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Can you put stickers on things without destroying them?

Asked by xRIPxTHEREVx (378points) April 19th, 2010
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I’ve got a $5 sticker that I bought five years ago and I really want to put it on my bass guitar, but I really don’t want to destroy the sticker in case I change my mind and want to take it off. Any way I can put it on my guitar and still preserve it?

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You can use a double-sided adhesive to stick the $5 sticker on your guitar without peeling the original adhesive backing…meaning the adhesive backing gets stuck on the guitar. However, how do you plan to clean off the guitar in case you change your mind?

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Use a buffer between the sticker and your guitar,,,,,Clear tape cut just a tad later than the sticker !

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You should be more concerned about your bass than your $5 sticker. That being said, you could use a color copier to copy the sticker and then use some kind of adhesive to stick it to your bass.

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@jfos for sure. I’m having trouble understanding why you’d want to keep a $5.00 sticker so badly, but different strokes I guess. First of all, trying to preserve something like that isn’t very realistic. It’s possible to do what others have said with the double sided tape and what not, but why? How about you spend $10.00 and go get 2 more for safe keeping?

Now, make sure this bass guitar you’re planning to put this sticker on is at least a newly coated area of paint. If you ever do want to remove the sticker from the guitar I recommend orange clean. I’ve used it on one of my guitars, because I left it at someones house for a while and he removed my stickers without asking.

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Great question! I’m sure great answers are on the way.

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yeah, I guess you have a point there. i’m just kind of funny like that but I guess it wouldn’t kill me to get it over with and stick it on there. I was more worried about my bass than the sticker. it’s cool though.

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