 1870. True story.

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I don’t know but I’m all for the pillow fight with you and your girlfriends.
I swear I’ll be a gentleman.

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@J0E I hope that is true! It sound so awesome!
@SeventhSense yeah that’s what @Sarcasm said, and he lied!

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I was always a perfect gentleman, @IBERnineD!

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@IBERnineD Chris was a real smooth operator.

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@J0E sexcellent
@Sarcasm WHATEVER!

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Come on. You know you just posted this cause you wanted to try out that new baby doll.

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@SeventhSense you guys are ridiculous :)

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Isn’t life grand.

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