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Have you ever tried detoxing?

Asked by SamIAm (8695points) April 19th, 2010
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Lately, I have been feeling sluggish and unhealthy. I have decided to take a week long break from drinking and smoking. I have been doing some research and have also decided to eat healthy (raw fruits and veggies, no coffee, limited sugar, etc…) during this time.

I was wondering if any of you have tried a detox diet like this before? Do you have any suggestions? Stories? Helpful hints? Recipes?

I am very excited to start this as I feel my body really needs some help and I would love your input :)

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Less drinking and smoking and more fruits and veggies will always make you feel better. It’s cheaper, too!

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I am detoxing with red clay tablets.

If you think you’re tired and sluggish now, wait until you clean up your diet and stop putting crap into yourself. then when all those stored up toxins in your cells get released and circulate around your body again you will feel that.
but don’t let it discourage you, they call it the healing crises.
and the sugar and salt cravings can make you want to give up, but hang in there!
drink lots of water eat plenty of greens and whole foods.
and the magic will work in many ways to reward you with better health and beauty.

ok, now where did I put that candy bar!
good luck!

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Drink lots of water and get moving about. Take a sauna if you can. You most likely will end up with headaches, but just rest through them, they’ll go.

Eat as low on the food chain as you can and the simpler the foods the better. I ate organic pasta and pasta sauce and organic oatmeal a lot. I cut out all caffeine and alcohol (I’m not a smoker) Spirulina can give you the proteins you need without all the nasty stuff that comes with meat.

Good luck and I hope you feel loads better for it!

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Yes I have done a detox in the past. I would always start my day with a potassium broth.
Here is the recipe:-

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don’t know what that is, but im sure my answer is no.

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@Samantha_Rae Inspired by your question, I will begin my one week today. Funny, because it’s 4/20….

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Yup and I did it pretty similarly. Stopped smoking and drinking while upping my water intake. Threw in some pitchers of lemonade and limeade to ease the sugar grumpies, lots of fruit smoothies. Thing is, when you stop smoking then sometimes you feel like you’ve caught a cold because you’ll be coughing up phlegm. Good luck with going clean.

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@Neizvestnaya : i don’t smoke nearly as much as i used to… i’ve recently (within the past year) cut back from a pack a day to a pack every 2 weeks or so, so i am not too concerned with that. i am worried about no meat or diary and yes of course, the sugar – but if i load up on fruit i should be okay? we’ll see! i’m excited but nervous about the side effects

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Yes. In the steam room, a great way to cleanse the body.

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I am detoxing. I have a rather heavy toxin load, so I must go slowly. For me to go into a cleanse is to get seriously sick. So consider your toxin load before you do too much. Better to go slowly if you are like me.

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