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Have you had an "I could die now" moment?

Asked by wundayatta (58693points) April 15th, 2010
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There are times when it seems like this moment is so perfect—so transporting—that you wouldn’t at all mind if this was the end. You turn to whoever you are with, and you say, “I could die now.” It makes you feel like life would be complete if you did, indeed, die at that moment.

Have you had any such moments? Do you remember where you were and what was happening? What was it about that moment that made you feel utterly complete?

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Well, I did have a real life “I could die now, oh shit” moment when I was attacked by a coyote.

But to actually answer your question, I have had a few of what Abraham Maslow would call a “peak moment” or what you refer to as an “i could die now and everything would be awwwite” moment. Most of them involve my friends and that sort of thing.

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I think that pitch perfect moment is yet to come.It’ll most likely be when my kids are grown up, healthy, happy, married & bestow on me the pleasure of being a Grandad to their kids.I guess that would hit those heights.

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When oreos go on sale at half the price.

But seriously, I am waiting for that. And the ironic thing is I know it would also be the moment I would most want to keep on living.

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During my first breakthrough DMT experience.

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No. My life doesn’t work that way. I would prefer to never have been born in the first place.

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@chyna why thank you :)

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I’ve had spiritual experiences like @uberbatman mentioned with and without drugs that have made me realize that there was nothing more I could want. It was pure bliss beyond comprehension but completely natural. It was an “of course all is brilliant and perfect” experience. I’m convinced relative dualistic life as good as it gets is always a pale comparison to our fundamental nature.

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I can honestly say, that while I enjoy my life, that I have arrived at a great place of inner peace, and therefore, my time can be up whenever it is up and I am perfectly content with that.

Infact…in a small way I wish I knew, then I could blow my life savings on anything I wanted, instead of feeling stressed about making it last! lol

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I can’t imagine ever having that thought. There’s still so much I want to do! Great question, by the way… it’s good to see there are still some on here. ;)

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I know this feeling very well. Feeling really content doesn’t happen very often for me as I am, more often than not, in a very anxious state of mind so when I do get moments of, what feels like, clarity I almost feel like I want to die there and then because, despite my contentment at that moment, I am always aware that sooner, rather than later, I will go back to my default state of mind.

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No, I’m not there yet….

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I’ve had a few of them. Not many…which is kinda good, I guess. It makes one more likely to live their life enjoying the satisfaction of resolving problems, instead of searching the skies looking for the mother ship.

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Sadly, No.
err, maybe it’s a good thing.
Though I have exhausted myself with years/decades of inner clearing work, I have had some really great moments, days even.
But I don’t feel that I have ever had a Nirvana Moment worth dying for.

I can see the best is yet to come. And when it does, I want to be here for that party!
Since I don’t even know what happens at death, I’m not even certain if I could wish for such a thing after having a “I could die anytime” moment.

Where’s THAT party anyways?

Maybe YOU should write about that! Then I would know what to look for!!!
I’d sure LOVE to hear about it!!!

(this is not another apple pie story, is it?)

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That’s just not how I think. Something wonderful doesn’t bring death to my mind. Being an optimist, I don’t think “this is as good as it can possibly get, so there’s no point”. I don’t have that “quit while you’re ahead” attitude. There is always possibility for something better, something more, or maybe just something different.

I know this isn’t talking about choosing to die if given the opportunity, but that kind of thinking is just something that I don’t tend to do.

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I had a moment like that happen back about 3–4 yrs. ago when I thought I had a spiritual awakening. Things have changed now and I realized what I had was fabricated in the mind, show’s you the power of the mind, but it was still good non the less.

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It’s ALL mind.

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@Leanne1986 I know exactly what you mean. I have had several similar experiences where everything is in its right place, and I have nothing to do except be happy and content. It happened once at the Highlands fair: sitting on the grass, watching the caber toss, and listening to music in the background. It also happened once when I was with my ex-girlfriend: we wear sitting, watching the sunset, just the two of us, and everything was right in the world.

I also agree with @DominicX I never feel like I want to die, I am far too happy to think anything except happy thoughts. In fact, if I thought about dieing I think it would ruin the moment.

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There is a difference between wanting to die and being at peace with the thought, idea, concept.

Being at peace doesn’t mean you want to hasten your death, it just means you feel content with experiences you have had to date, have few if any regrets, and overall accept that if your spins up, it’s up…no worries, be happy! ;-)

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Unfortunately not. At the moment I owe too many people too many things, and carry too much regret over my past actions. I am in a point in my life where I feel I’m working toward that moment though, slowly and steadily. I hope I’m still around to enjoy it when it finally comes.

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During a tornado warning.

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When we know better we do better.

Don’t carry a torch over the past, mistakes or otherwise.
We ‘owe’ nobody, anything, unless an apology and after that, it is done.

Do not make the most ‘grave’ of mistakes, to put off your happiness until some future moment, event, attainment has happened.

The future does not exist, this is it, right now, this moment.

Don’t trade the now for the illusion of future.

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