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Can we establish the Fluther Adoption Agency?

Asked by jfos (7385points) April 19th, 2010
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In the words of John Stuart Mill, ”Every great movement must experience three stages: ridicule, discussion, adoption.

Fluther has seen plenty of ridicule, and plenty of discussion, but not much adoption.

There are 15 pages of “Orphan” questions on Fluther (Orphans tab). I propose that we greatly reduce that number. If each Flutherer took a minute to find an “Orphan” question and answer it, we could decrease the amount of these questions with notable effectiveness.

What do you say?

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Thanks for the pep talk.

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I’ll have a quick look through, but they are always boring computer questions!

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@thriftymaid There’s plenty more where that came from.

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@jfos Just looked through page 1, I’m not a computer geek so can’t answer. Nice thought though.

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I look through them but they are very specific to a certain program. I don’t want to answer an orphan unless I have something constructive to add. Otherwise- I’m all for it.

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@jfos I actually answered five orphans. Good idea you had.

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Cute idea; I don’t have time to look now, but generally when I have, they are very technical or specific computer questions that are better suited to technical message boards. I can think of some specific Jellies that I wouldn’t mind adopting though!

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@thriftymaid Ah! Now that’s what I’m talking about!

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I have tried that from time to time. I often end up the only answer. The asker never seems to come back to the Q if it is old.
The majority are geek stuff [and not just computer] but not all are. There are also some too specific to the user to answer, and a few that can be answered.

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I’ve looked through many of them, but to be totally honest, I can’t answer or even understand a bunch of them! They are mostly about computer stuff. But if I see one I can answer, I definitely will!

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They are Orphans for a reason.

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I’m up for adoption.

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@chyna Could I tell my husband you followed me home?

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Some of those orphan questions aren’t easy to answer and require specific knowledge of technical material so they might not all be able to be answered.

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@janbb Yes, I don’t eat much and I’m house trained.

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@janbb: Sorry. I’ve got first dibs on Chyna. Besides, her dog and my cat are in love.

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Most of those questions are technical questions about specific things like companies, computer programs or cellphones or something…nothing wrong with that, but it’s the kinda thing you could probably find on the website of whatever company it’s form.
I’ve tried finding some to answer, but it just goes to show how much I actually know if it has nothing to do with my opinions. like everybody else haha

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Ah, rats. I thought this question would be about finding birthparents.

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I look through the Orphans periodically, but they’re never anything I know the answer to.

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I HAVE SOME MOTIVATION: There’s an award for answering old orphans with a Great Answer!

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I answered one last month and was rewarded!
(I even got a response from the asker!)

Off to find more. Great question!

Dog (25152points)“Great Answer” (1points)
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I found one that was so randomly perfect for me!!! I was very excited!!

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Dude, have you seen the orphan questions? I’m with @Sophief on this one. I do wish you good luck, though.

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I say let them stand as memorials so people know what sorts of questions don’t get answered.

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Most off them are so specialized that you would be doing the world a favor by not answering them unless you actually know the answer. Answering them with stuff that isn’t helpful just makes the site look bad when people from google find the question.

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geeks seeking points—have at ‘em!

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Does someone want to adopt me? I’m cold and hungry, and there are wolves after me.

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@Symbeline will you lurve me forever?

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Aye. It will even come with free sandwiches.

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@Symbeline sigh lurve forever . . . btw what kind of sandwiches?

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I certainely would like to answer an orphan if I have a helpful answer for him.I know that I am not in his position and can’t feel the way he feels but an idea from each one of us could be useful.
Adoption is not allowed in my religion and that’s not acceptable in my opinion!My ant is 41 years old, she couldn’t have children with all the tries she made and she can’t adopt one:-(

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