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How can I look pretty with my freckles?

Asked by CupcakesandTea (353points) April 16th, 2010
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I have freckles all over my face. I don’t think they are on me in a cute way and no one will ever convince me that they look good. Anyway my problem is I need to know how to wear my make up in a way that makes them look less noticeable. Nothing seems to work since they are so dark! I’ve tried using high SPF sunscreen on my face to try and prevent more from coming but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. Any tips?

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My best female friend has red hair and freckles, and she’s absolutely beautiful – according to guys and girls. I think they add to her beauty, not subtract from it. She just wouldn’t be the same without her freckles.

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Tons of people love freckles. We are not very good at evaluating our own appearance. I had a friend who worked in the theater industry in Manhattan, and she once overheard Michelle Pfeiffer and Mary Louise Mastrantonio conversing about how ugly they thought they were. “My eyes! God, they are so far apart!” said Michelle.

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You’re beautiful already and you just don’t know it.

Since that isn’t your question, directly, I’ll give you some makeup advice. Dermablend can cover freckles very well. It’s not cheap and it feels like wearing a mask- but it works. You can find it at department stores.

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I know the last thing you want to hear is all of us saying how beautiful freckles are…but it’s the truth. But I’ll try to help anyways.

Do you wear liquid foundation?

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@squidcake Not usually because I don’t feel like it does any good. Maybe I’m not using the right thing?

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Foundation did me a lot of good, I used to have a lot of scars that have since faded but foundation used to cover them up quite well. On some freckled girls, though, it looks a bit odd because it doesn’t always match their skin tone. You might have to experiment with different types, or maybe even try some mineral makeup.

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I love freckles. Hot!

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I absolutely love freckles. Unless they’re really dark and actually all over.

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Women never see their own beauty, and I never understand why.

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Hey, I’m going to assume your redheaded (sorry if I’m mistaken.) I am too, and I think that women with red hair and freckles is very attractive.

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You can definitely look beautiful by being honest, caring and selfless. Those are just some ways that you will look georgeous with your freckeles.

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Heavy foundation and pressed powder.

That said.. Freckles are amazingly beautiful! They make you look younger, and if you’re over 20-ish you’ll appreciate that. My face has tons of them and I’m always looking for sheer foundation so they don’t hide too much. Part of the reason I became a red head is because I knew how dang cute it would look with my freckles. And my boyfriend likes them, and he’s the kind of guy who tells me when he doesn’t like something.

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You should not cover up your freckles, accept yourself the way you are, nobody is perfect, i wished I was white, blue eyes and blond hair, but it wasn’t until i accepted myself and worked what I had that i could love the way I am, DIFERENT, with flaws. I love myself, and now , have nothing to hide from the love of my life, btw he loves and enjoys me ;) But then again, who am I to tell you what you should do? just my opinion

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Freckles are a result of a concentrated melanin cluster. It’s because of genetics and a bit of UV rays.

I understand your plight. As everyone else is saying, totally and completely embrace them. I’ve got a freckles all over my face, arms, shoulders my favorite freckles. When I’m sitting down, I’ve got freckles on my lap that look just the little dipper. I love’ em! :) Not saying you should play connect the dots.
But, if you’re so inclined to help disguise’em, I use foundation that blends with my skin tone. I say to love’ em, they make you unique and beautiful. Do keep up with the sunscreen, you could go a slight less on the SPF.

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I love freckles.

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I’m with @jaytkay @ChocolateReigns @Captain_Fantasy – love freckles, please don’t hide them!

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Freckles are the shit.

Strut that stuff, girl!

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I don’t think they are on me in a cute way and no one will ever convince me that they look good.
Okay I won’t try to either.
You could play connect the dots though for hours of fun.
P.S- I have them on my shoulders and arms. I just consider myself an exotic apaloosa

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@SeventhSense I connect freckle dots all the time!

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Way sexy is chest freckles on a woman. Muy caliente.

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uh freckles are kinda sexy actually. like billy joel said, “don’t go changing…”

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@SeventhSense Oh yeah…LOVE chest freckles!!

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With apologies to @Maximillian

“Hey, I’m going to assume you’re redheaded (sorry if I’m mistaken.) I am too, and I think that women with red hair and freckles are very attractive.”

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man, you all are saying freckles are so sexy, now I want to have freckles!!!

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When I was younger, I didn’t have any freckles. At about 20 I started to develop freckles. I love them. When I don’t wear any makeup they just make me look younger. My son hates it when people ask him if I’m his older sister. Count them as a blessing. They are great at disguising your age.
However if you want to cover them ask a dermatologist. You may need a special body makeup or like hollywood pancake makeup to cover them up. Regular foundation isn’t meant for that. Keep in mind that too much makeup can cause breakouts and will make your skin age quicker. Skin needs to be exposed to air.

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I have many weaknesses. One of them is girls with cleavage freckles.

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@filmfann, @plethora, @SeventhSense May I ask why chest freckles?

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Sure, you can ask.

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I have lots and lots of freckles and I use a liquid foundation, then use a powder.
As you can see by the responses – most people think freckles are cute – but I am with you – I just don’t like them.

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Many guys (like me) find freckles incredibly sexy, especially with red hair. You just have to wait for the right guy to come along who will cherish you for who you are. Don’t try to be something you’re not.

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I really can’t say. Maybe it’s just the ones we notice the most ‘cause our eyes are there anyway. Maybe it’s a free spirit girl who just likes to “sun the girls”. It’s hard to put my finger on it.
—but i like to when I can

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@plethora Thank you, for noticing that. I usually don’t miss that in editing. Muchas gracias.

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